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Last updated August 24, 2021

My name is Alexander Bautz, I’m 47 years old (as of 2021) and live in Norway.

I have worked with SharePoint since 2007, and have over the years acquired quite a bit of knowledge about both SharePoint and JavaScript and have built JavaScript based solutions used in thousands of sites around the world – in both small businesses and in large corporations.

My most popular solution is Dynamic forms for SharePoint (DFFS). It was first released in 2012 and is continuously updated to bring in new functionality and to ensure it keeps up with the constantly changing SharePoint online platform.

I hope you find something useful on my blog!

Email address

If you cannot post your comments or requests as comments to a post or in the forums, use one of these email-addresses to contact me: alexander.bautz@gmail.com or alexander@spjsblog.com.

Payment / Donation

If I have done some custom code work for you, and we agreed on a specific payment, or you just want to send a few dollars as a donation, you can use the piggy-bank button in the top right corner of this page.

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  1. I posted this in a thread on eggheadcafe.com:

    I am using MOSS 2007, and I am trying to have it so when a user puts the cursor over a field in a form they need to fill out, text will show explaining what is needed in that particular field(and not the defailt text which just redisplays the title). Ultimately, I would love to bind each field to a coresponding description located in a ‘field help’ list. The list has only 2 columns; a name column and a description column. I only have access to SP designer 2007. Hopefully I gave enough info for someone to help me….I’m stumped.

    and someone left this response:

    Under General Settings, you can select the option that says, “Show Detailed Tooltip in MouseOver Event”
    But i am not sure how to configure the popup contents.

    And you can use Javascript to show content on mouse over as described here,

    I checked out your site, and you have very cool stuff, but its not quite what I needed for my issue. I was wondering if you ever had this need arise and if you had a solution. Any help or direction would be great.

  2. Do you know how to find the value of WorkflowStatus type columns? I see your js to grab most of the other types… is this just a url type?

  3. Hi Alexander,
    I hope you don’t mind but I nudged Mark Miller at Endusersharepoint in your direction. Your header solution is huge and needs to be shared… all to your credit!

    Charlie Epes
    Buffalo, NY

  4. Charlie,
    Feel free to spread the word to others!

    Tom and Jeff,
    Sorry for not replying – i must have missed out on your posts due to some e-mail issues (not receiving alerts on new posts). Both requests are in fact something i already have done. I will try to find time to write about it.


  5. Hi Alexander,
    Many thank for sharing your SharePoint solutions with us! So far I have tested the header, choice field wrap, and mouse-over codes and everything has worked flawlessly.
    The beauty of the internet is that there are plenty of generous people sharing their code and tips – however, it is extremely rare to see solutions presented in such a clean, simple and concise manner – and to see quick code updates to implement feedback from comments.
    Thanks again – you rule!

    Toronto, Canada

  6. Hi Alexander,
    I have one problem which I can’t find a solution anywhere but am hoping might be possible through the magic of javascript.
    I am looking to trigger a page refresh upon the completion of a workflow.
    My problem is that my work-flow updates many fields on a newly created item based on specific criteria entered in the new item form. Currently, users need to manually refresh after a few seconds to see the impact of the workflow but this is not ideal. I read that a time-based auto refresh can be used but most of time a refresh is not required so I was hoping for a one-time refresh based on completion. I figure the last workflow step could used to set some sort of dummy refresh variable to 1 that javascript calls and then refreshes the page and then resets the dummy refresh variable to 0. Perhaps the call could be based on timer but this way refresh is only when necessary (just my basic idea so far). If you have any ideas/solution you could share I would really appreciate it. Also, is this best place to put requests? If not, please let me know for future. Thanks,

  7. Marc,
    My thoughts goes in the direction of my script on Redirect from NewForm to EditForm or custom page.

    You could use the first part of this script to set a timer and then “redirect” to the same page to refresh it after a set number of seconds.

    To have it actually check the status column before refreshing would require you to explore the second part “redirect from NewForm to EditForm”, but you would have to edit the query to check the status column for a certain value – looping – until it is the right value – and then “redirecting” to refresh the page.


  8. Thanks Alexander – the Redirect script is a great solution. Funny thing is that yesterday I actually read through all of your posts and noticed the redirect solution and successfully got it working. I have this new item form set up redirect to a page that thanks them for the submission and gives various reminders, etc. and then provides a link to return to all items view of the list. Having the page redirect seems to provide enough time for my simple work-flow to complete. I will look into the timer as well. Awesome tip!

  9. Hi Alex

    I love your posts and I use to check every day to see your update just like checking mails and facebook. This a request to have dynamic Site Map using jquery is there any Possibilities to have please advice

  10. Hi Alex,

    Im using SPJS Charts for Sharepoint and its ace (The cats pyjamas). However, im pretty new to this and im pretty stupid.

    I am able to create filters based on ‘Choice Fields’ but I am wondering if I could create a filter based on a text field in the list that im using. Is it possible? Im rubbish at coding 2..

  11. Hi Alexander,
    I am successfully using a couple of your scripts and want to thank you for them.
    I have been trying to find a solution for something and am hoping you can help.
    We are mass uploading PDFs electronically to a Document Library. The Name is the only field that populates on the list. Do you have a way of using Javascript to make the Title or any other field equal the Name with links?
    I need to use lookups for these documents and the Name field is not a usable metadata field.
    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I am restricted with what I can do. I am working with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and I do not have SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio. The only workflow available to me is the 3 State Workflow.
    If I select the Edit icon for the uploaded documents and save them the Title field populates without the links to the document. This gets me halfway to my goal. Is there a script that could be tied to a button to update it this way?

  13. Hi Alexander,
    When you click on the “Name” of a document it opens the document. This is what I meant by keeping the “link” to the document when it was added to the Title field. This would allow my users to open and print the document if needed, just by clicking on the Title that they selected via lookup.

    1. Hi Alexander,
      I appreciate all your time and effort. I am in the brainstorming part of creating a site to specification so I am throwing out ideas all over the place. Having the “link” to the document is not a necessity for what I am doing at this time (someone else might need it though… ;0) )

  14. Thanks for a great forms tab product. I’m having a problem, though.
    When the form first loads, it shows all the fields instead of just the fields in the first tab. Then when I click on another tab, then the 1st one again, it shows the fields it should in the first tab. How do I get it to show just the fields specified for the first tab when I open the form?

  15. I just wanted to say thank you for running this blog and providing awesome JavaScript based solutions for SharePoint. I often come here to get inspired of how I can fashion JavaScript for new problems at work and I never leave here disappointed. Great work once again good sir!

  16. First off – Great tool! Looking to see how to get a trending/line graph to take multiple items and graph them over time. List is setup with the Title items and new columns for each value over time. is it possible to graph the different title items over the column headers for time and their values?

  17. Hi
    I was wondering if you had some javascripts that increase the number of words in a multiline text field in a sharepoint list. It seems it is only takes 255 words. Any words of advice?


  18. I thought your autocomplete solution a great idea. Congratulations. You could create a section called Autocomplete to insert the options for more than one configuration too. Just like the cascading dropdowns.

  19. I have an FAQ list that I would like to display on a page as an accordion style. I’ve searched and found accordion for forms but not for a list. Do you have such a thing? Thanks.

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