Dynamic Forms for SharePoint – Now with Tabs

Change log
May 06. 2013
I have released v2.95 – you find it here
February 20, 2013 Updated to v2.70 with these changes:

  • Fixed bug where the tab setup link is missing in initial setup.
  • Added “show field description when readonly” switch under “Misc” section.
  • Added support for SP 2013.
  • Small change to the file default.css to remove form background color in SP 2013 (goes better with the SP 2013 look).
  • Added error handling when using invalid characters in the custom css setup in the heading configuration and including.
  • Added support for rules comparing date columns against other date columns in the form, or validation of empty / not empty date columns.

Read more here

January 13, 2013 Updated to v2.65 with these changes:


  • Validation text was shown multiple times if the rule was triggered repeatedly.
  • When saving the GUI the input values for visible or hidden tabs / headings got the previous rule value if the fields were left blank.
  • Error message in DispForm due to “customValidationMsg” being triggered.
  • Update the css file (note the text “Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v2.65” in the top) to help wrap the tabs better when not using the “Break tabs at index” option.

New features

  • It’s now possible to have a rule check other rules before triggering.

January 4, 2013 Updated to v2.61 BETA with these changes:

  • Set field value had a bug preventing choice fields from being set correctly.
  • Added MUI support for the validation message / alert.

January 1, 2013 Updated to v2.6 BETA with these new features:

  • Option to bypass all rules for selected users or groups (Misc tab).
  • Set date column value like [today], [today]-14 or [today]+14.
  • Tabs now support MUI.
  • Added support for headings (MUI).
  • Changed boolean column behavior to fix issue with hiding tabs.

You must update these files: “DynamicFormsForSharePoint.js” and “default.css”.

Regarding setting a date column to [today]
Not all reginal settings are supported. You will get an alert with instructions if your LCID is not supported.

You find the headings in the tabs section, and you add them as you do with the fields. Hover over the help icon in the GUI to learn how to set up MUI

Please note that you must update spjs-utility.js to v1.13.

04.11.2012 Updated to v2.51 with these changes:

  1. The form was hidden when no settings were found (first setup) – thus hiding the link to initiate the setup. It was still possible to use ?dfsetup=1 to initialte the setup.
  2. Whan not using TABS in SP2007, you go a javascript error:
    “The value of the property ‘ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded’ is null or undefined, not a Function object”

01.11.2012 Updated to v2.5 with these changes:

  • Finally, you can rearrange the order of RTE fields in the tabs.
  • Initial form visibility set to hidden to prevent flashing all fields before applying rules / tabs (display:none is not used because the dialog size would be distorted).

NOTE: You must update both “DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js” and “default.css”.

19.10.2012 Updated to v2.41 with these changes:

  • The action “Set field value” can now pull values from other columns in the current form (in addition to item ID) – as requested by Morten. To include a value from another field, enter the FieldInternalName like this: {Title}.
  • Added trigger “The form is saved”. This trigger will affect the action “Set field value” only.
  • Added password obfuscation as requested by Matthias.

15.10.2012 Updated to v2.4 with these changes:

  • Minimum dialog width (SP2010) set to 700px in default.css.
  • The variable “_spUserId” is changed to “_spPageContextInfo.userId” in SP2010 as some users are missing the “_spUserId” variable in their master page.
  • The edit link was previously only visible for the person who first set up the solution. It is now visible for all users. Protect the settings with the built in password functionality.
  • Added a fix to handle multiple single item lookup columns with more than 20 items in different tabs (in IE). The problem was that the options “dropdown” sometimes did not render.
  • To fix the problem when adding more than 2 rich text or enhanced rich text columns (in SP2007 only) broke the script, I have disabled the ordering of those field types completely. Put them in the top or bottom of the form (using list settings).
  • Added “Is in group trigger”.
  • Added single choice lookup columns as trigger.
  • Added show or hide tabs by rule option.

The changes are in the files “DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js” and “default.css”.

18.08.2012 in v2.3:

  • Added option to show a tab only for members in selected SharePoint groups.
  • Fixed a bug in date columns when you type in the value, in combination with the “alert validation message option”.

15.08.2012 in v2.2:

  • Added option to alert the validation message.
  • Added support for “All fields tab” – to enable, add a tab with no fields.
  • Enabled solid color table background – same color as the selected tab. To disable, remove line 51-63 in the default.css file.

14.08.2012 In v2.1: Changed the “Orphan fields” handling by adding a checkbox “Show orphan fields in a separate tab” in the tabs configuration, ensured compatibility with Christophe’s Easy Tabs and changed the tab position in non-dialog forms in SP2010.

This is a follow up on Dynamic Forms for SharePoint: Production, and describes the new features – including the integration with Tabs for SharePoint forms. Please refer the previous article for an introduction to the solution.


Some of the changes:

  • Integrated with the Tabs for SharePoint forms solution. You can now rearrange the order of the fields in the tabs (not true for rich text fields).
  • Added option to hide save item button based on a rule.
  • Added option to apply a rule if the current user is not the author of the item.
  • Added option to set a field value based on a rule.
  • Added support for handling the content type selector (hide, read only, set value).
  • Added option to hide the attachments, or set them as read only (hide the “delete link”).
  • Added option to show a validation message when applying a rule.
  • Setting a field as read only now shows the field description as well.
  • Some bugfixes

The solution is still compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Some screenshots

Rule configuration

Tab configuration

DueDate rule
I have entered a date in the past to demonstrate the validation. Note that the save item button has disappeared.

Complete task rule
When clicking the “Completed” checkbox, the “FinalNotes” field is set as required, and the label “You must enter a brief statement in the field below.” is shown.

Tabs or Rules – or both

You can decide whether you want to use both features, or just one of them. Simply delete the last rule or tab configuration to disable that module.


Please refer this article for setup details.

There are one change to the CEWP code as you now have to refer a css-file. You also have to add an image to the same folder as the css file. This is used to add a gradient color to the tabs.

Download the files
Get jQuery here.
Get the Dynamic Forms For SharePoint files here.

Ensure you pick v2.0 or above. The image “gradient.png” must be placed in the same location as the file “default.css”.

You must also upgrade spjs-utility.js. Get spjs-utility.js v1.11 or above here.

The CEWP code:
You must change the “script src” and the “css href” to reflect your locale files.

<link type="text/css" href="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.1/default.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/spjs-utility/v1.11/spjs-utility.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.1/DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js"></script>
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Post any bugs or comments below.


307 thoughts on “Dynamic Forms for SharePoint – Now with Tabs”

  1. Alex,
    Doesn’t appear to work when the form is not a dialog form. The Tabs appear across the top and overlap the quick launch. Also how do I get rid of the … tab — its is showing up with nothing in it.

    If I include the Attachments field on the last tab that get rids of the … tab .. but what if I don’t want to show the … tab. I don’t want to show orhpan fields. Do I need a rule to hide them in the Rules side.

  2. Another issue I am having is that I have used a display form with both Tabs for Sharepoint Forms and EasyTabs where I use the EasyTabs to tab between related lists below the primary form. This works with you prior solution as the EasyTabs tabs are on the top — with your new solution the form tabs are on the top and the EasyTabs are underneath them — not realy usable that way. I tried moving the EasyTabs CEWB above the Dynamic forms CEWb with the same result.

  3. Good news is that there are no longer any rendering problems with dialog display forms on IPAD with Safari as there were with the old Tabs for Forms solution

  4. Hi Earl,
    Thank you for the feedback. I’ll look at it later today.


  5. Added a rule to hide fields based on Title (requred field) not equal to blank — that worked to elminate those fields from the … tab but the … tab still shows up with no fields in it.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Have the same issue as Earl on this. I have included all the fields in multiple tabs (including attachments) but still get the … tab appearing with no fields in this tab.

