This is the DFFS change log archive. You find the latest changes here.
DFFS backend and frontend v4.4.2.3 (December 22, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with using {FieldInternalName} in HTML sections (for example in a constructed link) as the later versions of DFFS actively updates the values in HTML sections and tooltips by wrapping the field value placeholder in a tag. I have changed this to keep backwards compatibility with the current functionality. To have these field values updated when the field value changes, use {{FieldInternalName}}.

You find the files here. Please replace the files in “/SPJS/DFFS/js” with these ones after unzipping.

DFFS backend and frontend v4.4.2.2 (December 18, 2016)
  • Fixed a bug occurring when using the same date column in two different tabs in Office 365. The “shadow” of the date picker wold overlay the fields below the datepicker in the second tab preventing the user to click in this field.
  • Added support for using MUI JSON string in the “print and email header” in the Email and Print tab in DFFS backend in DispForm.
  • Fixed an issue when using IE and the “E-Mail active tab” where whitespace was added above the email body, and also inside the table.
  • Removed images with base64 encoded data url (like the vLookup icons) from the “E-Mail active tab” – email as these wasn’t shown properly in Outlook.
  • DFFS Loader fixed to prevent an error where vLookup sometimes failed to load.
  • Fixed an error where the FieldInternalNames of the “ContentType” field was show as “ContentTypeChoice” in the field table in DFFS backend.
  • Fixed an errron occuring when using an older jQuery version (1.7 or 1.8).
  • Fixed and error with the new heading functionality where you still needed to use the deprecated “Enable expand and collapse of form sections when clicking a heading” to enable expand and collapse.
SPJS AC v1.4.12 (December 18, 2016)
  • Fixed an error occurring when using “multiselect” = true. The error shown in the console is something like “cannot get triggerMapContext of null or undefined”.
  • Fixed an error introduced in the September release where only text field could be used in the “setFields” attribute.
  • Changed the query to prevent an extra initial query in case the list has more than 5000 items
  • Added an attribute “optionDetailFields” that lets you show more fields in the dropdown when selecting a value. This attribute takes an array of FieldInternalNames.
  • Added an attribute “minLengthBeforeSearch” that determines the minimum string length you need to type before the query runs. This value defaults to 3.
vLookup frontend v2.2.79 (December 18, 2016)
  • Fixed a bug occurring when using the “tot” property of the dataObj (introduced in the November 28 release). When adding more items to an existing list of vLookup items, the total would not reset and therefore count exiting items multiple times.
  • Fixed the size of the caret used when grouping items so it now follows the size of the group header text.
Cacading dropdowns v3.6.1 (December 18, 2016)
  • SP 2013 and 2016 now uses REST to query for itmes to populate the dropdowns (asynchronous)
  • When filtering, there is no longer a nee to run a new query. This means the selections are much quicker when you have a large list of options.
  • Fixed a bug causing a dropdown with more than 1 options to loose the selected value on load in EditForm if the “autofill” option was selected in the config.
DFFS backend and frontend v4.4.2 (November 28, 2016)
  • Changed the code used to send REST emails on SP 2013 to use the loginName instead of the email address. This fixes some random errors where emails could not be sent.
  • Added option to use a SharePoint useregroup as recipient for a DFFS email.
  • Added option to use {FieldName} in DFFS Tooltip to have the tooltip pull the current value from a field in the form.
  • Changed the “Show the value from this field above the tabs” functionality to update the value as soon as it is changed and not when changing tabs. Also added support multiple fields in this format: {FieldInternalName}. You can also insert plain text or MUI formatted string (see help tab).
  • Removed the need to retype the password when using the “switch form” buttons in DFFS backend.
  • When using “switch form” buttons in DFFS backend, it will navigate to the same tab in the other form.
  • Fixed an issue where a built-in field “Category” in the Issue tracking list template didn’t show in the field list in DFFS backend.
  • Fixed an issue with DFFS_frontend.css where “white-space:nowrap” was applied to the options in a multichoice field.
  • Fixed an error with entering DFFS Backend from NewForm when this has been opened from the ribbon button in a list view.
  • Added more options to the “accordion” functionality in DFFS. You can now opt to expand and collapse each heading individually. The old settings in the “Accordion tab” is now deprecated (but still available) and expand and collapse is now set on each heading configured in the “Tabs”.
  • Changed how the “Add ALL fields” button in the tabs work. It will now add the fields in the order then have in the list and not alphabetically like before.
  • Added option in the “Set field value” section in DFFS rules to set field value only if the field is empty.
SPJS-Utility v1.270 (November 28, 2016)
  • Added support for using “getFieldValue” on a field of type “SPFieldBusinessData”.
vLookup backend v2.2.75 and vLookup frontend v2.2.77 (November 28, 2016)
  • Fixed a problem with showing multichoice taxonomy columns in a vLookup table.
  • Fixed an issue with “add child” where a taxonomy field was passed from parent to child.
  • Changed the “spjs.vLookup.dataObj” to add a “tot” property that can be used to pull the total for all number columns.
SPJS Cascadign dropdowns v3.532 (November 28, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with using single quote in the option values.
  • Added support for translating the “dropdown defaultvalue” using the JSON string MUI method used in DFFS.
SPJS Autocomplete v1.4.9 (November 28, 2016)
  • Fixed an error in a variable name in the “getOrderBy” function that made custom order by instructions to fail.
  • Fixed an error in the “change trigger” when used in DFFS.
SPJS-AC.js v1.4.8.1 October 23, 2016
  • Attempted to fix an issue with triggering a DFFS rule on change of an autocomplete instance. The feedback on this change is not conclusive that it has been fixed so please post any findings in the forum.
  • Fixed an error where the value would not be saved to the column if you use “isLookupInSelf” with “allowAddNew”. This error has been introduced in v1.4.

You find the file in the “incremental releases” folder here.

SPJS-CascadingDropdowns.js v3.529 (October 10, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue where removing an option from one multiselect control did not clear the orphaned options in subsequent multiselect controls.

You find the changed file in the incremental releases folder by following the download link here. To update you must replace the file in the folder “/SPJS/DFFS/plugins”.

DFFS Backend v4.4.1.3 (October 1, 2016)
  • Added an option to add ALL fields to a tab. You find this new option in the bottom of the tab.
DFFS Backend v4.4.1.2 (September 30, 2016)
  • Fixed an error occurring when using jQuery v1.7.2 resulting in the “reorder dropdown” for the fields in tabs in DFFS backend being empty.
DFFS Backend v4.4.1.1 (September 30, 2016)
  • Fixed an error in the license tab where a click on the “generate challenge code” would open a new tab with the DFFS user manual.
DFFS Installer v1.0.0.2 (September 30, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue where some list types was not listed in the dropdown. I originally filtered out the built in system lists, but it proved difficult to do this without also removing some list that should be listed. The fix was to list all lists. Please don’t try to install DFFS in system list – although it will most likely not do any harm I will not recommend it.
  • Added a “Path selector” to the installer so you can have it in the root site in your site collection and still use it to set up DFFS in subsites.
vLookup backend v2.2.76 (September 30, 2016)
  • Changed the icon used for grouped vLookup tables.
DFFS v4.4.1 Frontend and Backend (September 21, 2016)
  • Finally was able to fix a load error occurring in IE8 in some corporate settings (introduced in v4.4.0). This was an issue with “sessionStorage” being turned off. This resulted in loading errors in v4.4.0. The “sessionStorage” was used to ensure an email was not send multiple times if a form had validation errors when saving. This fix uses a fallback to cookies if the “sessionStorage” functionality is not accessible.
  • Loading overlay has the default max time before “This tool forever” shows set to 15000 (15 seconds).
  • You can now override this loading overlay timeout entirely (if you know your form uses longer than 15 seconds to load) by adding this to the Custom JS in each DFFS enabled form:
  • If you opt to add the source files in the root of the site collection, you can now add the installer in a web part page in a subsite – linking to the “Installer_CEWP_code.html” file from the “/SPJS/DFFS/installer” folder in the root site.
    A tip for easing the installation in subsites is to either user the Office 365 Installer app (available soon from the Office Store), or to export the CEWP where you have set up the installer and upload it to the web part gallery to make it available for adding as any other web part in the subsites.
  • Added an option to add a corporate or site collection license to the file “DFFS_loader.html” to have it pre-filled in all DFFS enabled fors that user this DFFS_loader.html. Just add the code to the variable “” like this:
    var dffs_master_licensecode = "put the license code string here";
DFFS v4.4.0 Frontend and Backend (September 19, 2016)
  • For SP 2010 and 2013 I have created a new installer / loader to replace the JSLink installer. This is part of the effort to support the new design rolling out in SharePoint online. The installation process is described in the user manual, but basically you dont need to set up a dedicated “DFFS Backend” web part page anymore, and editing the script files to correct the path to the files in no longer necessary. I will be publishing a version of the installer to the Office Store soon, but the local version is available in the “/SPJS/DFFS/installer” folder, and must be set up in a web part page in the site where you want to use it. Please note that the default location for the “SPJS” document library with the DFFS files is in the SITE you use DFFS in. You can optionally place the “SPJS” document library in the root of the SITE COLLECTION, but this will require you to change one variable in the file “/SPJS/DFFS/Loader/DFFS_loader.html”. This is described in the user manual.
  • Fixed a bug with sending email with the REST api in SP 2013. The bug caused an email with multiple recipients in the “To” field to fail with an error message.
  • The Misc tab had lost the section “Return to DispForm options” in the DispForm configuration, and it was mistakenly show in EditForm config instead.
  • Fixed a bug with enforcing a multiselect taxonomy field as required.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of MUI JSON in the Set field value” part of a DFFS rule.
vLookup frontend and backend v2.2.75 (September 19, 2016)
  • Support for setting a vLookup column as read only trough a DFFS rule. PS: This change is not in vLookup and requires the DFFS files to be updated.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to load the SP 2010 / 2013 version of the vLookup plugin in SP 2007. This gave no errors, but made the “Enhanced with DFFS” link not render so it was impossible to enter setup.
  • Updated the code for the file “vLookup_ListView.html” so you don’t need to edit the script files to update the path to the scripts. Please note that the default location for the “SPJS” document library with the vLookup files is in each SITE you use DFFS / vLookup in. You can optionally place the “SPJS” document library in the root of the SITE COLLECTION, but this will require you to change one variable in the file “/SPJS/DFFS/vLookup_ListView.html”. This is described in the user manual.
  • Added support for a change in Office 365 related to displaying multichoice taxonomy fields in a vLookup table.
  • Adds support for showing the “View” and “Edit” links in NewForm.
SPJS-Utility.js v1.267 (September 19, 2016)
  • Changed the method for setting the value in a people poicker field in SP 2013. Hopefully this will fix some issues related to validation of values set using “setFieldValue”.
SPJS-AC.js v1.4.7
  • Added new option in the configuration to support setting additional fields when using the “allowAddNew” option. The new option is named “addNewAdditionalFields” and is an array of objects in the same format at the “setFields” array:
SPJS-CascadingDropdowns.js v3.528 (September 19, 2016)
  • Added option to use JSON string in the data source list to translate the display value in the options. The default value is the one saved to to the form, but the translated value is show to the user in NewForm and EditForm.Use this format in the data source:
    {"1044":"Norwegian value","1031":"German value","default":"English value"}

    You must have the “default” option as this is the value that will be saved to the form.

