Obtain License Code

This page is no longer in use.

To buy a license code you must select the product from the “Products” menu in the top of this page.

5 thoughts on “Obtain License Code”

  1. I want to pay the License for DFFS for a single server but the paypal button have a different description: SPJS Charts for SharePoint: Single …
    Could you correct the paypal button?

  2. Hey Alexander,
    Is it possible to see a live demo of the Dynamic Forms before purchasing?


    1. Hi,
      Currently I do not have a public live demo. We would have to schedule a meeting and I could demonstrate for you.

      You can test the solution before purchasing a license, just download and set it up according to the instructions.

      PS: I am nearly finished with v4.0 and will have some more demo material soon.


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