Dynamic Forms for SharePoint: Now with support for SharePoint 2013

Change log

May 06. 2013
I have released v2.95 – you find it here

March 19. 2013
v2.81 fixes a bug occurring when you set a boolean column as required.

March 01. 2013
I have released v2.8 with some new features, and a few bugfixes.
New features:

  • Add the ability to insert custom CSS and JavaScript (in the Misc tab)
  • Added “URL Query string parameter” as trigger for a rule.

Bug fixes:

  • Validating an empty lookup column with the text (none) failed. This has been fixed by checking the val() property which will be 0.
  • “showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly” had a bug preventing it from functioning.
  • If you selected the same field twice in a tab, it misbehaved. I now strip away any duplicates by removing the last occurrence.

Refer these articles for background information and setup instructions:
Dynamic Forms for SharePoint: Production
Dynamic Forms for SharePoint – Now with Tabs

The Dynamic Forms for SharePoint solution now supports SharePoint 2013. Please note that I have just started looking at SharePoint 2013, and have tested the solution in a “Microsoft Office 365 Developer Preview” only.

There might be issues with a “non office 365” install, but you will have to tell me about it in the comments section below.

The code is shared between SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Changes from v2.65

  • Fixed bug where the tab setup link is missing in initial setup.
  • Added “show field description when readonly” switch under “Misc” section.
  • Added support for SP 2013.
  • Small change to the file default.css to remove form background color in SP 2013 (goes better with the SP 2013 look).
  • Added error handling when using invalid characters in the custom css setup in the heading configuration and including.
  • Added support for rules comparing date columns against other date columns in the form, or validation of empty / not empty date columns.

The setup for SP 2013 is similar to that for SP 2010. Please note that you need to update spjs-utility.js to use Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v2.7 – not only for SP 2013: get spjs-utility.js here.

See change log where you download spjs-utility.js. For setup instruction, see the first article linked in the top of this article.

Please post any findings below this article.

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