  6. Hi,
    I have updated to v2.1. Please let me know if you are still experience the same (or other) problems.


  7. This is awesome! Fantastic job Alex! Well worth the wait 🙂

    Quick question, is there an easy way to enable to all items tab?

    1. The sort order of the fields are messed up by all the other tabs, and I would have to store the initial sort order when the form loads to be able to arrange the fields correctly in an “All fields tab”. I’ll look into it.

      The last request is already in place in v2.1.


    2. what if the sort order for the all items is just inherited from the list itself? I’d be fine with that.

  8. Hey Alex, One other observation that was handy before.

    If a field response indicates that a other fields should now be visable and required/optional can we have those items pull into the current tab for ease of use?

    I think that was a bug before when i was using dynamic forms in conjunction with the accordion display but man it made things easy to work. or if that doesnt work for everyone making it an option that could be turned on?


    1. HI,
      I agree that this was a bug… I guess you have to add the fields to the tabs where you want them to appear. Remember that you can add a field to multiple tabs.


    2. Hmmm thats possible but the problem i would have is that i’d want to hide them one tab but not on the other unless the field was required. Is there a way to do that?

  9. One last suggestion. Add an option to have the display message throw an alert box instead of/in addition to having it displayed in the field.

    It’s a nice feature but gets lost in the form currently.

    1. tried it out and found a bug. if your using the alert on a date field and trying to manually enter a new date the validation only lets you get to the first digit of the year before triggering again. i.e. 08/21/2 is as far as i can get.

      It works fine when using the date picker.

  10. Excellent cleared up all issues with … tab and easytabs.

    One remaining issue with Firefox and Safari (IPAD). At the bottom of each tab the following gets rendered below the edit link Dynamic forms for Sharepoint

    1. Apparently it doesn’t render here either here it is without the
      @ Register Tagprefix=”SharePoint” Namespace=”Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls” Assembly=”Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c”

      1. I have the same issue. I get the following. Although everything works. If you hide the CEWP on the webpart page you cannot configure it so that is out of the question. Of course on the other forms it is fine. Here is a paste of the error. It is placed right below the CEWP. I am using SP13. IE11 if that helps.
        %@ Register Tagprefix=”SharePoint” Namespace=”Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls” Assembly=”Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c” %

    2. Hi,
      I have tested with safari on an iPad with no issues. Are you sure this bug originates from the dffs solution?


    3. Ok thanks it seems to be the second line of my Master Page — strange I will revert to OOTB master page and test some more — thanks for looking into this

    4. OKay I resolved this — very strange Sharepoint gotcha — I use CEWB with a content link so I can produce a template with relative links. When you do that Sharepoint sticks the above line into the Contents part of the Content Editor (and you only see it if you are using Firefox or Safari). To fix the problem you must make the CEWB hidden. Pretty obtuse but some other users may run into this issue as well so thought I would note it here

  11. Hi Alex,

    Great updates. Not sure if I saw this request or not but any way you can have different tabs display based on group membership? Can be done now by hiding fields however the tab heading still appear.

    1. Thanks Alex! Do you have something similar to that for views, even if there was a way to remove the View Name on the drop down based based group membership?

    2. Hi,
      Not directly, but you can look at this one

      You can extract the function “dffs_getGroupCollectionFromUser” from the dynamic forms solution and combine the two.


  12. Hi Alex,
    I’ve just come across your library of scripts.
    I’ve tried to add DynamicForms to an EditForm of my list but it renders all the code in the form.
    I’ve added the script to the form via CEWP link (As I do with other jquery scripts eg. SPServices scripts etc.)I have the latest jquery library (v1.7.2) and spjs-utility (v2). So what am I doing wrong for yours not to be rendering correctly?


    1. Hi,
      My guess it that the file has been corrupted. Try downloading it again, or refer it from spjsfiles.com directly (as a test – you should not use this link for “production”).


    2. Hi,
      I’ll need some screenshots of your setup and the error to be able to help.


    3. Ok, so I’ve solved that problem. (Had to wrap your code in script tags) Seems pretty obvious but didn’t intially ‘cos I thought you’d left them out for a reason.

      Next issue, I keep getting a warning to use spjs.utility.js v1.11 or higher. I’m using v2. Is there a way to turn this warning off?

    4. Hi,
      As demonstrated in the article, you need to refer the js-file in a script tag like this:
      [sourcecode language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” href=”https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.1/default.css” rel=”stylesheet” 1=”/>” 2=”<script” 3=”src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script&gt;” 4=”<script” 5=”src="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/spjs-utility/v1.11/spjs-utility.js"></script&gt;” 6=”<script” 7=”src="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.3/DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js"></script&gt;” 8=”[/sourcecode”]

      Obviously, you must not refer jQuery one more time if its already loaded in the page.

      You have to refer spjs-utility.js v1.11 – the latest release (there exists no v2).


    5. Ok, So I’ve downloaded spjs-utility.js v1.11 from your site and the alert is now gone. Don’t know where the version came from that I was using! ( didn’t have the _spjs.utility = {version:1.11,versionDate:”August 10, 2012″}; line in it)
      All good now I think, just need to get my head around configuring it all.


    6. Hi,
      Is that header from spjs-utility.js? If so, I must have used the wrong header as I have not had versioning on that file before v1.11.


    7. Yes that is the header from spjs-utility.js. Hence my confusion.
      However, all sorted now. starting to get my head around the configuration. All looks good. 🙂
      Look forward to adding it to client solutions hereby providing you with some royalties.

  13. Hey Alex,
    Is there a way to link validation rules together? i.e. if status does not equal completed and next stap date is less than today then do this?

  14. Hey Alex,
    I updated to 2.3 and found a bug. Java script breaks when a tab has more than 3 multiline text box fields.

    Line: 3
    Char: 11321
    Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101.
    Code: 0

  15. Hi, I’ve just installed v2.4. It works good, but when i change tabs, size of modal dialog is adjusted automaticly to the content. The window is not longer centered, but it sticks to the bottom. Sometimes (when there is a lot of content) I cant see save and close buttons and it is not possible to scroll down. It works good when i change to full screen mode. Maybe there is a simple solution for that?

    1. This is by design to avoid the form jumping up and down when changing tabs, but it is supposed to center / move to the top if the form is higher then the screen size.

      I’ll see what I can do in the next release, but if you can supply me with some details regarding browser version and any other special settings in your environment.


  16. Probably a stupid question, but how do I download the gradient.png? When I click on it, it goes to a new page but there’s nothing on there. I’ve also tried clicking on the popup image and right clicking on the link and pic does not give me any options that will work.

    If I can’t get the image, what is the size of the png? I could just quickly do a gradient in PS.

    1. yea are there any requirements for this? I ended up just tossing a color in mspaint and saving the file as a png and worked fine or was there a method to your madness?

    2. Hi,
      Right click the image and select “Save contents as” or equivalent.

      This image is used as background image on the tabs, and the image is only 1px wide and therefore appears invisible.


    3. Hi,
      I have added “gradient.zip”. Download it and unzip it locally, then upload “gradient.png” to SharePoint.


  17. Hi
    I’ve installed the dynamic forms with tabs. Tabs are working great but cannot configure the tool to make read only , hidden fields etc.
    I have a field Column A where I have numbers and using the if Column A > 10 then hide and make some fields readonly. Doesn’t work for me :/

    Any suggestions what I could do wrong ?