    Please note that you can still use plain text options.

DFFS v4.3.73 Backend and DFFS v4.3.73 Frontend (August 11, 2016)
  • Fixed an alignment issue when the number of tabs cases the print and email icons to shift down on a separate line.
  • Fixed an issue in DFFS backend where help text dialogs was shown below the viewport. Earlier you had to click the icon to pin the tooltip to be able to scroll down to read all the text, but not it will be shifted up on the page to allow for easier access.
  • Fixed an error in the file “DFFS_frontend_CEWP.html” that made the DFFS frontend file fail to load – leaving the “This took forever” message from the DFFS overlay. I had accidently changed the file name to “DFFS_frontend_min_old.js”, but the correct file name is “DFFS_frontend_min_old.js”.
vLookup backend v2.2.66 (August 11, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue in DFFS backend where help text dialogs was shown below the viewport. Earlier you had to click the icon to pin the tooltip to be able to scroll down to read all the text, but not it will be shifted up on the page to allow for easier access.
SPJS-utility.js v1.266 (August 11, 2016)
  • Fixed sorting by ID when querying a throttled list (more than 5000 items). In the previous version, the ID was treated as text and not a number.
Autocomplete v1.4.4 (July 31, 2016)
  • Added a new key-value pair “orderBy” in the argument object to control the sort order of the options. You can add one or more sort criteria as an array of objects like this:

    Please note that to support sorting when your source list has more than 5000 items (list throttling) you must also update spjs-utility.js to at least v1.265 (see below).

The updated file can be found in the “IncrementalReleases” folder here.

SPJS-utility.js v1.265 (July 31, 2016)
  • Fixed a bug where the sort order of items was not correct when the source list had more than 5000 items (list throttling).
  • Fixed an issue with getFieldValue in DispForm when using IE8. The function would not trim away all whitespace and thus failed to detect an empty value.

The updated file can be found in the “IncrementalReleases” folder here.

SPJS-Lookup.js v1.1.5 (July 20, 2016)
  • Fixed a bug where a cutom CAML query that returned “empty” values would cause an error in the processing of the options. This would throw an error in the console and the SPJS-Lookup script would fail.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when using the option “addYouOwnValue”. When opening the list item with the custom value in EditForm, the value would not show, and would be stripped away when saving.

The updated file can be found in the “IncrementalReleases” folder here.

DFFS v4.3.72 Backend and DFFS v4.3.72 Frontend (July 10, 2016)
  • DFFS Emails are now stacked up when rules trigger, and sent when the form is saved (after dffs_PreSaveAction if you use this function).
  • You can still send an email manually using spjs.dffs.processEmailTemplate(‘NameOfTemplate’)
  • Fixed an error with email not being accessible when the “beforeProperty” of a PeoplePicker was used as “To” or “Cc” in a DFFS email.
  • Fixed an issue with the trigger “And these rules = true / false” where “Stop if this rule = true, and jump to” was not working.
  • Fixed a possible error with using “Validate on (applies to fields only)” = “Field change” where a trigger on a People picker was not triggered as it should.
  • Removed check to see if jQuery is > v1.6.4 as this is now so old that *noone* is using it.
  • Fixed an issue where a “shared config” between NewForm or EditForm asd DispForm could result in “read only” being applied in DispForm. This could interferer with other custom code applied in DispForm for mainpulating the presentation of the field values.
  • Fixed a loop issue with “buildValStr” function where getFieldValue was preformed on all fields for every pass and not only for the fields that was actually referred. This might improve performance on larger forms.
  • Fixed a possible backwards compatibility issue with pre v4.3 versions that could result in an error in the F12 developer console.
  • Fixed a potensial issue occuring when using multiple trigger on the same field – and some are triggered on load and other are triggered on change. In this case, the execution of the action for the matching rule could be prevented as DFFS was waiting for all rules for this trigger to finis before executing the matched rule.
  • Added option to use variables in DFFS email (both to, cc and subject / body can use variables) like this:
  • Enabled expand / collapse of Email config for better overview.
  • Fixed an issue with the ACE code editor where you would get a “To many errors” message. I have fixed this by editing one of the core fields for ACE: Line 11750 in the file “worker-javascript.js” is changed to “globalstrict: false”.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting no fields in a tab to have all fields show did not include the Attachment field.
  • Added option to turn on debug on pre save functions in the top of the rules tab. This will print out the result of all pre save functions, and any emails. The form will not actually be saved when degug is activated.
  • Added option to turn on debug on all rules with an url key like this:
  • In a scenario where you have a “is changed” trigger on a status column calling a custom function to reset the selection on certain conditions with code like this:
    if(someCondition = "someValue"){
        setFieldValue("StatusColumnFIN","New value");

    You need to wrap the setFieldValue function like this:

    if(someCondition = "someValue"){
            setFieldValue("StatusColumnFIN","New value");

    This is done to prevent a possible loop occurring when you programatically set a field that has an on-change trigger causing it to trigger itself again in a loop.

Autocomplete v1.4.4 (July 10, 2016)
  • Added support for using multiselect when using autocomplete on text fields (not on people picker fields).Please note that the “setFields” option is disabled when using the “multiselect” option.
    "filterCAML":"<Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'><UserID/></Value></Eq>",
    "multiselect":true, // New in v1.4.4. If this is true, the "setFields section will not apply",
    "multiselectSeparator":"; ", // New in v1.4.4. 
vLookup frontend v2.2.70 (July 10, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with “getUrlKey” where getting the ID when reloading a DFFS form with a hash value directly after the ID (when reloadign a form after manually sending an email form the dev console) would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where a vLookup child added in NewForm would not show in the vLookup table until the form was saved and opened in DispForm or EditForm.
  • Fixed an issue with getting the “max id” when working with nested folders. This meant you could end up not showing all children if the list or document library had more than 5000 items.
spjs-utility.js v1.264 (July 10, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with getFieldValue on a peoplePicker in a calendar in SP2013. The value was not retrieved as the PP was rendered in “SP 2010 mode”.
spjs-lookup.js v1.1.3 (July 10, 2016)
  • Added “parsefunction”:
    	"folder":"", // Leave empty to search in all folders
    	"CAML":null, // If used, the rest of the filterObj settings are disregarded

    This function lets you modify the values by adding a function like this:

    function yourCustomParseFunc(a){
        var b = a;
            b = [Do something with "a" here];
            // Nothing
        return b;
  • Changed how “dropDownDefaultvalue” is handled so passing an empty value like this: “” will skip the empty option in the top of the select when the value has been set.
spjs-rm.js v2.4.3 (July 10, 2016)
  • If the field where the validation should be shown is not visible, the validation message will be shown in a dialog.
DFFS v4.3.68 Backend and DFFS v4.3.69 Frontend (May 19, 2016)
  • Codemirror – fixed missing scrollbars when resizing page. Fixed an issue with not being able to save the configuration if you did not load the codemirror solution.
  • EMail: Fixed an issue with the email current tab where the dialog to select to, cc etc. was not shown – causing the email to only be sent to predefined to and cc – and sometimes showing “undefined” in the email subject / body.
  • Fixed an issue where root comments in a discussion list was identified as a folder, and therefore did not load DFFS. This also applies to “Summary task”.
  • Fixed an issue where DFFS is enabled, but no config has been created for the current form. This would throw and error, preventing for example vLookup from filling out values in NewForm.
DFFS_frontend_overlay (in folder CEWP) (May 19, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue where the loading icon was not centered in the page when loading in a small screen.
DFFS_JSLink.js v.1.1.5 (in folder DFFS/jslink) (May 19, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue where the loading icon was not centered in the page when loading in a small screen.
vLookup frontend v2.2.67 (May 19, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with detecting the use of {var:variableName} in list baser url, list guid or custom CAML.
  • Changed how the current item is retrieved when building the vLookup query in EditForm to fix a potential error when using a calculated column like this [CurrentItem:Calculated_Column].
Autocomplete v1.4.3 (May 19, 2016)
  • Added option to specify a “filterCAML” to prefilter the autocomplete data source with a CAML query. To do this, add a new key-value pair to the argument object like this:
    "filterCAML":"<Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'><UserID/></Value></Eq>"

    This example will show only items created by current user. You can provide any valid CAML.

    You find some more information here.

SPJS-Utility.js v1.263 (May 19, 2016)
  • Added try-catch to ensure it wont error out when trying to use getFieldValue on a PeoplePicker that is restricted to a specific user group, and the current user does not have read access to this group.
DFFS v4.3.67 Backend and Frontend (April 24, 2016)
  • Changed number format to split it in [major].[minor].[revision]. Earlier the minor and revision was one.
  • Added option to share a configuration between multiple forms by overriding the formId. Read more here.
  • Added Syntax highlighting in Custom JS and Custom CSS by including CodeMirror in the DFFS package. If you are updating from a previous version you must add the “/SPJS/DFFS/codemirror” folder to your installation and update the CEWP code or DFFS_JSLink.js file to the latest version.
  • Fixed a possible bug with the overlay in the CEWP installation method where the value in a people picker sometimes would be cleared when loading EditForm using Google Chrome.
  • Small change to the overlay (both CEWP and JSLink) to hopefully avoid FOUC (Flash Of Unformatted Content).
  • Changed a few image references in CSS and JS from base64 encoded string to actual images in the folder “/SPJS/DFFS/css/images”. This is done because some of these base64 encoded images was corrupted when the site was saved as a template. Please note that this folder didn’t exist in previous versions so if you are updating from a previous version you must ensure you copy this folder with the images into your DFFS folder. If you have customized some images in DFFS, you most likely need to revert theser changes and modify the images in the “/SPJS/DFFS/css/images” folder instead.
  • Fixed an issue with error handling when using REST emails in an on premises installation of SP2013.
  • Added support for reading an e-mail address from a plain text field in the “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” fields in an e-mail template.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in excessive white space above the e-mail body when sending a tab by email.
  • Fixed a bug where the “And these rules or functions = true / false” was not respected when sending an email using the “The form is saved” trigger.
  • Updated jQuery version from 1.12.1 to 1.12.3
Autocomplete v1.4.2 (April 24, 2016)
  • Fixed an issue with “add to self” not working when the autocomplete finds a partial match.
DFFS v4.366 Backend and Frontend (April 05, 2016)
  • Fixed a bug preventing the setting “Which groups can see this tab” (in each tab) from working when moving the configuration from DEV/UAT/PROD. This because only the group ID was stored – and this will most likely be different in different site collections. The solution will now check for membership in a group with the same name, but will still try to match the ID also. Ideally I would remove the check for group ID, but to ensure backwards, compatibility I have to leave this in for now.
  • Fixed a bug that when checking if a tab has an unique ID, mistakenly included the rules in this check. This meant you would get an “duplicate tab unique id” warning even though the tab had an unique name.
  • Moved the “Hidden fields” section to the bottom of the Misc tab.
  • Fixed a bug where the “empty fields banner” did not clear the dashed outline on re-save after the field had been filled. Also the banner itself was not removed when the last empty field was filled in.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when going to the Misc tab to add a new field or edit an existing field, and no password was set on the configuration. What happened was that the password field was mistakenly filled with an invalid value, effectively preventing the user form entering the form (not possible to validate password). The workaround was to edit the configuration “blob” in the “SPJS-DynamicFormsForSharePoint” list manually to remove the password.
  • Added try – catch on the function “getEmailFromPicker” to prevent halting the script if one by accident inputs a non-people picker field.
  • Removed a string “REST” that prefixed the email body when sending emails using the SP2013 REST api.
spjs-utilty.js v 1.262 (April 05, 2016)
  • Added a try – catch in the function “dateObjToFormattedString” to prevent undefined value from halting the script.
  • Fixed a bug in the function “updateReadonlyValue” related to updating a people picker field that was set to read only.
SPJS-Autocomplete (spjs-ac) v1.41 (March 20, 2016)
  • I have fixed a bug occurring when using the new option to add new values to the lookup list, and it is a “isLookupInSelf”. If you had already moved the cursor away from the autocomplete field so the field had the “error class”, going back to add it to the list did not clear this class so it appeared as if the error was still there. The value would however be saved to the list as it should.

