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This is intended for consultants or companies reselling my products to their customers. These benefits cannot be collected when purchasing a license for your own company – it is only valid when delivering the solutions to a third party / customer.

As a registered partner with SPJSBlog, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount (if you send the invoice), or payback (if you facilitate the sale).

If you facilitate a sale, but you are not sending the purchase order yourself, you must ensure the information about the upcoming purchase comes from you first. This means you must have an active relationship with the customer, and ideally be hired as a consultant.

To make it easier to keep track of these relations, the purchase order from the customer should contain a reference to you / your company.

You must supply the partner number (received after registration) when requesting quotes, and when purchasing a license on behalf of a customer.

I will be listing all partners by country in a dedicated page in this site. If you don’t want to be listed, please select “No” in the question in the registration form.

If you have any questions about this registration form, please let me know.

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This only applies for partners requesting payback for facilitated purchases.
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