    1. Hi,
      I cannot reproduce this error. Please post some screenshots of the configuration and your form.


  18. Now this may be asking way too much as youve done a tremendus job allready. But would it be possible to hide/show tabs based on other fields? Say a choice field with the options yes/no – if i choose yes i get another tab?

    Best regards Morten

  19. Hey Alex,

    A few people have reported that their browser is freezing or becomes unresponsive when they try to change tabs. Any thoughts? Is there something they need to enable in IE?

    1. Hi, I’ll need some more information on which version of IE they are using, and any other relevant info.


    2. They are using IE7 and there are no other webparts running on the page. Let me know if you need anything else.

    3. Hey Alex,

      We’re on a pretty secured network here so i’m not able to get either installed… any other thoughts?

    4. If you get any error messages, let me know. If not, there is not much I can do.


  20. Hi,
    this thing is great, i was looking for something like this for ages!
    But do you think it would be possible to connect two triggers? For instance if field x=London and field y>5000 then …
    It would be great to have something like that!
    regards Matthias

    1. Hi,
      I have honestly not tested it. Post back your findings here and I’ll see what I can do if it does not work.


  21. Anyone having Rules issues using checkboxes. When one checkbox is selected I can get a field or fields to appear below associated with that particular item – but when multiple checkboxes are selected I cannot get multiple fields to appear based on the different checkboxes.

    Is there an “AND” operator?

    1. I ended up switching the first level checkbox to drop downs for the each of the first level items and made the second level checkboxes. Now the challenge is to clear the second level checkboxes if the first level drop down is “No”. Tried adding a rule to pre-fill the second level checkbox to False and then just tried a blank with no luck.

      Any ideas how i might be able to clear the checkboxes in a rule?

    2. Hi,
      I’m not sure I understand what you want to achieve. If you could send me some more details – with screenshots – I might be able to help.


    3. It would be very nice to have a possibility of setting fields when two or more conditions are met at the same time.

      It means some action will trigger only when eg. two defined fields have some specific values

  22. @Anil

    You can make the 2 nd checkbox mandatory if the 1 st level checkbox are checked – then the 2 nd level will stay if you check multiple boxes in 1 st. level 🙂


  23. I’ve done it like you discripe.
    But other User of our Sharepoint get a message that they need the utility version 1.11.
    But I’ve already have this version on our sharepoint server.
    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      This sounds strange. Ensure you do not refer another version of spjs-utility.js in a separate script tag in the page.

      If you have the correct one, you should find this line in the top of the script:

      _spjs.utility = {version:1.11,versionDate:"August 10, 2012"};


    2. if got this line
      _spjs.utility = {version:1.11,versionDate:”August 10, 2012″};
      in the top of the script.
      I’ve try it with 6 Users.
      On 4 Computers its works and on the other two it’s not work.
      did you know why it does not work?

      1. Hi, I guess the script is being cached in the browser.

        You can try this “trick” to force the script to be loaded from the server each time:


    3. Sorry, I did not realize the code was removed…

      <script type="text/javascript" src="https://files.spjsworks.com/files/spjs-utility/v1.11/spjs-utility.js?v=1"></script>

      The “?v=1” is not actually asking for v1, but is used to ensure the script is not cashed.


  24. Alex,
    I have a list that has 18 Mult-line rich text fields. When I tried to split this into 2 tabs it did not work at all (both tabs showed all fields). Then we I found the other posting that said there were issues with more than 3 multi-line text fields per tab, I attempted to break the list into multiple tabs with only 3 mutl-line texts fields per tab. Results is very strange acting — at first the first tab shows all the fields. Then after clicking on the last tab which only shows 3 fields and then going back to first tab the first tabs shows only 3 fields.

    And the formatting is strange some of the Fields have two Text boxes (only one of can be used the top one does not even allow input.)… this two input box seems random — happens for some fields but not others. Display form acts correctly but not Input and Edit form

    I can send screeen shots if you need them

    1. Hi, I’m aware of this bug, no need for screenshots. I’ll see what I can do in future updates, but at the moment I’m a bit busy.

      If you are using SP2010, use enhanced rich text as these are not affected. In SP2007, consider using plain text columns.


    2. I am using enhanced Rich Text fields in SP 2010 and it only works with max of 2 per tab…. Not a real big issue we can live with it til you have time to fix it.

  25. Alex,
    Ran into a strange bug where one of my lookup fields fails — drop box shows no entries. Its a rather complicated form with lots of rules and several lookup fields (dropdowns some single and some multivalue selects).

    I found a workaround to fix the issue for now. If you add the same field to another tab (so now its on 2 tabs the dropdown works fine. So I created a workaround tab (only visible to people in Admin group) and the only field on this tab is the bad acting lookup field. That resolves this issue.

    I will send you via email a solution template that can installed on Foundation that contains this issue

    1. Hi,
      I have received the template and will see what I can do. I’ll answer you directly by email.


  26. Hi,
    Is there a way for the rules apply to a person in a certain group ID rather than a person NOT logged in with this group ID?

  27. Hi Alex,
    found something in v2.3 running in SharePoint 2010 that was causing the following error on IE7:

    Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101

    was able to find the lines of code causing the error in function toggleVisibleColumnsByTab

    commented out the following lines and the error went away:

    else if(typeof(tempArr[j+1])!==’undefined’){

  28. Hi
    I noticed that the person who is doing the initial configuration is the only one who can see the tiny link on the forms to get to the configuration screens. Tested with 2 users both SC admins. Is this by design ?

  29. Hi Alex,
    I had asked some time ago and lookup fields could not be used as a trigger. Will this ever be addressed in upcoming enchancements?

  30. Hi, Alexander,

    I would like to have more then one field in one row.
    Like Title, Description and State or first name and last name.=> defined as
    …(‘Title’, ‘#’, ‘Description’,’#’,’State’) or (‘FirstName’,’#’,’LastName’).
    using ‘#’ as an indicator for three or two Columns.
    The field label must be shown above the field in this case.

    Can you give me some hints how to solve this requirement.
    Best regards

    1. @ Rudolph,

      Did you try and incorporate the side by side script that Alex referenced in the dynamic forms script? Was it sucessfull?

      I was going to try to do the same thing but if you tried and it did not work I may look at another solution.

  31. Hi Alex,

    Where is the option to make attachments readonly and hide the delete item link?

    1. “Attachment” is listed with the fields. Configure it like it was any other field.


  32. Hi Alex,

    I love this application however I am having difficulty in making it work in SP2010. Works fine in SP2007.

    I get the following error message when I try to save the Dynamic Form ie it won’t save.

    Message: ‘_spUserId’ is undefined

    Line: 1979

    Char: 2

    Code: 0

    Which translates to this from the JS.

    settings = {‘userID’:_spUserId,’pass’:pass};//,’data’:{},’tabs’:{“selected”:””,”arr”:[]}};

    Why can’t the JS find the spUserId?

    Any help will be extremely appreciated.



    1. This variable originates from the master page. Is your master page modified?

      In SP2010 the user id is also found in another variable, but right now I’m not at my computer and cannot give you the name. Alexander

  33. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the quick reply, I have changed the Master Page back to v4.master from the specified CSS and still the same error message.

    If you could find the time to help that would be great.



    1. Hi, try replacing _spUserId with _spPageContextInfo.userId

      Please note that this will work for SP2010 only.


    2. Hi Alex,

      Your a legend, worked perfectly, thank you so much for your help, now I can use this code for other instances when spUserId is used in code.