You find the updated file in the “IncrementalReleases” folder in the DFFS download section.

DFFS v4.365 Backend and Frontend (February 29, 2016)
  • Added support for using DFFS with DocumentSets.
  • Added new trigger “Workflow status” that lets you check the status on a workflow in the current item.
  • Added option to share the Field CSS configuration between different forms in the same list.
  • Added support for sending email triggerd by “The form is saved”.
  • Added new option to preserve the selected tab when navigating from DispForm to EditForm in a list item. You find this setting in the Misc tab.
  • Split the “showTooltip” out in a separate function to let advanced users override it.
  • Added new functionality to show a list of empty required fields above the form when the save is halted. The list is clickable and will take you to the correct tab / accordion and highlight the field. You can turn this feature on in the Misc tab. Please note that you must update the CSS files also.
  • Added option to set the default “To” and “Cc” in the “E-Mail active tab” feature to a people picker in the current form, or to a fixed email address.
  • Added option to send E-Mails from DFFS rules. You can configure the E-Mail-templates in the new “E-Mail and Print” tab in DFFS backend. Added support for delaying an email until a set “Send date” has been reached. Please note that this is only possible if you use the “Use custom list with workflow to send E-Mails”, and is not when using the built in functionality for sending E-Mails in SP 2013 (REST). You find more information on the help icon in the “E-Mail and Print” functionality in DFFS backend, and in the user manual when the production version is released. You find a video describing the workflow setup in the user manual.
  • Changed the “target” on the link to a document of type “pdf” or “txt” in a DFFS dialog so it will open in a new window.
  • For SP2007: Made the “Return to DispForm when editing an item and NOT opening the form in a dialog” checkbox visible in the Misc tab.
  • Fixed a possible backwards compatibility issue when using the latest version of DFFS with a configuration saved with an older version.
  • Fixed some issues with using “content type” as trigger in a DFFS form.
  • In triggers on date and time columns: added support for comparing with today like this:
    [today]+14 or [today]-5

    The number is the number of days you want to offset the value with. This same functionality can be used when comparing with a value pulled from another date and time column in the form – like this:

     {NameOfField}+14 or {NameOfField}-5
  • Changed the “debug output” to make it easier to read by collapsing some sections initially.
  • Fixed a bug with hiding a field by a rule while using the accordion functionality.
  • Fixed the “change trigger” on date columns so it will trigger the change event on invalid dates.
  • Changed the backend code for detecting the change of a PeoplePicker field.
  • Added support for using People pickers as trigger in SP 2007 and 2010. This requires that you update SPJS-Utility.js. This may not work 100% in all cases – post any findings in the forum.
spjs-utilty.js v 1.260 (January 29, 2015)
  • Changed the code for getFieldValue on a people picker in SP 2007 and 2010 to support the new DFFS trigger on people pickers in these SP versions.
spjs-utilty.js v 1.258 (January 14, 2015)
  • Addressed a bug occurring if you in SP2010 tries to set a dropdown choice field to blank after it initially has been saved with a value.

Changes in vLookup are described here

DFFS v4.360 Backend and v4.360 Frontend (December 14, 2015)
  • Highlight tab on validation error failed when a hidden tab contiaining the same field was placed to the left of the currently visilbe tab.
  • When opening an item in EditForm from DispForm, the “Source” attiribute was set to return you back to DispForm, and not to the default list view as in a regular list. I have added option to override this settings in the Misc tab.
  • When opening a vLookup child item in DispForm, and then selecting “Edit”, the parameter “IsDlg=1” was not properly applied. This resulted in the lefte menu being visible.
  • Fixed a problem with backwards compatibility when NO RULES were defined for a form. This would result in an error in the developer console, and the stored tabs configuration would not load.
  • Fixed a bug with using field values in headings, HTML sections or validation messages in combination with MUI configuration.
  • Changed the handling of “Hidden headings or elements” or “Visible headings or elements” to prevent errors when using space after the comma when separating multiple elements.
  • Added ID attribute on the tooltip hover image on this format: tooltip_FieldInternalName – where “FieldInternalName” is the interenal name of the field the tooltip is attached to.
  • Overlay for CEWP version of DFFS updated to fix a FOUC occuring in some cases. The DFFS_JSLink.js file has also been updated with this fix, but I cannot guarantee this will work here. Let me know how it performs in your form.
  • Changed the behavior of the disable and debug rule checkbox so that it no longer unchecks the other checkbox. This goes for the toggle all disabled or debug checkboxes also.
  • Added option to choose from the default brower alert box or the HTML enabled custom alert box when alerting a message in DFFS. The default alert box is best if you need the page to freeze while the dialog is visible, but it does not support HTML messages.
  • Fixed a bug in detecting folders when optning an editform or dispform (to bypass DFFS).
spjs-utilty.js v 1.256 (December 14, 2015)
  • When using vLookup to create a child list item from DispForm of the parent, it was not possilble to bring the value from a multichoice lookup column over to the child list item.
  • Pad hour and minute to two digits when setting a date and time column as readonly in DFFS.
  • Fixed a bug with getting the value from the Content type choice column. It appears this stopped working in v1.210.
  • Added new funciton to return a date object as a formatted string – use
    spjs.utility.dateObjToFormattedString(dateObj,”dd.MM.yy hh:mm”)
Cascading dropdowns v3.527 (December 14, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug where the next dropdown was hidden if the query did not return any items despite the setting “Hide the dropdowns when they have no available options” being unchecked.
  • Added a check to flag “dirty” data where the string contains two or more consecutive spaces. Due to a bug(?) in Internet Explorer 8 (and possibly 9 and 10) that collapses these into one single space. This behavior causes the query for the next level to fail as the query specifies a single space value while the actual data stored in the db has multiple consecutive spaces.
JSLink Setup.html (December 14, 2015)
  • Slight improvement on the feedback when iteration over the webs and lists to reattach orphaned columns.
DFFS v4.358 Backend and v4.359 Frontend (October 25, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with “No reversing of this rule” not being respected for the trigger “And these rules or functions = true / false”.
  • Fixed a bug where side-by-side sections would not show in an accordion section. This bug was introduced in the previous version.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Attachments” field would not collapse in an accordion section.
  • Added ID as selectable field in EditForm. This went missing in v4.353.
  • Fixed some bugs related to disabling fields in NewForm, DispForm or EditForm. Please note that any disabled rule will return “false” if checked from another rule in “And these rules or functions = true / false”.
  • Fixed a bug with the “extra” overlay introduced in v4.358 not being removed in edit page mode.
  • Fixed a bug with “Hide save button” or “Hide Edit button” on the first tab in a form. What happened was that the setting in the tab was overridden by any rule where the “Hide save button” or “Hide Edit button” was unchecked. The rule wold override the tab setting. To fix this, I have changed how the rule shows or hides these buttons. The checkbox to hide the button is changed for a radio button list with the options “Not set”, “Visible” and “Hidden”. To maintain backwards compatibility, any unchecked values in existing rules will be set to “Visible”. This means you must change the “Save item button visibility” or “Edit item button visibility” in your rules to “Not set” for the hiding of the button in the first tab to be respected.
  • Fixed a bug with triggering a rule on change of a people picker (available in SP2013 only).
  • Changed how boolean columns are validated in DispForm to enable the user of “true” or “false” in the “This value” field in a rule. In earlier versions of DFFS you had to use the display value for the boolean value – like “Yes” or “No” in DispForm, but now you can use “true” or “false” like in NewForm and EditForm.
  • Fixed an issue with setting the red color on the field validation star in fields set as required in the list settings and not in DFFS.
  • Added Note to self for tabs.
  • Fixed a bug with setting a field with a DFFS toltip as required in IE 8. This resulted in an error in the developer console.
SPJS-Cascading dropdowns (October 25, 2015)
  • Added a check to ensure your field is the correct type when using the :multi option. Earlier version would not notify the user if the field was not of plain text type.
SPJS-Utility (October 25, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with prefilling / setting the value of a cascading dropdown field when using the :multi option.
DFFS v4.357 Backend and v4.358 Frontend (October 18, 2015)
  • Changed the overaly for the CEWP version to include one “extra” overlay over the form to prevent FOUC (Flash of unstyled content).
  • Added override option for the loading overlay in the JSLink version so you can specify a custom overlay for eacy list. See user manual for details.
  • If the JSLink option you can sometimes see a FOUC in some forms. To fix this in most cases, move the DFFS_loader field to the top of the list using “Column ordeing” in the list settings. If you however keep seeing the FOUC, you can use the new “DFFS_JSLink_FormOverlay.html” file to add to a CEWP above the form where you see this FOUC.
  • Added option to disable a rule in NewForm, DispForm or EditForm. You find these settings in the rule configuration for each rule. This is intended used for scenarios where you configure one form, and clone it to the other forms in the list. This is new in this release, and I would like feedback on how it works in your setup.
  • Fixed a bug with validation of empty date and time columns, and trigger rules on change on a date and time column.
  • Added change handling on hour and minute selector on secondary field (when comparing with another field) of a date and time column to trigger the primary field on change of time selector also.
  • Changed the function “strToDateObj” to prevent errors in the developer console when passing an invalid value into the function.
  • Added new operator: “is not between”. This is used for number or currency columns. Fixed a bug with using field references in the “is between” fuction as the value was read on load only, and did not update on field change.
  • Fixed a bug in “toggleSelectedTab” sometimes occurring in IE8 when running in “standards mode”. You overlay would time out (this took forever). The error was related to using $.trim(0); on a variable that could either be a string or a number.
  • Tried to fix a problem with missing scrollbars in DFFS backend.
  • Fixed a bug where a required field in a collapsed accordion section would be visible until expanding and collapsing the accordion section.
  • Changed how required fields are handled when they are not visible. Previously, they were forced visible, but now they are not. This means you must ensure all required fields are accessible to the user. If you however end up with an empty required field that is hidden, you will get a notification alert.
  • Changed how headings that are excluded from accordion funcitonality are handled. In previous versions they were left visible, but now they will be included in the accrodion and collapse with the rest of the fields.
  • In the tabs setup in DFFS backend: split “Heading or HTML” in two separate sections “Heading” or “HTML”. Technically they behave much the same, but if you want to add a HTML section to a form, and uses a “Heading” section you will have to exclude it explicitly from the accordion tab (if you use accordion functionality). There is no need to move existing HTML section from “Heading” to “HTML”.
  • Changed to a different red color for the highlighting of tabs with required fields.
  • Changed the layout of the “checkbox” used to represent read-only checkboxes in DFFS, and for boolean columns in DispForm to make them look more as regular checkboxes.
  • Made “Related items” column (in SP 2013 tasks list) selectable in tabs when configuring DispForm in DFFS backend.
  • Fixed a bug where “Hide edit button” set on the first tab would fail to apply on the Edit button in the bottom of the form.
  • Fixed a bug where “Which groups can see this tab?” configured for a tab would fail to reload the selected options when reentering DFFS_Backend.
  • Fixed a bug with ContentTypeChoice colum when this colum was selectd as the first column in a tab, but the list or library did not contain more than one conten type. This ment the form could not show the content type selector despite it being selectable in DFFS backend – resulting in a tab with no colums showing.
SPJS-utility.js v1.253 (October 18, 2015)
  • Added function “setDlgTitle” to use when setting the title of a modal dialog in SharePoint. If you have stacked multiple dialogs on top of each other, this function will target the topmost dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with updating the readoly value of Lookup and people picker columns set as readonly in the first DFFS tab in a form.
SPJS-Autocomplete (SPJS-ac) v1.32 (October 18, 2015)
  • Added small fix to prevent the autocomplete solution kicking in when loaded in DispForm – for example when cloning a DFFS config from NewForm or EditForm.
DFFS v4.356 Backend and v4.357 Frontend (October 06, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v4.353 backend where field set as READONLY using an external tool (not using DFFS) mistakingly was present in the list of selectable fields. This “fix” unfortunately removed calculated columns and “extra fields” in lookup columns from the list of selectable fields in DispForm configuration.
  • Added back the “hot” + sign in front of the Attachment field label that lets you add attachments by click on the plus. This was not shown in the formlabel in O365 as Microsoft has changed the “H3” tag to a “SPAN” tag. This is now different in on premesis and O365 sites, but the new code us supposed to support both.
  • Fixed a bug related to the *fix* of the edit item button in v4.355. It appeared that in some cases DispForm was reloading instead of loading EditForm.
DFFS v4.356 Frontend (October 05, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with checking linked rules in “And these rules or functions = true / false”. This bug was introduced in the revision of the “ruleengine” in v4.350 and made a linked rule validate as true despite it being false when checking the debug output.

