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    It won’t take a text field and add breaks for each line inside the field. It only adds breaks between fields.

    Not sure you can accomplish something like this inside the field itself. When I had to do something like this I added fields to the form so that each line is its own field and then added breaks in the email between the fields.

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    There absolutely is html in the email templates. Just add <br> where you want the line break.

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    Can you show a screenshot of where you put it? Also maybe put a width for the amount like 75 or 100.

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    Add this to Special configurations section under “Amount”.


    in reply to: v0.9.0.15 has been published #36182

    It looks like many of the issues I mentioned are fixed! Great work!

    The custom JS for hiding an option in the dropdown is now working. I’m going to test a few others.

    One suggestion is that I like the “do you want to save” when clicking between forms. I suggest adding this same warning to the close button in the top right.

    Another suggestion is I like having the option to default to a different tab than tab 1. I didn’t see a way to do this. Also maybe the option to set the active tab color as well as the default color.

    I do get some errors in the console but I don’t see them affecting anything. “failed to execute ‘matches’ on ‘element’: ‘.od-Dialog:has(iframe)’ is not a valid selector” is the main one.

    I’ll try to test more but so far it seems pretty clean.

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    Great work on the updates! Here’s some feedback:

    – If I require a field using a rule and it isn’t present, if you try to save the list item, it won’t allow you. No error – just the save button does nothing. Maybe not a big deal, but something I noticed.

    – LOVE the “continue editing” prompt. Saves me a lot of clicks.

    – LOVE the redirect on the details icon in list view. However, if I click it to view the item, and then click “edit” the rules and custom JS do not load. You might want to look at how the rules are being enforced because if I require a field in View Form (which I know doesn’t work) and it’s not required in Edit Form, it shows as a required field but won’t let me save.

    – Additionally, if I just regular click and item to view it and then click “edit” the rules do load but custom JS does not. This is my “ready” js that doesn’t load so it could be that I need to call it differently.

    – Here’s another weird one. If in in Edit Form config and switching to View Form config it brings over the custom JS. Also say I have “Show Version History button” toggled on. Then I go to Edit form config and then use the switch to View form config, it loses the toggle being on. However, it didn’t really lose it because if I go directly to change the view form config from the DFFS button, the toggle stays on and the custom JS isn’t brought over like it seemed to be.

    That’s all for the moment. I’ll keep testing if I have time.

    in reply to: Custom JS examples #36169

    Hi Alexander,

    I’m just getting to play around with this and I think you might have missed some of your instructions. You mention setting something as read only but then your code is for hiding a choice.

    Anyway, I’m trying the hide option and I can’t get it to work. I wrapped it in a ready function that I know works. I tried adding # to the beginning of the field reference also.

    Here’s what I’m using:
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    dffs_choice_option_hidden[“8506407795472748_DropdownField”] = {“Enter Choice #3”: true };

    I’m on version Thanks.

    in reply to: Form access rules #36160

    I’m confused. If you want to restrict access to a list or form, why not break the permissions and give access to that specific group using the native SharePoint option under list options/permissions and remove the other groups?

    Or if there is some reason to not do that, have you tried using the tab options to give access instead of rules? Not sure how you are trying to set up the rule, but I’d probably go with one of the other options first.

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    in reply to: v0.9.0.9 has been published #36114

    There are a lot of great updates in this version. It seems a lot more stable overall. Here are a few things:

    When using the current user in an email rule I get the error “Email is not a valid recepient.” What populates is [[currentuser:email]]. I still can’t the email to trigger when entering a full email address (but don’t get an error), but as I told you, it may be specific to my environment.

    How do I identify the fields to call in jQuery? I looked in the dev console and tried different options with no luck. I know you were talking about some examples at some point which will be helpful. I was able to get an alert to pop-up using javascript. Thanks for the jQuery load option!

    In list view, if I click an item there’s an option to click “Comment”. It opens a panel where I can edit anything without dffs loading. I even have “Allow comments on list items?” set to no. There might be options on a site level to remove this, but you might want to consider hiding this option in the ribbon if possible. I can also choose “Edit” in the ribbon if I select an item and the dffs form doesn’t load. Same with version history in the ribbon.

    Along the same lines, the details panel has returned with full edit ability.

    Find a field in rules or formbuilder would be helpful. I use this pretty often in the old version.

    I still think a “Close configuration” or something would be helpful upon saving. Thanks for the warning when flipping forms!

    I tested many of the rules options and they all seem to be functioning properly.

    Thanks for the great work!

    in reply to: Possible bug with group membership rule #36081

    I think I’ve kind of seen this before and solved it by doing the inverse “if NOT in this group” and then hiding the fields. Not sure why it happens like that but it was easier to just invert my thought process and rule.

    in reply to: Access Rules #36074

    There are several ways. One way in rules is to use the trigger “SharePoint group membership”. You then use the group number which is found in the address bar when viewing the group. I would probably use “if not in a group” and then in the hidden tabs section use the tab unique ID.

    Another way is in the tab itself. There’s a section called “Which groups can see this tab?”. There you can specify which groups have access.

    in reply to: Control File Name when using Print #36064

    I just tested it and what he provided changes the file name when using the dffs print active tab functionality. Are you sure you are using it properly?

    in reply to: Status update on next release #36062

    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand the “If Yes” premise. I was just pointing out that it was different and didn’t know if that was expected behavior.

    With email, I just put a direct email address in. I can try a field reference and see what happens.

    I will test the custom JS by adding a reference to jQuery. Again, different and wasn’t sure it was expected. I will be interested in what I can/cannot do with it since I’ve used it for a lot of different types of things. One main thing is date checking/writing so I’ll be interested in if that works or what other way I can handle it.

    Let me know what I might be doing wrong with the vLookup information I provided above. Thanks.

    in reply to: Status update on next release #36055

    More feedback!!

    We need a warning if we close the configuration and don’t hit save. Similarly, if we switch forms from the new dropdown (nice!) it doesn’t prompt me to save.

    If I enter some custom js and click back to rules, it loses whatever I’ve added in custom js.

    Feedback on using rules:
    – It allows me to create multiple rules without names.
    – I often use the option “on field change” for the entire rule and it’s not available.
    – For an individual field we are missing the option “changed from initial value”
    – If I add a rule to show a message under a field, it works but then if change a field to make the rule untrue the message remains. This also happens with requiring a field. The required field stays required even if the rule becomes untrue.
    – I was not able to receive an email. It shows “sending email” but I never got one. I checked my junk mailbox.
    – Set field value seems to be working great!

    Custom JS isn’t working. Judging by the developer console I need to call jQuery which we didn’t have to do previously. Here’s the error:

    Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined at warning (<anonymous>:2:18)

    I still get authentication errors at odd times. I was working a while and then all of a sudden it came up. I open configuration, don’t change anything and hit save. It goes away. I wasn’t away from the browser long and wasn’t doing anything specific to trigger the error.

    in reply to: Status update on next release #36054

    I’ve tried a few different filters to show the vLookup but I’m not getting anything.

    I’ve tried your example Title eq ‘test’. I’ve also tried dynamic like [[currentuser:displayName]] eq ‘PeoplePickerField’. I probably don’t understand the syntax but I’ve tried some different combinations.

    Regardless if I have the filter set up correctly, shouldn’t I see a “New” button if I’ve toggled on “Add new item enabled”? No luck with that either.

    Thanks for your comments on the feedback.

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