  34. Hi, Alexander,

    In ?dfsetup=1 mode during Add field (both in Rules and Tabs cases) there are no values in field select combobox. What should it be?

    SP 2010, Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v2.3, jQuery 1.7.2, spjs-utility v.1.11.


  35. Hi Alexander
    With have installed these forms on a site but they were installed by a different user. Is there a way we can access the config when logged in as a different user than the user that installed them?
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Yes, as stated in the linked article under the “Setup” heading, you can add “?dfsetup=1” to the URL.

      I have planned to have the edit link restricted by group membership in the next release.


      1. Many thanks, i hadn’t read the original dynamic forms article! Sorry my mistake!!
        Thanks again

  36. Hi all followers,
    I have updated the solution to v2.4. See top of article for details.

    Unfortunately I did not add the option to link rules together. This might come in a future update, but I cannot promise anything.


  37. Thats awesome!

    However it would seem the rules to show or hide tabs doesn’t work out for me – Im using an old sharepoint version and that might be the case (2003) – however everything else works like a charm!

    1. Have you changed the default.css file? – the class applied to the hidden tabs are not present in previous versions.


  38. I love this solution. I could see this being very useful, but for most of my projects there are things missing that I can do with your other scripts and unfortunately are a necessity.
    – the ability to put fields side by side (as previously mentioned)
    – the ability to have headers
    – accordions (I’ve seen this mentioned before also) and accordions inside of tabs (I’ll be forever grateful for that one)

    I list those in order of need for me. It’s painful that Sharepoint doesn’t allow you to put fields side by side and have headers built in by default. Who wants a 100 field form listed one after another? Thankfully your solutions make Sharepoint useful, because honestly I probably would have had to try to find other platforms without your code. Thanks as always. I’ll continue to watch this script progress and I’m sure I’ll use it for certain situations.

  39. Hi,
    do you think it might be possible to encrypt the passwort in the SPJSDynRequiredSettings list in one of the next versions?

    1. This password is kind of “symbolic” as anyone with edit permissions to the list item (the configuration) can alter it.

      If you are worried someone could mess with your setup, you should set item level security on the list item or on the entire configuration list.

      If no one has edit access to the configuration item, they cannot mess with the setup as they would not be able to save it.

      I could however set a crude “encryption” in the script, but this would be easily cracked if one looked at the script and found the key.

      One tip would be to hide the configuration list from browsers using SPD.


  40. great solution! Thanks for sharing.
    Quick question, can you not set a date field to [today] through a rule? It simply writes [today] into the field and will not work for me. How can I get this to set a date field automatically to the current date, say when a specific Status like “In Progress” is first set?

    1. Quick questions does not always have quick answers… I will try to add this to the next release, but the problem is the many different regional settings / date formats used.


  41. vLookup for Sharepoint works with Dynamic Forms for Sharepoint with one small exception. When you add a new “child” item from the vlookup parent rendering (which does render very nicely in a tab) the new form for the child element does not render in tabs so its looks much different than if invoked from the child list itself (where it has been configured with tabs).

    It appears this may be caused by the Newform.aspx being in the URL twice… Here is the URL in the vLookup field

    If I remove one of the /newform.aspx from the URL it renders with the Tabs.

    Probably should have posted this in the VLookup blog

    1. I fixed this issue by changiung the AddChild function — changed the statement

      Now the only problem is that if I hide the “key” field it is hidden but becomes unhidden when you tab away and back…maybe there is a function that I could add invoked by the tab that would keep that column hidden.. any ideas here.

    2. I had found this was happening to me when my Source= had an ID= in it. I fixed this by changing this line in the addChild function:

      source += “?ID=”+thisItemId;


      source += “%3FID=”+thisItemId;

  42. Hi Alex,

    I’m having an issue, My first rule makes a field required and visible if the Column1=YES, the 2nd rule makes the same field hidden is Column1=NO. This does not seem to work, however if I change rule 1 to make the field optional and visible all works great. Any ideas? I am using the latest version and had the same issue with previous versions.

    1. I just changed it to default to YES and removed the blank option and it worked as expected on form load (showing field and setting to required), switching it to NO hid the field as expected, and then switching it back to YES has no change, field is still hidden.

    2. Hi,
      I have finally come to look at this one, but cannot manage to replicate the issue.

      Could there be another rule interfering?

      If you set this up in another test list, with only a few fields – does the behavior persist?


    3. I am no expert with this wonderful lib, but I will say this. I had much better luck with 1 rule stating if a value=”x” and a second rule stating if a value!=”y” (not equal) then 2 more with the reverse. Yes it may seem like extra, but the event triggering has a gap and this seems like a straightforward solution.

    4. I had already tried another list with the same results. I will spin-up a new site with the latest versions of everything and give it another try. What version of jQuery do you normally use?

    5. My “uneditable” master has 1.5.2 but I manually load 1.7.2 as needed. The first is at the root of the site collection as expected then I use a script doc lib to house the later (with all my other scripts) locally. The company I work for doesn’t officially support SP, but I am in the process of demonstrating why they should.

  43. I would love to use this, but I have a customised new, edit & disp forms in SP2007, created in SPD2007. I have added & verified that the files are loaded, and can use ?dfsetup=1 to get the initial prompt to set up the list, but noting happens after that. There is no text at the bottom of the form. I scanned through your posts, and couldn’t find a reference to usage in custom forms. Is that possible?

    1. Thanks Alexander. I missed that blog entry completely. I actually ended up writing my own function to do this, even though it is specific to this one application and not generic like yours. It was greatly inspired by your superb work.


  44. Hi Alex,

    I was thinking, a great feature enhancement for this tool would be the option to ignore all the rules if current user belongs to a certain group (or one step further ignore chosen rule indexes) This could allow user in say an Admin group to still have full access to the form without the rules kicking in. Is this already possible with the current version?


    1. In the meantime I changed the code to achieve the desired result. It is hard-coded doing it this way. I think this would be a great feature to include in the setup.


      $(“#onetIDListForm”).find(‘table.ms-formtoolbar:last tbody:first’).append(“”+settingsListDescription+” v”+_spjs.dffs.vDispName+””);

      var adminGroups = [[29073],[29213]];
      if(!_spjs.dffs.error && !verifyGroupMembership(adminGroups)){


  45. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for this post.
    Is it possible to use the tabs in a Survey list.
    I did not manage to do it.

    Thanks for your answer and you great job!

  46. Hi Alexander. I must say you have provided me with a feature I would not have access to otherwise. My access to my site is limited so I love using the outside of the box techniques to achieve my goals. On that note, I was wondering if the more recent feature, “set field value” using an internal name, could access other lists in the site collection. If it can’t, could advise on what changes could be made to make that work?

    I can’t seem to recreate the Vlookup function that Excel has. On list A, I am trying to use a lookup column to pull data of 3 fields on list B and populate the lookup and 2 other text fields in List A.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. I have and thank you for sharing that link. I am not familiar with the 2010 version, but the 2007 version is less of setting field values and more of creating a frame with chosen content. Alexander’s solution is just about perfect for me. I think I might be missing something thing silly as I feel like cascading drop down’s via linked lists would work for me if the referenced data is unique. For example, I have someones Name as a lookup to a second list. I want it to pull 2 other columns back with it and if I setup cascading drop downs, it would only pull the one record since the linked column is unique.

      Thank you all for your help!

  47. Hi Alex,

    I’ve noticed this a few times but have you had anyone mention that on initial setup when you get the first screen after you create the list and try to save io you get a javascript error? It saves the settings however you then have to hit cancel to get back to the list.

