CommentBox Change log

Please note that this change log is for the SP2010 / 2013 version.

v2.6.3 (April 19, 2017)

  • Changed a few alerts to be logged in the console instead (if the console is open).
  • Added new configuration option “autoSubscribeToRootComments” to be able to auto-subscribe the current use to replies on the newly created topic.
  • Fixed an error with empty comments showing when a user subscribes to replies.
  • Fixed a possible bug with multiple subscribers on the same topic.


E-mail alerts on SharePoint 2013:

Fixed “enableAttachments = false” not respected in code.

Fixed an error where clicking “reply” when having “textareaVisible = false” produced an error and did not show the textarea until you hit “Leave reply”.

Added option to show commentcount (added new settings in spjs-cBox_CEWP.js.txt).

Please note that there are changes in the files “spjs-cBox.js”, “spjs-cBox.css” and in the “argument object” in the file “spjs-cBox_CEWP.js.txt”.


Fixed a bug where the save button failed to clear the textarea when NOT using the timyMCE rich text editor.

Fixed a bug where the precious replies to a comment were not expanded  when pressing “reply”.

Added new option to the “spjs-cBox_CEWP.js.txt” to control whether or not to hover to show the edit and reply buttons.


Fixed a bug where the cancel button did not work when NOT using the timyMCE rich text editor.


Tidied up the code and added support for adding attachments to comments. You can add as many attachments as you like, and they will be listed below the comment.

You can also upload imaged directly from the “insert” menu to have them appear inline in the comment.

With some restrictions (browser related) you can also paste images from the clipboard directly in the comment textarea.

These images are stored as a base64 encoded string inline in the comment, so don’t add very large images this way.

Hover over image attachments to show a preview, click, to open in a dialog.


Added support for comment count:


Fixed error with TinyMCE not being reapplied after cancel or submit.


Added option to store the comments in a list in the root site. The setting is controlled in the argument object like this:

var argObj = { "placeholderID":"cBox_A", "threadID":threadID, "storeCommentsOnRootSite":true, ...

Please note that you must index the columns “Title” and “Parent” to prevent errors when you reach 5000 comments in the list.


Added support for changing the TinyMCE language when using a local installed version of the TinyMCE solution. You must download the language package you want to use, and set the parameter “tinyMCE_Language” in the argument object. Refer the TinyMCE web page for details on downloading the language js file. If you refer TinyMCE from // all you have to do to change the language is to add a reference to the correct language.js file in the CEWP.


Fixed a bug where level 3 and deeper comments does not show when setting “threadInitiallyCollapsed” to true.


New version for SP 2010 and 2013. This is NOT compatible with SP 2007.