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      Alexander Bautz

      I have updated to v0.9.0.14 – fixed a few bugs and added some new features (like coloring tabs).

      Get the latest version here: https://spjsworks.com


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      Great work on the updates! Here’s some feedback:

      – If I require a field using a rule and it isn’t present, if you try to save the list item, it won’t allow you. No error – just the save button does nothing. Maybe not a big deal, but something I noticed.

      – LOVE the “continue editing” prompt. Saves me a lot of clicks.

      – LOVE the redirect on the details icon in list view. However, if I click it to view the item, and then click “edit” the rules and custom JS do not load. You might want to look at how the rules are being enforced because if I require a field in View Form (which I know doesn’t work) and it’s not required in Edit Form, it shows as a required field but won’t let me save.

      – Additionally, if I just regular click and item to view it and then click “edit” the rules do load but custom JS does not. This is my “ready” js that doesn’t load so it could be that I need to call it differently.

      – Here’s another weird one. If in in Edit Form config and switching to View Form config it brings over the custom JS. Also say I have “Show Version History button” toggled on. Then I go to Edit form config and then use the switch to View form config, it loses the toggle being on. However, it didn’t really lose it because if I go directly to change the view form config from the DFFS button, the toggle stays on and the custom JS isn’t brought over like it seemed to be.

      That’s all for the moment. I’ll keep testing if I have time.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks again for the feedback. I’ll look into the issue you have mentioned.


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