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      Ivan Wilson

      The modern Promoted Links list includes an option to launch the link in a dialog. When we use this to launch a DFFS form, the dialog is not sized correctly. We get horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

      When opening the same DFFS form from its SharePoint list, the dialog is correctly sized, without scrollbars.

      I assume this has something to do with how modern dialogs are handled versus classic dialogs. Is it possible for DFFS to size the modern dialog to fit the form?

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for the late reply – I had a problem with outgoing email from my forum and didn’t get a notification.

      I checked and if you add ?IsDlg=1 to your URL like this:

      and then add this to your Custom CSS:


      and this to your Custom JS:

      jQuery(window.parent.document).find(".ms-Dialog-main").css("max-width", "900px");

      It should work.

      I’ll try to get support for auto-sizing the modern dialog in a later version.


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