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      Andra Mitchell

      I have an open access SharePoint site. I created a custom form that only a select group of users can fill out. To restrict access, I created a new user group. Using rules I selected the option SharePoint group membership: Logged in user is a member of group. Under This value, I added the membership group ID. I also tried using the group name. During testing, the users are able to select the link and fill out the form. Note I also tried selecting Logged in user is NOT a member.
      Is it possible to restrict access on a form on an open access site? I’ll also add we also have another group that responds to another form/list and that works successfully.

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      I’m confused. If you want to restrict access to a list or form, why not break the permissions and give access to that specific group using the native SharePoint option under list options/permissions and remove the other groups?

      Or if there is some reason to not do that, have you tried using the tab options to give access instead of rules? Not sure how you are trying to set up the rule, but I’d probably go with one of the other options first.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I guess the cause of the problem is that the “external” users don’t have the necessary rights to check group membership and therefore the rule won’t work.

      In any case I agree with Steve – using the standard SharePoint functionality and break the permission inheritance is best in this scenario.


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      Andra Mitchell

      After I posted the question, I realized I hadn’t checked the permissions. Once I disinherited from the parent, everything is functioning properly.


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