The download package is named “October 05, 2015_new.zip”. If you have already downloaded the “October 05, 2015.zip” from earlier today, please update to the new package.

DFFS v4.355 Backend and DFFS v4.355 Frontend (October 05, 2015)
  • “Run these functions / trigger these rules”: The rule will pass the “Rule friendly name” as argument to the custom function. This way you can use the same custom function for more than one rule.Here is an example:
        alert("This function was triggered by \""+ruleID\"");
  • “Hidden headings or elements”: You can use a classname to identify the item you want to hide. See help icon for details. Here is an example of hiding the View or Edit button for a vLookup column named “vLookupTasks”:
    // View button
    // Edit button
  • Fixed a bug appearing in IE8 related to edit item and the Source attribute in the URL being duplicated, resulting in redirecting to the wrong page after when leaving the form.
  • Tried to fix an issue with a “ghost select box” appearing when changing tab. This box is shown as result of the autocomplete functionality in the browser.
  • Fixed a bug when disabling a rule. The disable flag was not respected when multiple rules targeted the same field, and not all rules was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug with the trigger “is changed” for a boolean field did not trigger.
  • Changed the alert “Missing ID parameter for the list item in the URL.” so that it is not shown when editing the page.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in an error in the developer console when no license code was added to the JSLink setup page, or the License tab in DFFS backend.
  • SPJS-Utility.js v1.252: Fixed a bug related to the change in the September 28 release. I forgot to check the type of the variable when using “setFieldValue”, and this resulted in an error in the developer console “Object doesn’t support property or method…”
DFFS v4.353 Backend and DFFS v4.354 Frontend (September 28, 2015)
  • You can now use {FieldInternalName} to insert the value from a field in a heading / HTML section.
  • Fixed a bug with “Use cookie to remember selected tab” and “Click here to clear the session cookie” in the Tabs section in the Misc tab. The “clear the session cookie” link didn’t work (missing function), and the uncheck of the checkbox “Use cookie to remember selected tab” was not respected.
  • You can now use group name in Enable the “Enter setup” link for these user IDs or SharePoint group names / IDs only, Bypass all rules for these user IDs or SharePoint group names / IDs and Show orphans tab for these user or group IDs.
  • Fixed a bug where fields set as READONLY in the Field XML (not in DFFS). These field was selectable in DFFS backend, but would not render in DFFS frontend (or in a regular SharePoint form for that matter)
  • Small change to the “DFFS loading overlay” to prevent it from showing when page is in edit mode.
  • Fixed a bug with editing Custom JS and CSS in IE 8 (new line would copy all text).
  • SPJS-Utility.js v1.251: Fixed a bug with setFieldValue where you had a string containing the “newLine” character “\n” in the string – for example in a “domain\user” combination (where the user name started with “n”) in a people picker. The newLine character would be stripped away.
v4.353 frontend (September 22, 2015)
  • The triggering of “Run these functions” for the trigger “The form is saved” has been moved slightly up in the code to allow for this function to return false to stop saving the form.
  • Fixed an issue with emailing the tab contents where items with “display:none” style were not hidden properly in some email clients (like Outlook desktop app). This could cause for example some hidden images in people pickers to show in the email.
  • Fixed an issue with upload of documents to a document library where the script complained about a missing ID in the URL. This caused DFFS to exit, reveling the unformatted form.

The file “DFFS_frontend_min.js” has changed.

v4.352 backend (September 22, 2015)
  • Fixed a typo in the MUI example in the help tab.
  • Added better description of the functionality of the trigger “The form is ready” to inform that this rule will be executed after all other rules have finished.

The file “DFFS_backend_min.js” has changed.

v4.352 frontend (September 20, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with setting a multichoice field readonly in NewForm or EditForm. This bug caused the readonly choices to show only the checkboxes and not the corresponding text values. This bug was introduced in v4.350.

Only the file “DFFS_frontend_min.js” has changed.

v4.351 frontend and backend (September 20, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug where the hiding of the save item button by a rule was overridden by a tab due to the new option in the tabs for showing or hiding of the Edit and Save buttons.
  • Increased the size of the HTML and CSS textaras in “Heading or HTML” in tabs.
  • Fixed an issue in IE where the height of the scrollable “workarea” in DFFS backend was not using the full height of the page.
  • Updated the example file for “DFFS_DirectToBackend.html” to have fix and issue with to many lists showing up in the “list select”. If you update this file, ensure you also update to the latest version of the DFFS frontend and backend files.
  • Fixed a bug related to using Neq for Date and Time columns introduced in v4.350.
  • Fixed a bug related to using headings over side-by-side fields (using the HeadingID). If you did not include a header for the first field, the header row would not show.
  • Added support for hiding a side-by-side header in the field was hidden by a rule. Please note theat the internal ID attribute of the side-by-side header has changed (not improtant if you have not addressed this field with custom code).
v4.350 frontend and backend (September 15, 2015)
  • Simplified the installation process for the “CEWP” installation option –  see installation manual. If you are upgrading, you should update your CEWP code to the new one.
  • Rules can now be ordered as you like – rules related to one trigger does not have to be grouped together anymore.
  • Changed how rule reversing are handled to how it was before v4.301. In v4.301 I changed this to loop trough all rules that should be reversed, and to apply a “summary” of all these reversed rules after all reversals had been looped trough. This was done to try to fix a performance issue in IE8. I have now gone back to handling all rules one by one as part of a major redesign of the trigger handling. Please report any performance issues related to large lists with a lot or rules.
  • Added new trigger on people pickers in SP2013. If I get feedback that this works, I could add support for SP2010 and possibly SP2007 also.
  • Added new option to “Stop and skip to another rule”. This feature adds a kind of branching to the rule handling.
  • Added option to use “not true” in the “And these rules or functions = true / false” option in the trigger.
  • Added option in the Misc tab to “Launch EditForm in dialog” to be able to return to the DispForm after EditForm is submitted.
  • Fixed potential license validation error when using JSLink version with Google Chrome.
  • Changed the order of Tabs and Rules tab in DFFS backend.
  • Added options to control the visibility of “Edit” and “Save” buttons for each tab without using rules.
  • Changed layout and color scheme in DFFS backend.
  • Brushed up the “restore last good configuration” funciton to make it easier to revert back to the last good config if you have an error in the config that prevents it from loading.
  • Changed the layout and done some minor changes to the UI – like better visualisation of the rule or tab you are currently configuring.
  • Added support for mixing JSON string and plain text / HTML in the “Heading or HTML” textarea, and the side-by-side “Text or HTML” textarea for better MUI support.
  • Fixed a potential “long running script” error occurring in IE8.
  • Fixed a bug related to required field star sometimes not being visible when setting a people picker or data and time column as required.
  • Added instruction on how to include an external JS file in the Custom JS textarea in DFFS backend: link
  • Tried to fix the highlighting of the tab where the spell-check errors occur in on premises installed version of SP 2013.
  • Added option to print or email a tab. This is turned on in the Misc tab in DFFS backend.
  • Redesigned the license code handling to include a “License” tab in DFFS backend. The license code inserted here will be shared between all DFFS enabled forms that read from the configuration list (by default all forms in the current site).
  • Various small fixes and enhancements in the code.

See user installation manual and user manual for more details.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.306 > 4.350)
DFFS_frontend.css (4.07 > 4.10)
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.305 > 4.350)
DFFS_backend.css (4.02 > 4.10)

DFFS: JSLink version is updated August 16, 2015

Most of the files in this package is in BETA, and is currently NOT suited for a production environment until I have gotten feedback from you that it performs as expected. This file contains all DFFS files and plugins, and you can get the files for a non-JSLink setup also from this file, but the format of the CEWP files must be found in the current version of DFFS here.

I will publish a full change log tomorrow, but if you are keen to try them, go ahead.

v4.306_frontend_patched (August 11, 2015)

This one fixes a bug occurring when there is spaces in the site name. This bug makes the pageId to be reported as undefined, and thus prevents the configuration from being loaded correctly. The bug is described here. This is re-released August 13 due to an error in the minification of the file – resulting in the scrip not loading.