    I wouldn’t care so much but if you add a password and click Save you get the error, hitting cancel saves the password but when you try and go back in with the password the password textbox disappears and doesn’t go into the setup.

    Hard to explain on email, would a screen shot be easier of do you know a fix on how I can avoid this?

    1. Hi, I have not had this mentioned before. Please send me some screenshots.


  48. Loving the progress! It works great with vLookup 2010. The only issue I’m having right now is the wrapping of the tabs when in the modal window, the tabs get really messy. Anyone else running into this?

    1. Also is it possible to have the modal resize when changing tabs? As of right now the scroll bars show up if the form size changes, but the modal does not resize.

    2. Sounds strange – the dialog should resize. Is your setup modified in any way – like a custom master page?

      Which version of the solution are you using? – and which version of spjs-utility.js are you using?


  49. Hi Alex, hope you can help
    I can’t get this to work in my setup.
    Sharepoint 2007. IE8.
    I have added jquery-1.8.2.min.js to a document library together with default.css, gradient.png, spjs-utility.js (version 1.2) and DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js
    Added the CEWP and configured to use the js libraries which all seem to be OK.
    The link to the DynamicFormsForSharePoint is displayed and I get the three tabs (Rules/Tabs and Misc) correctly set up
    However I can never “Save” any configuration.
    When I click the “Save” button, I get the following error:
    Object doesn’t support this property or method
    DynamicFormsForSharePoint.js Line 2340, Code:0 Char: 3

    Can you help?


  50. I just came across this. Wow! This is very exciting and solves some long outstanding problems / requests I have. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this stuff.

  51. Hi Alex
    Great Work and its gonna help us a lot. However i m encountering some issues. I have created a custom new form with regular expression validations and now the webpart cant recognize any of the fields. This prob has to do with the fact that we are not using the default new form. Can you please help? How can i use your webpart in a custom form.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  52. This is by far my favorite and most used web part. I have noticed a bug, however, when using a date column as a trigger. If the user uses the date picker to select a date for a column the trigger does not nesessarily fire. If they type in the date it works fine. In my example I have a date column as my trigger and a rule that says if this column is < {Today} hide the save button and alert the user that the date cannot be in the past. This works if I type in yesterday's date but if I select it using the date selector the alert does not come up and I am able to save the form with the invalid date. I am using SharePoint 2007. Thanks in advance for looking at this and thanks or such a great tool!

  53. Found a bug where on an Australian Office 365 website the _SPuserID is missing with same master page used on other sites without issue. Current DFFS throws error on the statement currUserID=spUserID and stops the script– the change is the following
    currUserID = _spUserId;
    if(typeof _fV4UI !== ‘undefined’){
    isSP10 = true;
    currUserID = _spPageContextInfo.userId;
    if(typeof _fV4UI !== ‘undefined’){
    isSP10 = true;
    currUserID = _spPageContextInfo.userId;
    currUserID = _spUserId;

  54. Hi Alex

    Is there anyway to have headings in tabs to seperate fields
    Heading 1
    Field1 Input Field
    Field2 Input Field

    Heading 2
    Field3 Input Field
    Field4 Input Field

    Thanks in advance


  55. Hi Alexander,

    can you add some MUI-Support to the Tab description as you did in the vlookup-Solution, please?

    Best regards

  56. Good day Alexander,

    Thank you for making this work available to everyone. I hope you are getting lots of beers out of it!

    Do you have any intent to integrate Fields Side by Side with the Dynamic Forms + Tabs in the future? It seems feasible, but it looks like you have a full plate of other features promised as well.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply, but I have fallen a bit behind on answering all the comments. Yes, I have thought of it, and it is on the list of features that I plan to add in future releases.


    2. No worries. Glad to hear we might see fields-side-by-side with dffs. In the interim, perhaps you could post some hints in the “Get or Set Value” blog as to how I might get get/set values working with fields-side-by-side. I tried multiple approaches such as those in “…use scripts in customized form” blog without success. Thank you -Brian

  57. Hello Alexander,

    We add js files using a “MasterpageLoader” solution. Using this solution we can also add the dynamic forms files to the new/edit/dispforms but they do not seem to work.
    Is there a solution where we can use the dynamic forms without putting the content editor web part on every page?

    Kind regards,

    1. Not at the moment. To achieve this you would have to add the code to the masterpage and load the it for all pages, testing to see if it is a NewForm, DispForm or EditForm, and then apply the code.

      This is possible, but I will not make such a solution.


  58. Hello Alexander,

    Another question:
    Would it be possible to include an option to add extra script to the page?

    Kind regards,

  59. hiding tabs is not working properly.
    I’ve updated everything (including the css) and here is my set up.
    I want a checkbox which when left unchecked hides 5 tabs

    My rule is set for when Checkbox is equal to “false”, hide tabs 2,3,4,5,6

    It will hide the tabs, but does not use the Checkbox as an indicator for the rule. Regardless of if the Checkbox is checked or not, it will hide the tabs. Even after I save the item and reopen it.

    I’ve changed the rule to instead hide columns (leaving everything else alone), and it works. So the basic set up of the rule seems to be correct.

    I could just hide the columns, but I tried using Hide Tabs because I don’t want 5 empty tabs there.

    Any suggestions or is this just a known issue?

    1. This should be fixed in v2.6 BETA

      Please let me know if it fixes your issues.


  60. Hello Alexander

    I have encountered an issue with this script and SP10.

    I was able to initially setup the Dynamic Form and have the settings work correctly.

    However, when attempting to reenter the DFFS setup I receive a prompt for “User name” (with space) and “Password”. Nothing entered is accepted and then it alerts that no settings list exists and throws an sps adj error.

    What is displayed is then the DFFS interface and tabs, but no Index settings, only the dialogue to create a DFFS password.

    I have reinstalled a few times with essentially the same results, although there are some instances where an initial set up is not even possible.

    I have the sense that this is being caused by the user/group identification scripts.

    Any help?


    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply. Still having trouble? If so, do you have access to browse the “/_layouts/people.aspx” and see users and groups?


    2. I never managed to track down what piece of dffs that was causing the username & password dialogue to keep popping up, thus preventing proper use of dffs. I reverted to using the older scripts without dffs. I’ll try dffs again with a later release. Thank you for taking time to respond!

  61. Hello Alexander,

    We have configured the solution on 3 site collections. On 1 site collection it works like a charm but on 2 other we cannot “create” the configuration list. When we examine it seems the configuration list is created but somehow this is not recognized. Every time it asks to create the configuration list and stops with the remark that spjs_AddList = undefined.

    spjs is loaded of course. So I cannot figure it out.
    Can you advise please?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Alexander,

      I think the issue is that after loading the jquery-1.8.3.min.js a lower jquery is loaded.
      Given the Muhimbi Infuser solution below how can we make sure the latest jquery is loaded on the page last.

      Can you advise?

      Kind regards,

  62. Hello Alexander,

    For all who are interested we have included the solution in Muhimbi infuser. This way we can add the script in the site collection once to be used on every form. We also anticipated for adding custom form script.
    We like to add the script here but somehow cannot save this post including the script.
    We would like to get comment on this approach. Can you tell me how to get the script included?

    Kind regards,

  63. Hello. I am a user of previous versions. I am pretty sure I upgraded correctly and completely changed out scripts. I am running IE7 behind corporate security and am experiencing “Error on Page” message at bottom left on edit page. Disappears after turning off Dyn Forms. Error i see is “Object doesnt support this property or method”.

