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      Alexander Bautz

      I have published a new version (still BETA) where I have fixed most of the issues reported by the testers – thanks you to all that have taken the time to test and to report back to me!

      Follow the instructions here to get the latest version: https://spjsworks.com

      Please updated your current version and post any feedback in this thread.

      Best regards,

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      Travis Goodman

      Hi Alexander, is the license extended in the new update? I ran out of my trial license, and then here in the US we had a long weekend for a federal holiday so I didn’t get to finish all my testing.

      Excited to explore this more!

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      There are a lot of great updates in this version. It seems a lot more stable overall. Here are a few things:

      When using the current user in an email rule I get the error “Email is not a valid recepient.” What populates is [[currentuser:email]]. I still can’t the email to trigger when entering a full email address (but don’t get an error), but as I told you, it may be specific to my environment.

      How do I identify the fields to call in jQuery? I looked in the dev console and tried different options with no luck. I know you were talking about some examples at some point which will be helpful. I was able to get an alert to pop-up using javascript. Thanks for the jQuery load option!

      In list view, if I click an item there’s an option to click “Comment”. It opens a panel where I can edit anything without dffs loading. I even have “Allow comments on list items?” set to no. There might be options on a site level to remove this, but you might want to consider hiding this option in the ribbon if possible. I can also choose “Edit” in the ribbon if I select an item and the dffs form doesn’t load. Same with version history in the ribbon.

      Along the same lines, the details panel has returned with full edit ability.

      Find a field in rules or formbuilder would be helpful. I use this pretty often in the old version.

      I still think a “Close configuration” or something would be helpful upon saving. Thanks for the warning when flipping forms!

      I tested many of the rules options and they all seem to be functioning properly.

      Thanks for the great work!

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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks again for the feedback.

      I have tinkered a bit with it during the weekend and have replicated the error with [[currentuser:email]] – I’ll get that fixed.

      I have also made some changes to the code used to override the buttons / links to New, Disp and Edit in a list view to hopefully get them to always override the default form. The problem here is that Microsoft doesn’t (as far as I know) provide any override method to use a custom form so I’m trying with code to override them.

      I’ll get the comment and details pane edit disabled and I’ll try to get some examples on how you can use custom code also in the next version.


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