This patch included only this one fix to the DFFS_frontend_min.js file.

DFFS: JSLink version is updated July 31, 2015

This package is updated with all the changes to DFFS and the plugins. Read the change log here.

v4.306_frontend (July 31, 2015)
  • You can now see all version information for DFFS and plugins on the “Enhanced with DFFS” button.
  • Edit item button from DispForm now strips away the “ContentTypeId” parameter if it is empty to prevent errors in EditForm.
  • Rule reversing on “load” is fixed for fields of type “text”, “number”, “date”, “choice” and “lookup” as these were not consistently implemented.
  • Added option to disable rule reversing on individual rules.
  • Added support for highlighting tabs with spelling errors after the spell check has been run. This might not work in on premises installations. I’m investigating it.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.305 > 4.306)

v4.305_backend (July 31, 2015)
  • Fixed bug where the “Add new field” dialog was not shown when using the JSLink version of DFFS.
  • Added option to disable rule reversing on individual rules.
  • Added option to toggle all rule disabled checkboxes.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.304 > 4.305)

v4.305_frontend (July 6, 2015)
  • Updated with support for the new vLookup feature to load vLookup resources only when the field is made visible in a tab.
  • SharePoint 2013 will not show a disabled checkbox representing boolean columns (yes/no) in DispForm.
  • CSS file change for SP2013 to support a minor change to the border below the tab row.
  • Various small internal changes related to the new JSLink support in SP2013.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.274 > 4.305)
DFFS_frontend_css (4.06 > 4.07)

v4.304_backend (July 6, 2015)
  • Added support for using Ctrl+s to save the config.
  • Fixed placement of help contents besides help icon.
  • Various small internal changes related to the new JSLink support in SP2013.
  • Small change to the CSS file.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.262 > 4.304)
DFFS_backend_css (4.01 > 4.02)

v4.274_frontend (June 10, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with the required field star pushing the width of the form to wide when using accordion functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where a field would be made visible if a rule set it as required despite the accordion branch that contained the field being collapsed.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.273 > 4.274)

v4.273_frontend (May 19, 2015)
  • Changed initiation of rules to wait for $(document).ready(); to prevent some random timing issues when using onload functions in Custom JS.
  • Support for the new options described in the v4.262 Backend version (see change log below).

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.272 > 4.273)

v4.262_backend (May 19, 2015)
  • New trigger option: Custom JavaScript function:
    This lets you use a custom function (for example from “Custom JS”) as trigger. This trigger can only be used “On load”. The function will be executed, and if the function returns the boolean value true, the configured actions are executed.
  • New trigger option: “No trigger”:
    This will create a rule that can only be triggered from another rule (in Run these functions / trigger these rules), or by triggering it from a custom function in “Custom JS” like this:

  • You can now use custom JavaScript functions in “And these rules or functions = true” by entering the function name in the field alongside any rule indexes or rule friendly names. This function must return the boolean value true.
  • You can now use [or] in “And these rules or functions = true”
    Separate indexes or friendly name with comma to use [and]. Separate indexes or friendly name with pipe to use [or].


    In this example, Rule1 and Rule2 must be true, and Rule3 or Rule4 must also be true for the overall result to return true.

  • You can now trigger all rules manually from a custom function like this (Rule1 and Rule2 are friendly names of rules):
  • You can now use “Created” and “Modified” in validation messages.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.260 > 4.262)

v4.272_frontend (May 09, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with “beforeproperties” in calendar forms on SP2013. I had overlooked a crucial difference in how the list template for the calendar list (List Template ID 106) and other list templates provided the “initial values” for all the fields in the form as an object in the page. This meant all fields would report a “blank” initial value in SP2013 calendar forms, and any rules using the trigger “is changed form initial value”, or any rules setting fields read only on form load would fail.
  • Added an option to configure different “subforms” in for example a very complex EditForm. Read about it here.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.270 > 4.272)

v4.270_frontend (May 06, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug occurring when you try to use the name of the Editor of the current item in an alert or a validation message. The name of the Author was used in stead. This does not affect rules, and is only related to the use of the Editor name in validation messages.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.269 > 4.270)

v4.269_frontend (May 05, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug related to comparing numbers using a rule. It turns out I had a bug in v4.268 related to using triggers “greater than”, “greater than or equal” and “less than or equal” where I accidentally used the trigger value and not the actual value from the input to compare. The issue does not affect the “less than” operator.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.268 > 4.269)

v4.268_frontend (April 30, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with validating numbers formatted with decimal and thousands separators in rules. I have tried to cover all possible scenarios, but this is hard to get right with all the different localized number formats. Please get back to me if you experience any issues.You can test the number formatting by sending in a number formatted string to this function:
    var test = spjs.dffs.strToNum("250,000.00");

    Please note:
    This change will NOT affect the format of the number in the input field itself and will NOT affect how you can and cannot enter values in a number field in a SharePoint form. What this code change does, is to enable DFFS to “read” the values from a number input field and parse it correctly as a proper number when using this value internally in the functions in DFFS. This means gets rid of the thousands separator, and identifies any decimals. This way DFFS can use this number to validate “less than”, “greater than” and so on.

    The output value of the alert in this example is in “javascript number format” and not localized to your current language.

  • Fixed a bug with a misspelled variable name for “dlgFixedSize”.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.266 > 4.268)

v4.266_frontend (April 25, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with the trigger “is changed” on date pickers in SP 2010. This trigger would not pick up the change correctly when using the date picker.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.265 > 4.266)

v4.265_frontend (April 22, 2015)
  • Tried to fix a positioning bug for the tooltip (appeared to far to the left) for SP2007 users.
  • Fixed a bug where SP2007 users using IE8 would see a big black blinking “cursor” over the form.
  • Removed one removed superfluous query to get the regional settings for the list.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.264 > 4.265)

v4.260_backend (April 22, 2015)
  • Added compatibility with vLookup for SP2007.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backed_min.js (4.259 > 4.260)

v4.264_frontend (April 16, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug where the initial value of people picker fields was not accessible when using SP2007 and SP2010. This caused rules triggering on “Compare logged in user with people picker field” would always return false. SP2013 was not affected by this bug.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.262 > 4.264)

v4.259_backend (April 15, 2015)

These files are updated:
DFFS_backed_min.js (4.258 > 4.259)

v4.262_frontend (April 09, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug where the debug output “match” was reversed for “not in group”.
  • Fixed a bug where the debug output on “Compare logged in user with people picker field” was missing the name of the field.
  • You can now use the “Compare logged in user with people picker field” with SharePoint groups selected in the people picker.
  • You can have multiple people picker fields in the “This value” field when using “You can now use the “Compare logged in user with people picker field”.
  • Fixed a bug where the “pageId” was calculated wrong when using spaces and hyphens in a site URL. This caused a problem identifying the saved configuration for the form.
  • Added Czech language to “lcidToDateFormat”.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.261 > 4.262)

v4.258_backend (April 09, 2015)
  • Some small changes to how the DFFS save and cancel buttons were hidden when expanding a vLookup configuraion section in the vLookup tab in DFFS backend.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backed_min.js (4.257 > 4.258)

v4.261_frontend (April 4, 2015)
  • Added some more debug output on comparing with “Compare logged in user with people picker field”, “If logged in user is in group with ID or name” and “If logged in user is NOT in group with ID or name”

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.260 > 4.261)

v4.260_frontend (April 4, 2015)
  • Fixed some small bugs in the debug console output as the information on the “linked rules” sometimes appeared above the heading for the rule it was attached to. The information on the linked rules was also not shown in all the places where it should. Please note that the operation of the rules have not changed – only the debug console output.
  • Fixed a bug with lookup columns “additional properties” sometimes breaking the sort order of fields in a tab. This appeared in DispForm if you included an additional lookup column property in a tab, but this property column was not actually in the current content type. This oddity appears when editing an existing lookup column to include additional properties when you are using content types in the list. With this update, you will see a message in the form where the “missing” field should appear. If you experience this bug, you must disable content types temporarily, delete the additional lookup column properties, add the additional properties again and then enable content types again.
  • Added option to include the current value from a field in the validation message in the form. See description in DFFS_backend (update to v4.257)

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.259 > 4.260)

v4.257_backend (April 4, 2015)
  • Small fix to show the save button in the DFFS backen if you navigate away from the vLookup tab with an open vLookup configuration section.
  • Small fix to give more space to edit validation messages (changed from input to textarea).
  • Updated help text on validation message (display and alert) about using field value in the message.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backed_min.js (4.256 > 4.257)

v4.259_frontend (March 22, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug where the rule debug output was shown for data and time columns despite it being turned off.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.258 > 4.259)

v4.256_backend (March 22, 2015)
  • Added a “toggle all” function to turn on or off the rule debug for all rules.
  • Changed the description text for the “Initially hidden fields” in the Misc tab. The functionality was changed in v4.2x, but the description was unfortunately not changed to reflect the functionality.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.255 > 4.256)

v4.258_frontend (March 19, 2015)
  • This is a tiny fix to prevent the form from scrolling up and down multiple times if you use some of the built in methods for showing or hiding fields or checking mandatory columns in custom functions. The fix basically adds “.stop(false,false) to the animations to ensure multiple animations does not stack up. This is already handled in normal operations of DFFS, and this fix only applies to those that experience this problem when using custom code.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.257 > 4.258)
Please note that you must update the backend of DFFS also if you do not already have v4.255 of the backend.

v4.257_frontend (March 16, 2015)
  • This fixes a bug introduced in v4.256. This bug will cause “reversing” of the rule for the options that do not match for dropdown choice and radio button choice to incorrectly trigger the configured rule as if it matched.
  • I have added an option to override the language for the “You must specify a value for this required field” message. Do it by adding this to the CEWP or to the Custom JS:
    var dffsRequiredFieldValidation = "This is the new message for required fields!";

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.256 > 4.257)
Please note that you must update the backend of DFFS also if you do not already have v4.255 of the backend.

v4.256_frontend (March 8, 2015)
  • Changed the alert that is shown when there is an error in the Custom JS. This will now describe how you can find which line the error occurred in.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when you used the trigger “If logged in user is NOT in group with ID or name” in combination with “And these rules = true”. The result would be wrong (opposite value).
  • Added a “try/catch” to the “Click function name” in the tabs. If you insert a faulty function name here, you will now get an alert.
  • Fixed an error occurring in the console when using DFFS with no rules configured.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.255 > 4.256)

v4.255_backend (March 8, 2015)
  • Moved Custom CSS, Custom JS and the table showing the FieldInternalNames to a new tab.
  • Added a line number indicator above both the Custom CSS and Custom JS textarea.
  • Changed the “Debug rules” setting. It is now activated for individual rules.
  • Moved the “Rule disabled” and the new “Debug this rule” up so that it shows when the rule is collapsed.
  • Added option to use “and” when using the trigger “is not equal to” with multiple values in the “This value” field. Hover over the question mark on the “This value” field for details.
  • Added new option in the Misc tab: Note to self. This can be used to keep track of changes or any other notes you like to store.
  • Fixed an error in the tabs configuration when using side-by-side: you could select the same field in multiple positions (which could result in errors).