    Any known issues on this? Any upgrade warnings or cache issues maybe? Thank you this is a really great tool!!! Wonderful job.

    1. I think the error i mentioned is related to “SPServices” and object does not support this property or method.

  64. Alexander, just curious, how hard would it be to make the “Tab Color Override” option dynamic? Either by putting logic into the script, or by having it read from a column. The use case is that I would like the “Status” tab color to reflect the current status of the project.

    1. Add this code to your CEWP – below the other scripts

      <script type="text/javascript">
      	var status, color;
      	status = getFieldValue("Status");
      		case "Not started":
      			color = "red";
      		case "In progress":
      			color = "yellow";
      		case "Complete":
      			color = "green";
      			color = "";
      	$("#dffs_tab_1 a").css("background-color",color);

      The name “Status” is the FieldInternalName of my field.


    2. Forgot to mention, $(“#dffs_tab_1 a”) refers to the second tab from the left. The first one would be $(“#dffs_tab_0 a”).


  65. Hi Alexander, first of all can I say you are a complete legend! Your javascipt fixes are brilliant! Regarding this dynamic list I would just like you to help me if you can please. I have created a list and if I select one item it opens up a sub item list for me to select. If I select something in this sub item list and then decide I want something from the main item list instead and save the list with the new parent item, I still see the older selection when I see the item in the list itself.

    Is there a way to re-set the everything to Blank if they are not the item in view in the newform screen?

    1. Thank you!

      I’m not sure I understood your question. Is this related to this solution?


    2. Hi Alexander,

      Your definately a man in demand hehe :D. Sorry my question was badly worded, I’ll try again.

      What way do you use the “Set field value” option? What do you put into the Value field? I was looking to put in a “blank” when a particular field is not selected?

      Hope this is a little clearer.


  66. Hi all,
    I know there are unanswered questions above, and I will try to answer them, but in the meantime you can try try out v2.6 BETA – with headings and a few other new features.

    I have not been able to fully test this release, and it is getting more and more complicated so I guess there will be some bugs. Please post back any bugs or comments and I’ll look at it as soon as possible.

    Happy new year!

  67. I would suggest adding a confirm popup on the delete function in the UI. More than a couple times I’ve deleted my entire setup by accident instead of a single rule.

    1. I have also noticed that I have multiple fields of the person or group type that when a rule states to make the field required it makes the field required as designed but it also makes the field display at the bottom of all tabs on the form even tabs that don’t list these fields. This only appears to occur within the edit form. I am using IE7 and SP 2007

    2. Hi,
      I’m not sure I understand where you want the delete confirmation popup? – there are already one when you try to delete the entire setup, and when you try to delete a rule or a tab.

      Regarding the people picker: I cannot recreate this issue, could you give me more details? – and maybe some screenshots.


  68. Hi Alexander,

    do you have forgotten to give MUI to the fields “Display this Message” and “Alert this message”?

    I going on to test the v2.6Beta Version.

    Best regards

  69. I noticed an issue with 2.62
    When you create a rule that hides tabs, if the rule is at the top of your list of rules, then after saving, it will copy the value put in to “These Tabs are Hidden” and post its value into the same field for every other rule. Only by putting the rule at the bottom of all my other rules does it not do this.
    I also have an issue where if two rules use separate checkbox fields, they conflict for some reason. (as in, when I check one, fields become visible, but when I check the second, it does what my rule for it states, but also reverse the result of the first check box rule).

    Just thought I’d let you know! Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for the feedback, I’ll see what I can do during this weekend.


  70. a javascript error I got;

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; InfoPath.2)
    Timestamp: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 19:20:19 UTC

    Message: ‘val’ is null or not an object
    Line: 1469
    Char: 3
    Code: 0
    URI: /Style%20Library/js/DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js

    1. for clarification, this occured when I try to set up a hide tabs rule based on a check box on a display form. The rule looks for the checkbox to be equal to “No”.

      When I reverse the rule and make tabs visible when a checkbox is equal to “Yes” it seems to work.

    2. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply. Did you find a solution to your problem? I tested, but could not replicate this error.


  71. This is great work. Thank you for doing this. I have one problem. The tabs for the MUI (“Rules” and “Tabs”) and also the tabs I create do not appear as tabs. They appear as a bullet list (top to bottom…not horizontal). I’m using v. 2.62 BETA. Thoughts?

    Again, thank you for this very useful work!

    1. Hi,
      Check the reference to the css file. PLease note that you should refer a local file, and not use spjsfiles.com.


  72. Thanks. That was it. I had followed the instructions to install from the version without tabs. After adjusting the references…works like a charm.

  73. HI,
    On one of our forms we have two rows of tabs and it works and looks fine. Except as you go from tab to tab for some of the tabs you some strange rendering. When first open I will see two rows of tabs – 7on first row and 6 on the second. THen as I tab thru sometimes I get a rendering of 7 on the first row, 2 on the second row at the far right, and then 3 on the third row to the far left.
    Is there anyway to fix this — I tried specifying where to split in the config but that did not seem to help — in fact it put what I wanted on the second row on the top row.

    1. I mean 7 on the first row, 2 on the right on the second row(with white space to the left of the tabs and 4 on the left on the 3rd row

  74. hey alex, installed the new version on a new sp site and it looks like the referrance list creation function breaks with jquery 1.9.0 had to step back to 1.8.3

  75. Hi Alexander, fabulous scripts. I was using a managed laptop Windonws 7 (no admin rights) and it reported the library file was out of date even though I had updated the sharepoint spjs-utility in my local javascripts folder on Sharepoint 2010. clearing the browser cache in ie9 (cog-safety-clear browsing history) did not work not di ctrl-alt-F5, however I found that doing an Alt-File new session worked fine. Just thought it may help somebody with the same problem.

  76. Hi Alexander. After setup and accessing the Dynamic Forms link on the list page, all I get is the Password to restrict edit access prompt. I am not able to continue with or without inputting anything into the text box. Your solution looks great but so far it is not functioning for me.

    1. Hi Alexander. I switched from the current version of jquery and now I am able to complete the configuration. I was using v1.9.0. I went back to v1.6.4 and it works now. Thanks.

      1. Hi, Glad you figured it out – I have not tested v1.9 of jQuery with this solution yet.


  77. Hello Alexander, I am attempting to update a SharePoint list with this webpart. I seem to have run into a problem— the webpart does not seem to work with dates. For example, i have 3 fields for meeting dates. I don’t want to show the option for meeting field 2 or 3 if there is not a date in meeting field 1. This doesn’t seem to work.

    As a note, the webpart is working for other non-date fields. I am using internet explorer 7, share point 2007, and jquery 1.7.2.

    Thank you very much


  78. Hello Alexander, good job on this, it’s great. I was wondering whether it would it be possible to reintroduce the feature whereby read only fields do not have their description displayed?

    1. Hi Alex

      Thank you for adding this feature again – I have tested this by using a couple of different rule types to force read only fields in the forms – however the toggle box for read only descriptions doesn’t seem to do anything. A colleague of mine repeated the same test on his system with same results. We are both using SP 2007.

    2. Hi,
      You are right, I have somehow managed to break it… I will post an update, but in the meantime, search and replace this code:

      if(objArr.showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly !== undefined){
      	showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly = true;

      with this:

      if(objArr.showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly !== undefined && objArr.showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly){
      	showFieldDescriptionWhenReadonly = true;


  79. hi Alexander, I know it is very silly situation, but is it possible to remove or reset a password protection on this tool?

