DFFS: Privacy Policy

Collecting personal information

The DFFS solution or the Dynamic forms for SharePoint :: Installer APP does not collect any personal information.

Using personal information

There is no information to use.

Disclosing personal information

There is no information to disclose.

Storing or transferring data

All data related to the DFFS solution and APP is stored within the end users SharePoint site, and the solution will never «call home» or send any data of any kind out of your local SharePoint site.

The only data exchange necessary is related to license code validation for Site or Site Collection scoped licenses.

This process involves generating a challenge code based on the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the Site or Site collection and sending this to LicenseCodeChallenge@spjsblog.com. The GUID does not reveal any private information as it is basically 32 random letters and numbers separated with hyphens.