These files are updated:
DFFS_backed_min.js (4.254 > 4.255)
DFFS_backed.css (4.01 > 4.02)

v4.255_frontend (February 12, 2015)
  • Changed the query to get “Initial value” of all fields in SP2007 and SP2010 so that only the ones necessary (used in triggers or as readonly) are retrieved. This way you will save a few milliseconds when dealing with large number of fields.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Initial value” function in SP2013 in DispForm related to this forum post.
  • Fixed an error from v4.253 where the initial value on a multi select user field would repeat the first person or group.
  • Added support for float values when comparing numbers.
  • Changed the output when using debug and you are comparing with the value in another field.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.254 > 4.255)

v4.254_backend (February 12, 2015)
  • Fixed a bug from v4.253 where the bottom button row disappeared from DFFS backend.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.253 > 4.254)

v4.254_frontend (February 10, 2015)
  • Fixed the “lookup column query limit” in SP2010. I was not able to trigger this limit in my SP 2010 test site, and mistakenly concluded that the limit did not existed in SP 2010.
v4.253_frontend and v4.253_backend (February 09, 2015)

This version intends to get rid of the bugs that came with the changes introduced in v4.250. I have made a few changes to how “initial value” is retrieved, and have tested it in SP 2007, SP2010 and SP 2013. Please note that there is quite a bit of complexity involved to get the same version to run on all platforms, therefore I will expect some of you to find additional bugs. Please post them in the forum, and I will address them as soon as I can manage.

Changes in v4.253

  • Fixed a “this took forever” timeout the very first time you run the solution – before the configuration list is created.
  • Made some changes to the “Side-by-side header” functionality to be able to hide the headings using rules.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with “Side-by-side header” in IE7
  • Added support for hiding the “Side-by-side block labels” by a rule. See the Side-by-side tab.
    Please note that any Side-by-side block labels configured with v4.250 or v4.251 version will have to be reconfigured.
  • Addes support for using a value from a field in the current form to match with the URL key when using the “URL Query string key equals” trigger. See help icon on the trigger for details.
  • Added a “Help” tab in the backed with links to the manual and the forum.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.251 > 4.253)
DFFS_backtend_min.js (4.250 > 4.253)

v4.251_frontend (February 02, 2015)
  • I have fixed a bug occurring in document libraries with folders. The “initial value” was not retrieved from the items on page load. This caused any rules triggering “on change” to malfunction.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.250 > 4.251)

v4.250 (February 01, 2015)
  • Changed how read only fields are “styled” when using side-by-side to try to maintain the width of the field.
  • Changed how initial value is retrieved when the form loads. Previously DFFS read the values from the fields using the function “getFieldValue”, but now it uses a web service call to get the current item metadata from the DB. This is done to try to overcome the problems some have been experiencing with people pickers not being ready when set to readonly when the form loads.
    If you have rules that set people pickers as readonly on form load, please note that only the top 8 people pickers will have an initial value. This has to do with restrictions in how many “lookup columns” a query can contain. If this is a problem, try moving the people picker you want to set as read only up in the list settings (column ordering) so it is in the top 8 people pickers in the list. this is fixed in v4.253
  • Changed how you reorder fields in tabs in the backend.
  • Boolean values will be displayed as checkboxes in DispForm.
  • New: Changed tab color on hover to a slightly lighter color (update CSS file for the frontend).
  • Added class “dffs-accordion-activePanel” to active accordion panel. You can use this class for your “custom code”.
  • New: Added support for comparing dates with hours and minutes. Please note that you cannot use hour and minute when comparing dates in DispForm.
  • New: Added “between” operator for number and currency columns.
  • New: You can now add a new field to the list from the Misc tab (SP 2010 and 2013 only).
  • SBS header: Added an option to move a “heading or HTML” section above the SBS field.
  • SBS label: Added an option to add a custom label for a side-by-side section.
  • Required field validation: Changed the pre-save form validation to use an array of required fields instead of enumerating all fields with a star.
  • When no configuration has been created for a form, the overlay would time out with “This took forever”.
  • When using side-by-side and hidden label you could got a linefeed after the star that indicates that the field is required.
  • Selected tab index trigger: added “change event” as this trigger only fired on load and not on change of tab.
  • Only the first rule using the trigger “Selected tab index” could be used in “and these rules are true”.
  • The rule debug output was missing “run these functions”.
  • Date pickers: In some cases, errors would appear in the developer console in SP2013 when operating date pickers.
  • Date pickers: The “blur” event was not triggered on the “master” datepicker when using “linked” datepickers and modifying the “slave”.
  • When a field was configured in DFFS, but it was not in the current content type, you could in some cases get an error like “unable to get the property “hidden” of undefined or null reference” in the developer console.
  • The Attachement field will no longer trigger the “orphans” tab.
  • In the frontend I have changed from referring jQuery as $ to use spjs.$ due to an error in SharePoint when using rich text fields and “Insert > Link > From SharePoint” as the file “assetpicker.js” will “kill” jQuery by overriding the global $ variable. This would result in a complete halt in all the functionality in DFFS (and other plugins using jQuery). Please note that other plugins must also be updated. Look at the change log for each one to see which one have been updated.
  • Scroll to first input will no longer make the form scroll down. If the first input is off the visible sceen, it will not get focus.
  • Fixed bug occurring when you for some reason had duplicates of the configuration in the configuration list. Now only the first “match” will be used, and you will no longer see duplication of rules and tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where “rule messages” did not show for readonly fields.
  • Fixed a bug in setting field value for a date only field when this is read only. It will now show date only and not date and time. Please note: You must also update spjs-utility.js to v1.201 or later.
  • Field CSS: Fixed a bug preventing the CSS to apply when there were whitespace below the CSS code.
  • Read only numbers are now shown with the same formatting as in the input (same number of decimals). Also, the % sign will be appended if the numer is shown as percent.
  • Cascading dropdown will now correctly trigger the “change event” (bug from BETA 4.210).
  • Fixed various other bugs from 4.210 BETA

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.200 > 4.250)
DFFS_Frontend.css (v4.05 > 4.06)
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.200 > 4.250)

The user manual and the setup instructions have also been updated. You find them here.

v4.200_frontend (November 19, 2014)
  • Fixed a bug with “anding” a rule based on the “Current user is NOT in group with ID or name”. When using this rule in the “And these rules = true” from another rule, the status of the “Current user is NOT in group with ID or name” was reversed.
  • The 4.200 is now out of BETA

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.200 BETA 2 > 4.200)

v4.200_backend (November 19, 2014)
  • No changes from the 4.200_backend BETA
  • The 4.200 is now out of BETA

These files are updated (version number only):
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.200 BETA > 4.200)

v4.200_frontend BETA 2 (November 12, 2014)
  • Rules on date pickers: Fixed a bug in the blur event handling when using the date picker to pick a date. The rule would only be validated when entering the date manually. This bug was introduced in v4.200.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.200 BETA 1 > 4.200 BETA 2)

v4.200_frontend BETA 1 (November 11, 2014)
  • Fixed a bug in “triggerFuncOnFormSave” if you did NOT use the trigger “Form is saved”.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.200 BETA > 4.200 BETA 1)

v4.200_frontend BETA and v4.200_backend BETA (November 11, 2014)
  • Added option to specify whether the rule should trigger on load, change or both.
  • Change event will now check if the value has actully changed before triggering, and not only trigger on the blur event. This applies to Text, number, date and taxonomy / managed metadata fileds. This change will prevent rules on for example “Title is not empty” to trigger multiple times.
  • Added trigger “is changed” on date pickers.
  • Fixed a missing check for “is changed” for taxonomy fields. The trigger could be selected, but it was never validated.
  • Better debug output if you select “Debug rules” in the backend.
  • Added friendly names to rules and tabs. These can be used to target tabs and check the status of other rules in the rule configuration (visible or hidden tabs, selected tab index and and these rules are true).
  • Added support for using the TAB key to indent code in the Custom CSS and Custom JS textareas.
  • The trigger “The form is saved”: It will now validate “And these rules = true”.
  • The trigger “The form is saved”: Added support for “Run these functions”.
  • Changed how the fields in the Misc tab > “Initially hidden fields” are hidden. They will now get a CSS class that properly hides them, and they can no longer be made visible by adding them to a tab or using a rule. You will have to use custom code to remove the class “spjshidden”. Please note that you must update DFFS_frontend.css to v4.04.
  • You can now use group name or group ID in the triggers on group membership.
  • The tab color override can not take background-color|text color separated by a pipe character.
  • Added option to defer the execution of DFFS to overcome some timing issues with people pickers or other complex field types. You find this setting in the Misc tab.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.106 > 4.200 BETA)
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.104 > 4.200 BETA)

v4.106_frontend (November 06, 2014)
  • Fixed a bug in isUserAuthor related to “Current user is NOT author of this element”. This bug was introduced in the “fix” in v4.105.
  • Added 100ms pause before triggering rules when the form is ready.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.105 > 4.106)

v4.104_backend (November 06, 2014)
  • Small change to some of the help texts.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.103 > 4.104)

v4.105_frontend (October 30, 2014)
  • Fixed bug in trigger “If logged in user is NOT the author of this item”. Previously it got the ID from the author information below the form, but this turned out to be a bad idea as this content was not the same in all SharePoint versions – and it is likely to change between versions. It now checks the metadata on the list item by querying the db using a webservice query.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.104 > 4.105)

DFFS_frontend.css v4.04 (October 26, 2014)
  • Added class “spjshidden” to make DFFS respect the “Hide field in NewForm in target list” set in the vLookup configuration. Please note that this requires vLookup v2.000 or later.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend.css (4.03 > 4.04)

v4.104_frontend (October 22, 2014)
  • I have rewritten the resize dialog function to fix a problem in an on-premises install of SP 2013 with German language. The symptoms were that the dialog did not resize when you interacted with the form (changed tabs, expanded hidden sections or accordions).
  • I have made some additions to DFFS_frontend.css to remove margins from any CEWPs used in NewForm, DispForm or EditForm to reduce whitespace these produce in SP 2013.
  • Some other small “internal” changes.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend.css (4.02 > 4.03)
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.103 > 4.104)

  • Fixed bug where accordion was not working if you did not have the attachement field in the tab.
  • Fixed bug from v4.102 where I managed to screw up the hide add attachment buttons so setting any field other than Attachments to readonly, the add attachment button was hidden.
  • Changed the method used to set fields as required. This will fix the problems with multiple stars appearing when setting fields that are not visible in the current tab required.
  • Added class dffs_required to the <tr> of all required fields. You can use this to add your custom style to required fields. Look at the bottom of the file DFFS_frontend.css for an example.
  • Tried to fix tooltip positioning issues when scrolling.
  • Added code to shift the tooltip left if it overspills the visible window.
  • Added remember scroll position when resizing dialog in SP2013.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend.css (4.01 > 4.02)
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.102 > 4.103)

  • ContentTypeChoice did not have any operators to select from in DFFS_backend.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.102 > 4.103)

  • Fixed bug in matching dates when using [today] in the “This value” field in a rule: today is not defined.
  • Added [today]+[number of days] or [today]-[number of days] to “this value” field when comparing dates.
  • Added missing check of “is changed from initial value” for date columns.
  • Fixed a bug where using $0 in a field and writing this value to another field using the set field value option in a rule results in the $0 being replaced with the FieldInternalName of the field.
  • Setting the Attachments field as read only will not hide the add
  • Fixed a bug where setting the Attachment field as read only while specifying “Show field description for read-only fields” in the Misc tab. This produced an error because the attachment field does not have a description attribute.
  • Removed a reference to gradient.png from the CSS file.