    1. I have not tested this in SP 2013 yet, but I will add SP 2013 support as soon as I can manage.


  80. Hi Alexander,

    I’m trying to implement your solution on a list, but when I go into the configuration page the Tabs area won’t allow me to add any tabs. I’ve tried deleting my configuration list and adding the scripts back to the form, but the issue persists. Are you aware of anything that would prevent the solution from allowing me to add tabs?

    1. Isaac, I encountered this big and found if you create at least one rule the UI will now show the link to create tabs. If necessary you can create a dummy rule the. Delete it once you you’ve set up your first tab.

    2. Hi,
      Thanks for helping out,
      I can confirm this is a bug, and it will be fixed in the next release.


  81. First let me say Great Job! Very impressive work! I have 3 things to point out.
    1. Would it be possible to add an option to hide specific fields initially (on load) so that they can then be shown later based on rule?
    2. Making field required doesn’t work when required field is a Lookup that is not required and contains the text (none).
    3. If I set up a rule that makes Field B required if field A contains “text”, and field A is a required lookup column that contains “text” when the form initiates Field B will indicate with an asterisk that it is required and will continue to indicate no matter what is selected in field A.
    Again, great work. Look for a donation from me after I get home later.

    1. Hi,
      I’m glad you liked this solution. I will look into these issues.


  82. Alexander, I too love your solutions. I’m having the same issue with “(none)” passing through a required lookup field. This just seemed to start when we upgraded to SP2010.

    [Originally posted by Chris – moved because I have relocated the blog]

    1. Hi,
      This issue will be fixed in the next release – hopefully during this weekend.


  83. Hi Alex,
    I find you site very useful and for the first time i am trying to implement this solution which is simply awesome but i could n’t find some features like make the fields readonly and hide the save button whicle configuring the rules.
    This is the code i am using in my content editor webpart. I am not sure where i am doing it wrong. can you please help me out.

    1. Alex i am unable to post the code but i am using the same code as you mentioned in this post except i am referencing all the latest files
      link type=”text/css” href=”https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.71/default.css” rel=”stylesheet”

      script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.4/jquery.min.js”script

      script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://files.spjsworks.com/files/spjs-utility/v1.14/spjs-utility.js”script

      script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://files.spjsworks.com/files/DynamicFormsForSharePoint/v2.71/DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2.js”script

      1. Hi,
        First you should NOT refer the files from spjsfiles.com as this is a simple web hotel not suited for serving files “live”. Download the files locally to a document library, and refer them from there.

        The fact that you do not see “hide save” and make read only – could it be that you are looking at DispForm?

        These options are available in NewForm and EditForm only.


  84. Thanks for the Quick reply alex. I have tried to refer the files from my site Assets library too. But i had the same issue and i was trying to configure on newform.

    1. Hi,
      Send me a few screenshots of how you have set up the solution, and I’ll see if I can spot some errors. You find my email in the top of the script file.


  85. Nice work! Everything works fine handling the New and Edit form for one list. When I add forms for a second list the users only see a blank form area. I see the form rendered fine, but other users don’t. The orginal list’s forms continue to render just fine. Only the forms from the second and subsequent lists are impacted. Any ideas?


    1. Hi,
      This solution is intended for use with a single, unmodified list form. Maybe I misunderstood, but you cannot have for example two different newforms in the same page utilizing this solution. This has not been tested.


      1. Hi Alexander,

        I created a separate list to handle the other forms, but ran into the same issue. A quick look in Firebug and I ran into this:

        Line 91 of DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2
        ReferenceError: _spUserId is not defined
        [Break On This Error]

        currUserID = _spUserId;

        The issue in associated if statement results in the form being hidden for other users.

      2. Hi,
        Is this SP2007, SP2010 or SP 2013?
        I the master page modified?
        The variable _spUserId is provided by SharePoint, but is missing in some cases.


  86. SP2010 with a slightly modified master page to add a footer to the bottom of the page. The other list and forms use the same master page and work fine. The forms that are hidden use tabs. The list does not, but the field layout and rules are clearly different also.

  87. Alex,
    When I upgrade a site from 2.6.5 to 2.7.1 or 2.8.0, some of the new and edit forms render a blank screen when opening. Deleting the DFFS item and recreating it fixes the issue but there seems to be a compatibility issue when upgrading.
    Since we are concerned with our customers migrating from Office 365 (2010 look and feel) to Office 365 (2013 look and feel) where they will need 2.8.0 this is a concern for us. Currently the workaround is to delete both the new and edit form, then recreate them both from the display form — that works for now.

    1. Actually this is a bit more complicated,its not 2.6.5 that is the issue its an earlier release maybe 2.5.1. If I replace on one of these “bad” sites the 2.80 with 2.6.5, then open each DFFS Config document and save it and then upgrade to 2.80 everything works fine. I can deal with that no need to try to resolve this issue.

      1. Even better all that is needed is to invoke config using dfsetup=1 and save the config and it fixes the problem

      2. Hi,
        I’m glad you figured it out. If you could tell me what errors you get in the developer console, I might be able to add the backwards compatibility letting you upgrade directly from 2.5 > 2.8.


    1. We have a partner who is translating our product to French and he says that 2013 uses some different technique for language traslation and that the MUI in 2.80 does not work in Sharepont 2013 (Office/365 new site with full 2013 look and feel)

  88. Alex,

    This works great. However, when I am trying to add a new record in NewForm.aspx, after I enter all my required fields and hit OK, nothing happens. It doesn’t save a new record like it should. Any ideas? I am using DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2, jquery-1.7.2.min, and the latest spjs-utility you have posted.

  89. ALex. i just stumbled on this website can i used this form on a sharepoint 2007 site?

      1. Alex,

        I hate to trouble again but im trying to use the web part, but i keep getting the following ERROR message you must use the spjs-utility.js v1.14 or above here. I’m using 1.14 which is the lates version on the site any advice?

  90. Hey,

    Great Tool you developed here.
    Is there any Rule for Showing Tabs based on the Contenttype?
    Thats only thing that I’m missing here.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi,
      For NewForm you can use the trigger “URL Query string parameter” like this:


      Change the ID to match your content type id.

      For EditForm, there is no method in this version. I’ll see what I can do for the next release.


  91. Hi Alexander,

    I believe I’ve run into unwanted behavior using (v2.8; 1.14; 1.9.1).

    When a Lookup or Choice column is configured for multiple value selection, the form is not saving if the field is DFFS Required. It works otherwise.

    Forgive me if I’ve overlooked something.


    1. v2.81 seems to have corrected the above-mentioned behavior.

      However, now I can save the form even though nothing had been selected from the Required multi value selection Lookup and Choice fields.

      Again sorry if I’ve overlooked something.


      1. Hello,

        Choice type columns with (Allow ‘Fill-in’ choices:) configured do not get past the Required control even though one of the choices had been selected. It forces you to Fill-in a value. BTW, I’m using 2007.


  92. Hi Alexander,

    My list has multiple content types which are hierarchical. Each one adds additional fields.

    If I edit NewForm.aspx I only get the default (base content type fields). If I append my content type ID I get all required fields.

    Problem: can I configure (display) tabs based on a Content Type rule?

    1. OK. I found a workaround for anyone else trying this. By default, the list forms will only display the fields for the default content type.

      Simply setting your other content type(s) as the default then makes them available for adding via the Dynamic Forms UI.

      What’s even better, is that the fields which are not present in that content type will simply not display.