These files are updated:
DFFS_frontend.css (4.0 > 4.01)
DFFS_frontend_min.js (4.100 > 4.102)

  • Changed “GetGroupCollectionFromWeb” to “GetGroupCollectionFromSite” when building the user group dropdown select as this will pull in all groups in the site collection and not only the current web.
  • Small adjustment to the vLookup plugin tab to prepare for the next version of vLookup. This is NOT released with DFFS, but will be a separate release hopefully during next week.
  • Removed a reference to gradient.png from the CSS file.

These files are updated:
DFFS_backend.css (4.0 > 4.01)
DFFS_backend_min.js (4.101 > 4.102)


The following files have been updated in this package:

  • Only the version number has changed from 4.01 > 4.100 because of the not so clever numbering.
  • Fixed set field value [today] in date column using a rule.

The following files have been updated in this package:


You have the DFFS backend set up in a different site from where you configured the frontend.

Description of the bug:

You have configured my form in the backend, but the frontend acts as if no configuration exists.


Please upgrade to v4.101 or above of the DFFS_backend_min.js.


The backend defaulted to its current site for saving the configuration and did not read the current lists baseURL from the URL parameter. This caused the backend to save the configuration to its current site, while the frontend looked for the configuration in its current site.

  • Fixed a bug where some users cannot save contents in textareas in the DFFS backend.
  • Split the frontend and the backend of the script.
  • Overhauled the code for the *.js and the *css.
  • Fix for not being able to type into a text field using IE without having to move focus out of the input and back.
  • Added accordion functionality.
  • Remembers scroll position whan triggering resize of dialog.
  • Fixed calendar list “EventDate” not selectable in edit mode.
  • Class “dffs-readonly” added to readonly fields <tr>.
  • Added option to put side-by-side label position right.
  • Fixed highlight of tab with validation errors.
  • Fixed “Changed” and “Changed from initial value” not working for single lookup.
  • Readonly boolean fields now shows as a readonly checkbox.
  • Added option to hide tab when using accordion etc.
  • Fixed an error in detectiong FieldInternalNames due to the user of “StaticName” in stead of “Name” as StaticName is not always the same as Name.This could cause fiends to show in all tabs despite not being added to any tab.
  • Changed a “listner” from “sp.ribbon.js” to “sp.js” as sp.ribbon.js is not always loaded.
  • Fixed dialog resize in sp2013.
  • Changed the input to a textarea for the heading HTML in the tabs.
  • Fixed validation message for primary key not shown in read only fields.
  • Changed variable “thisItemID” from GetUrlKeyValue(‘ID’) to GetUrlKeyValue(‘ID’).split(“.”)[0] to account for recurring items in a calendar.
  • New trigger: Managed metadata fields in sp2010 and 2013.
  • New trigger: Form loaded.
  • Added {url:key} to the set field value.
  • Removed limitation: cannot hide active tab.
  • New action: Selected tab index.
  • Fixed settings an URL field as mandatory.
  • Added “Debug rules” option to the rules tab.
  • REMOVED feature: Reversing of rules for lookup columns. This has been removed to avoid looping over all available options in the dropdown.
  • Fixed the following that went missing in v3.350:
  • Added back the content type choice as trigger and selectable field
  • Added back the file name field as trigger and selectable field
  • Added back the additional lookup column fields to the DispForm configuration
  • fixQuirkyLookup: Added title attribute to the select for compatibility with SPServices.
  • Added back the Attachment field as this had disappeared from the field select in the tabs in v3.350.
  • The method for reading the fields for the list in the configuration GUI has changed. I now query the list schema for the fields rather than finding them from the current form. This means that you can now configure DFFS for a form with content types without having to add all fields to the default content type. Please note that only the fields in the active content type will be available to the script when NewForm, DispForm or EditForm is rendered.
  • Lookup columns containing more than 20 items in SP 2007 / 2010 using Internet Explorer (quirky lookup columns) can now be used as triggeres. If you are NOT using SPServices cascading dropdown you must tick “Fix quirky lookup columns” in the Misc tab.
  • Triggers are now organized in more “optgroups” to clarify how they trigger (on load, on save etc.)
  • The “doSetFieldValue” function have been changed to support setting Cascading dropdown value using the “Set field value” action in the rules. Please update the cascading dropdown plugin to v3.24 or above.
  • You can now manually specify the location of the DFFS configuration list. This may come in handy when using DFFS in a list template. See separate heading in the bottom of this article.
  • Fixed a bug where the form field tooltip section was initially visible in the bottom of the rules tab.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in v3.343) where the tooltip tab was corrupted.
  • Changes to the Resource Management plugin.
  • Changed how the configuration is done for the resource management plugin.
  • Setup is now done in a separate tab and you must remove any configuration from the Custom JS section in the Misc tab.
  • Changed how the SPFieldMultiChoice event are triggered. It was initially on “click” and now it is on “change”.
  • Added “is changed” trigger on SPFieldChoice, SPFieldMultiChoice and SPFieldBoolean.
  • Changed a little bit on the “is changed” comparison to catch change BACK TO what was the initial value when the form was loaded.
  • Navtabs now operates in a circular motion: When passing the last tab, it will start from the first tab again.
  • Added check to see if the attachment field in not part of any tab. If so, the attachments will show in all tab.
  • Added option to disable individual rules.
  • Fixed setQuirkyLookup so that getFieldValue will pick up the correct selection if you use it in PreSaveAction.
  • Added support for the new version of SPJS Resource Management: http://wp.me/p3eibN-1sv
  • Moved password to Misc tab.
  • Displayed the plugin version used for the various plugins like vLookup, Cascading Dropdowns etc.
  • Changed the offset of the custom edit item image in the ribbon for SP2013 as Microsoft has two different image maps
    in 365 and on premises install of SharePoint – resulting in the wrong image being used.
  • Fixed bug related to “orphans tab” not working after update in v3.333.
  • Changed an alert for when you are trying to hide the active tag by a rule.
  • Fixed compatibility with SP 2007 and IE8 running on Windows XP.
  • Changed / fixed tab selection by url (?sTab=X), by cookie or when one or more tabs are hidden by rules.
  • Fixed a bug in showing field description with readonly fields when the field description has a trailing
  • Fixed a bug with using “selected tab index” as trigger in rules (the selected tab index was not always updated on click.
  • Fixed a bug from v3.329 where the form was hidden if you had not configured tabs.
  • Fixed initial tab selection if the primary tab is hidden by a rule. In this scenario you would have no selected tab, but the form would still be visible.
  • The code will now try to select the next visible tab. If no tabs can be selected, the form i hidden.
  • Added option in the Misc tab to control the use of cookie for remembering the selected tab.
  • Disabled the “selected tab” cookie for NewForm
  • Fixed “Selected tab index” in Misc tab. This was disabled by the cookie introduced in v3.320.
  • Fix for “dffs_PreSaveAction” changed in v3.325: When the function did not return true, the save process would halt.
  • If there is a function “dffs_Ready()” in the CEWP or in the Custom JS, this will be called when the DFFS solution has finished loading.
  • Added “is changed from initial value” trigger to choice columns as this was missing.
  • Added MUI support to the tab navigation buttons.
  • Added missing ;
  • Fixed a random error message: [DFFS: spjs.dffs.loadAndApplyRules]: Configuration error.
  • Added back the missing “extra” edit item button to the left of the “Cancel” button. This had disappeared in v3.20.
  • Removed a trailing comma in an object (introduced in v 3.32) that broke the script in IE8.


  • Error in description for the trigger “If logged in user is in group with ID”.
  • Duplicated edit button in some situations.


  • Added alert to catch use of “And these rule indexes are true” looking at a rule that has a higher index than the current rule.
  • Added option to turn on/off the “Fix quirky lookups” feature introduced in v3.3. You find the option in the Misc tab.

New features

  • Added a cookie to remember selected tab trough page refresh.
  • Added new trigger “is changed” for text / number fields. This triggers on any change in the field. The existing trigger with the same name has been renamed to “is changed from initial value” (existing configurations will be automatically updated).
  • New config options for cascading dropdowns: Autofill and Clear invalid. Please note that you must update the cascading dropdown solution separately for the new features to be supported.
  • Added options to show navigation buttons to switch tabs. You find the setting in the Misc tab.
  • Added “Run these functions” setting to DispForm.
  • Attempted to fix an issue with having multiple triggers on “Selected tab index”, where only the last rule applied.
  • Fixed a bug in “setQuirkyLookup” for SP2007 as the id contained characters that needed to be escaped.
  • Small fix for dialog size when adding attachments.
  • Triggering on date fields now properly supports “Equal to” = [empty string].
  • Fixed bug that halted the script when using ID as trigger in EditForm.
  • Fix for timing issue in SP 2013 that resulted in triggers not picking up the correct value.
  • Added a handful of missing semicolons and minified the code using packer by Dean Edwards
  • Removed check for fields that were set as required in the list settings as this produced an error in “spjs.dffs.clear_Mandatory”.
  • Fix for SP 2007 compatibility for the “Fixes the quirky dropdown select” added in v3.30
  • Attempted to fix the randomly missing scrollbar issue in dialog boxes.
  • Added option to fix the dialog to the top of the screen to prevent it from jumping around when you change tabs. This applies to SP 2010 / 2013, and can be found in the Misc tab.
  • Addressed an issue with spjs.dffs.clear_Mandatory and fields set as requires in the list settings.
  • Added operator “is changed”. This is used to trigger a rule if the field value has changed after the form was loaded.
  • Added trigger “Compare logged in user with people picker field”. This can be used to trigger a rule if the logged in user is or is not selected in a given people picker field.
  • Fixed tooltip left adjustment to prevent the text form rendering outside the screen when using side-by-side.
  • Added z-index:1001 to the tooltip container to fix a rendering issue in SP2013 where some elements shined trough the container.
  • Tried to fix an issue with setting a people picker to readonly in SP2013 and getting a “field is not ready” error. I could not reproduce this error and therefore cannot promise this will fix it.
  • Fixes the quirky dropdown select in Internet Explorer used for a single lookup column when there are more than 20 items in the lookup source list (SP2007 and SP2010).
  • Fixed bug with attachments due to a function changing the id “idAttachmentsRow”.
  • Fixed a bug in v3.26 regarding L_Menu_BaseUrl.
  • Added a check for a function named “dffs_PreSaveAction” when saving the form. Use this function to add “pre save code” like this (the function must NOT return anything):
    function dffs_PreSaveAction(){
    	// do stuff before saving
  • Yet another fix for detecting folder content types and summary tasks in a tasks list.
  • Better detection of “New folder” to prevent the DFFS code from triggering.
  • Tooltip now supports vLookup columns that use “Hide form label”
  • Set field value now updates the value in readonly fields.
  • Removed the paperclip in front of the “Attachments” formlabel as adding attachments is not possible in DispForm.
  • Fixed undefined variable “isNewForm” > “spjs.dffs.data.isNewForm”.
  • Added description to the tooltip section: If you use HTML code, do not add line feeds using Enter, add HTML code as a continuous string.
  • Hide save item btn now works “both ways”: No = show button
  • Added option to hide edit item btn in DispForm. This works like the “Hide save item button”.
  • Fixed unnecessary escaping of double quotes in object formatted strings (after the change in 3.22).
  • Fixed missing tabs in SP2013 Document library
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the config is not recognized due to wrong case in the URL
  • Replaced a custom stringify method with the standard JSON.stringify. This because the custom method failed in some rare cases.
  • This change will affect SP2007 when using IE. Because the master page forces Document Mode: Quirks, you must use another browser, or force the Document mode to IE8 using the developer console.
  • Edit item button will not show if the user does not have edit access.
  • Set Field Value now supports all available properties from the user list in SharePoint (not the user profile service). Use it like this: {currentUser:Prop}.
  • See details here: https://spjsblog.com/2013/08/12/dynamic-forms-for-sharepoint-v3
  • Initially hidden field can not be made visible by including them in a tab – you must use a rule.
  • Fixed set field value for multiline textfield.
  • Fixed bug in clearing / reversing rules for unselected choice columns. This bug would incorrectly trigger the rule when clicking another option in the choice columns.
  • Fixed typo “dropdodwns”
  • Changed the CSS file to make the form look the same in DispForm and EditForm when using side-by-side.
  • Added trigger for “SelectedTabIndex.
  • Fixed typo regarding license code.
  • See change log here: https://spjsblog.com/2013/08/12/dynamic-forms-for-sharepoint-v3
  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from saving the first time the configuration is added.
  • https://spjsblog.com/2013/08/12/dynamic-forms-for-sharepoint-v3
  • Added support for rendering calculated columns as HTML in DispForm.
  • Added Danish date format (LCID 1030).
  • Added option to arrange multilookup columns vertically.
  • Changed the identifier for the headings to prevent them from getting a new ID when they are moved or another heading is deleted.
  • Fixed a bug settng a multichoice column as mandatory using the fill-in option.
  • Added support for arranging checkboxes (choice columns – allow multiple selections) in multiple columns.
  • Fixed problem with edit page when the overlay is added to NewForm, DispForm or EditForm.
  • Fixed required field check for multichoice columns.
  • Fixed missing trigger for Currency field.
  • Added option to initially hide a list of fields.
  • Fixed a bug in bringing fields visible when NOT using Tabs.
  • Cosmetics: Hidden the “Edit button” behind an image. Update the CSS file to have it initially hidden.
  • Disabled the solution when the page is in edit mode to prevent errors.
  • Fixed a glitch in “reversing” rules when using multichoice checkboxes.
  • Attempted to fix a chrome issue with disappearing scrollbars.
  • Added an option to include an overlay with “Loading, please wait…” to prevent flashing the unformatted form when loading.
  • Fixed a case insensitive flag in a regex to remove the
    tag from the custom edit button.
  • Added tooltip.
  • You will now keep focus on the same tab when you edit a list item from DispForm.
  • Fixed a bug regarding comparing date and time columns where the trigger column is empty.
  • Fixed bug in validating required rich text field when using non English letters.
  • Fixed bug where fields appearing in the “orphan fields tab” when using Side by Side.
  • Prevented the ID column from appearing in the “orphan fields tab”.
  • Fixed bug where people pickers lost their value in EditForm in Chrome (and possibly other non-IE browsers).
  • Fixed bug in side-by-side functionality regarding the “fields” not getting the correct fieldtype and fielddispname attributes.
  • Fixed bug where the field label was repeated multiple times when combining side-by-side with readonly, and then switching tab.
  • Added content type choice as possible trigger field.
  • Added side-by-sice capabilities.
  • Fixed a bug where the link to add tabs were missing for the first setup.
  • Changed the function that dynamically resizes the dialog. This new function is created by Sing Chan, http://blog.collabware.com/2012/10/30/tips-tricks-sharepoint-2010-modal-dialogs/
  • Added a fix for some occurrences where the variable L_Menu_LCID was missing in a SP2013 setup.
  • Fixed a bug in SP.UI.RTE.js that occurs when hiding rich text columns in SP2010. http://www.sharepointjohn.com/sharepoint-2010-javascript-errors-sp-ui-rte-js-sp-ui-rte-debug-js
  • Fixed a bug occurring when you set a boolean column as required.

New features:

  • Add the ability to insert custom CSS and JavaScript (in the Misc tab)
  • Added “URL Query string parameter” as trigger for a rule.

Bug fixes:

  • Validating an empty lookup column with the text (none) failed. This has been fixed by checking the val() property which will be 0.
  • “showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly” had a bug preventing it from functioning.
  • If you selected the same field twice in a tab, it misbehaved. I now strio out any duplicates by removing the last occurrence.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of a number columns as trigger for a rule.
  • Fixed bug where the tab setup link is missing in initial setup.
  • Added “show field description when readonly” switch under “Misc” section.
  • Added support for SP 2013.
  • Small change to the file default.css to remove form background color in SP 2013 (goes better with the SP 2013 look).
  • Added error handling when using invalid characters in the custom css setup in the heading configuration and including.
  • Added support for rules comparing date columns against other date columns in the form, or validation empty / not empty date columns.

Please note that you will have to update spjs-utility.js to v1.14: https://files.spjsworks.com/?dir=files%2Fspjs-utility%2F



  • Validation text was shown multiple times if the rule was triggered repeatedly.
  • When saving the GUI the input values for visible or hidden tabs / headings got the previous rule value if the fields were left blank.
  • Error message in DispForm due to “customValidationMsg” being triggered.

New features:

  • It’s now possible to have a rule check another rules value before triggering.
v2.62 BETA
  • Fixed a bug where the “hiddenColTrackerObj” was not properly updated when a hidden field was set as required and thus being made visible.
  • Fixed a positioning issue for the help text container when scrolling in SP2007 (in the setup GUI).
v2.61 BETA
  • Set field value had a bug preventing choice fields from being set correctly.
  • Added MUI support for the validation message / alert.
v2.6 BETA
  • Option to bypass all rules for selected users or groups (Misc tab).
  • Set date column value like [today], [today]-14 or [today]+14.
  • Tabs now support MUI.
  • Added support for headings (MUI).
  • Changed boolean column behavior to fix issue with hiding tabs.
  • Please note that you must update spjs-utility.js

Fixed these issues:

  • The form was hidden when no settings were found (first setup) – thus hiding the link to initiate the setup. It was still possible to use ?dfsetup=1 to initialte the setup.
  • Whan not using TABS in SP2007, you go a javascript error: “The value of the property ‘ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded’ is null or undefined, not a Function object”
  • The solution now supports ordering of rich text fields!
  • Initial form visibility set to hidden to prevent flashing all fields before applying rules / tabs. display:none is not used because the dialog size would be distorted.
  • You must update both “DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js” and “default.css”.
  • Fixed a bug in v2.41 when using SP2007
  • The action “Set field value” can now pull values from other columns in the current form (in addition to item ID) – as requested by Morten.
    To include a value from another field, enter the FieldInternalName like this: {Title}.
  • Added trigger “The form is saved”. This trigger will affect the action “Set field value” only.
  • Added password obfuscation as requested by Matthias.
  • Minimum dialog width (SP2010) set to 700px.
  • The variable “_spUserId” is changed to “_spPageContextInfo.userId” in SP2010 as some users are missing the “_spUserId” variable in their master page.
  • The edit link was previously only visible for the person who first set up the solution. It is now visible for all users.
  • Protect the settings with the built in password functionality.
  • Added a fix to handle multiple single item lookup columns with more than 20 items in different tabs (in IE). The problem was that the options “dropdown” sometimes did not render.
  • To fix the problem when adding more than 2 rich text or enhanced rich text columns (in SP2007 only) broke the script,
    I have disabled the ordering of those field types completely. Put them in the top or bottom of the form (using list settings).
  • Added “Is in group trigger”
  • Added single choice lookup columns as trigger
  • Added show or hide tabs by rule option
  • Added option to show a tab only for members in selected SharePoint groups.
  • Fixed a bug in date columns when you type in the value, in combination with the “alert validation message option”.
  • Added option to alert the validation message.
  • Added support for “All fields tab” – to enable, add a tab with no fields.
  • Enabled solid color table background – same color as the selected tab. To disable, remove line 51-63 in the default.css file.
  • Changed the “Orphan fields” handling by adding a checkbox “Show orphan fields in a separate tab” in the tabs configuration
  • Ensured compatibility with Christophe’s Easy Tabs and changed the tab position in non-dialog forms in SP2010.
  • Integrated with Tabs For SharePoint, and a few other new features. read about it here: http://sharepointjavascript.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/dynamic-forms-for-sharepoint-now-with-tabs/
  • Attempted to fix a problem occurring when using content types.
  • Renamed the function “getGroupCollectionFromUser” to avoid conflict with http://spservices.codeplex.com/
  • Fixed an error regarding using multi choice checkbox field triggering on blank value.
  • Fixed an error with using boolen (Yes/No) as trigger.
  • Fixed a stupid error introduced when trying to tidy up the code in v1.2.2.
  • Also fixed an error where a form with two or more people pickers would insert the name in the last People picker only. Again thanks to Mark forr finding the bug.
  • Fixed a small bug in the function “doReadOnly” that prevented the value for a read only people picker to appear in EditForm.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when an identical rule was applied for multiple options in a single choice field (select or radio). This made the rules cancel eachother out.
  • Small update to the function “hideFields” to prevent hiding an empty required field (where the required flag was set in the list settings).
  • Another small update to the function “doReadOnly” to prevent the width of the “formlabel” to vary when toggling readonly for a field.
  • Fixed some messy padding that pushed the width of the GUI out of the right side of the screen in SP2007.
  • Fixed an error in the choice field behavior (radio and select) that messed with the rules when there were more then one rule configured.
  • Made a little change to the function “doReadOnly” that removes custom required property before making the field readonly
  • You can now make a required field readonly despite it being empty. This does NOT work with fields set as required in the list settings.
  • Fixed the check to identify that it’s DispForm. This failed when the Title field was not present.
  • First “production release”. Read more here:

Fixed a bug in line 165 “obj is undefined”.


Redone the script due to some bugs in the initial release.


Initial release