  93. Hey Alex,

    Just following up on a question I had last month.
    When I am trying to add a new record in NewForm.aspx, after I enter all my required fields and hit OK, nothing happens. It doesn’t save a new record like it should. Any ideas? I am using DynamicFormsForSharePoint_v2, jquery-1.7.2.min, and the latest spjs-utility you have posted. I have about 90 fields in the list, and am only using one field as the trigger, with certain fields hidden/optional based on the input.

    1. Hi,
      Bring up the developer console by hitting F12 and looking at the “Console”: any errors?

      Could it be that one of your fields are mandatory, but hidden?
      Does the page “blink” (postback with validation error) when you hit save?

      Do you have other javascript solutions in the same page? if so, try removing other solutions one by one to find out which are interfering.


  94. I’m trying to hide some tabs on NewForm.aspx based on the Content Type being created.

    I can see ContentTypeChoice as a field type in your code but it isn’t visible in the “If this Trigger” dropdown menu. I understand that this is not available by default with NewForm.aspx.

    So I created a list of URLs for each COntentType on the list and appended the ContentTypeID as a query string param.

    I then created a rule using the “URL Query string parameter” option which included the ContentTypeID but it is not working. Have tried with and without modal dialogs.

    Any idea why this is failing or how I can overcome it?

  95. COnfiguration link is missing on DispForm.aspx. I got to it by appending ?dfsetup=1 to URL.

  96. I am having trouble with a Lookup column with over 20 values. The drop-down no longer functions once it is over the 20 count. I’ve implemented v2.65 with Jquery 1.7.2 which I believe is supposed to fix this issue.

    What could be the cause of this? I’ve tried turning the dialog box off & back on, but it is still not functioning correctly for the lookup column.

      1. I am now using the latest v2.94, spjs-utility & default.css files. We are on IE9. The Lookup column is still having the issue.

        The particular site does have a custom master page & css file associated. There is no other CEWP on the page with any code though.

        The lookup column points a column that is of a ‘single type of text’ column type. All works well with 20 or less values but runs into the issue once over 20 values. I’ve turned the dialog box off in Advanced Settings and it is not helping the situation.

  97. Awesome stuff, Alexander – thanks! I’m a total neophyte with SP & javascript, so this will probably be a dumb question, but here goes. I’m trying to combine your dynamic forms for SP javascript with another javascript solution that provides cascading droplists (not the one you have on your blog).

    That solution works great when not using your dynamic forms, but I tried adding that code to the custom code area on the Misc tab and experienced epic failure. Any hints for me? Thanks!

    The other javascript solution is here: http://www.sharepointboris.net/js/spcd/

    1. Hi,
      You will have to load this code in a CEWP as a separate solution. I cannot guarantee that it will work alongside DFFS as I have not tested the code.


      1. Thanks so much for the tip – that worked perfectly. You are awesome!

  98. Can I map a tab to a different list?like Tab 1 to one list and Tab 2 to other?

    1. This is a single list solution for custom list forms.

      If u want to display multiple lists u could use EasyTabs on a page.

  99. Has anyone had an issue when selecting “These fields are optional (and visible)? This is not working for me. All other options work just fine for example “These fields are required (and visible). When I select this rule option the fields disappear and will not display when corresponding fields are selected. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong here.

    Thanks for any help,


  100. Hi Alex,

    Just a quick question is there any way/work around for showing calculated columns in edit form and even new form?



  101. This is great thankyou so much for creating this!

    I have a question about rules, I want to make a checkbox read only unless certain fields have been completed, however I noticed a problem when setting this up. Some of the fields that need to be completed are multi line text fields and don’t appear in the If This Trigger dropdown on the config form. Is what I want not possible?

  102. Great tool! I looked through all the posts and couldn’t find where this was referenced. My question is this: how can I set a rule to uncheck a checkbox where multiple selections are allowed? I have a scenario where user can select DBMS: N/A, DBMS: ALL or select any number of specific DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, etc). If they select ALL or any one of the specific DBMS option a subset of related Versions displays (All Versions, Oracle 10G, Oracle 11G etc for Oracle. All Versions, SQL 2005, SQL 2008, etc for SQL Server. You get the idea.)

    Anyway if they select Oracle for example the Oracle Versions field is required. They must select an option. All well and good. But if after saving their selection (say, Oracle 11G) they want to change it to DBMS N/A is there a way to UNCHECK the selected Oracle version (which in this case is 11G). I’ve tried to set Oracle Versions to or to null.

    How would I accomplish this? Thanks again for such a terrific tool!

    1. To clarify — I have separate fields set up for each DBMS. User can check the DBMS: Oracle checkbox and then will be required to select one or more Oracle versions. There is also a DBMS: SQL Server checkbox (an entirely separate field) and if selected user must select one or more SQL versions.

      There is also a separate field DBMS: N/A and one for DBMS: ALL. If N/A is selected all others become read-only. If ALL is selected user the corresponding version field for each DBMS is required.

    2. Hi,
      In this version you cannot clear / uncheck a field using “Set field value” – you can only change the value to another valid option. I will see what I can do in the next release.

      Edit: I’m not sure I understood what you mean – can you send me some screenshots and explain?


  103. I know I`m being a dummy here 🙂 Applied the CEWP succesfully to newform.aspx for list, created tabs, moved fields to tabs etc. But attachments I just cant get working. Attachments are allowed to list, I use a JS script to hide the titlerow as I`d prefer to do everything from the form. When I click attachment it opens up a tab with attachements which then works, but I cant work out how to fire that tab from the form rather than the ribbon

    P.S The code is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for and works a dream

  104. Hi Alexander,

    Is it possible to use the same script files for different lists at the same time or if I’d like to use it for multiply lists, then I have to dulpicate the files as well?

  105. Hey Alex,

    First, I want to say that your code is awesome. Thank you for it. But I’m having an issue with my implementation:

    I’m using the dynamic form on a trouble ticket system to determine required input from users based on the type of issue that they select. But I’m the only one able to see the forms as customized by the code. When I check how anyone else sees it, even checking it with a generic site collection admin account, they see the original, full form without the code affecting it the way I want it.

    I did insert the CEWP into the pages that you link, but does this mean that I created a personal view or is there another reason?

    I’d appreciate the help.

    1. Hi,
      I’m glad you liked the code 🙂 Sounds like you have a personal view, or the code is linked from a library only you have access to, or the files has not been checked in.

      1. Alex,

        It’s not a personal view, I’m looking at the Shared Version when I edit the pages and the web parts are there. Your hunch was right about the files not being checked in, but even after I’ve checked them in, the code isn’t working for anyone else. I even deleted and re-added my DFFP web part template.

  106. Actually, never mind my last message. There was still one file that wasn’t checked in, the JQuery file; I missed it because it’s in a different directory than the DFFP package. But I checked it in and now that everything’s checked in, the code is working. Thanks Alex.

  107. Hi Alexander,

    How can we change the color of a selected tab? Right now it seems to be defaulting to blue, but not sure how to change it to something else.

    1. Hi,
      To change the default color you must edit the default.css file. Locate this line and change the background-color:

      ul.tabRowLast li.tabSelected a{...}


  108. Hi Alexander,

    Is there a Way that I can match the Query string value to the column value in the edit form, if no can you help me with some JS script to show hide the tab and fields, I will put that logic in the MISC/JavaScript section of DFFS setup to achieve what I need.

    1. Hi,
      Are you using the 4.x version of DFFS? – if so, I have added this to the upcoming release. This means the “URL Query string key equals” trigger can compare the query string with a field value from the form.


      1. I am using 4.200 the functionality is not available there. Do I need to update them to higher version.

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