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How to create a modern site with support for DFFS in SPO

Create the site

Unfortunately Microsoft have removed the scripting capability from the default templates in SharePoint Online, and this makes using Dynamic Forms for SharePoint impossible in these sites.

To have a modern site which scripting capabilities you must pick this template:

Using the Modern Content Editor Web Part will unfortunately not let you use DFFS in the NO SCRIPT templates.

Connect an Office 365 group (optional)

If you like to connect an Office 365 group to this new site you can follow the instructions here.


Out of office

I’m going on a vacation and have limited access to email. I’ll go through emails and forum questions every night, but cannot reply to all.

I plan to be back on Monday 22, 2018.

Best regards,

DFFS package updated

I have made some further enhancements to the require.js loading method for “Custom JS files” in the Custom JS tab. Based on the feedback,  I’m fairly confident it will work as it did before Microsoft decided to include require.js in SharePoint online.

Read the change log to see all changes.

Please post any feedback on this version in the comments below, or in the forum.

Best regards,

DFFS v4.4.3.5 – hopefully sorted the custom js loading files issue

Thanks for the patience!

I have now released a new version with a few changes, and hopefully a final fix for the loading custom js files problem. See change log and additional help text in the Custom JS tab in DFFS.

In addition to the hopefully last fix on the load custom js files, I have made a a hopefully significant improvement on the load time in large forms. Please report back how the load time changes with this new version.

Post your findings below, or use the forum.

Best regards,

Know issue with DFFS v4.4.3.3

There is unfortunately one issue with the latest version related to loading of custom js files and the custom js textarea.

If you have a rule triggering onload that calls on a function loaded in custom js, this rule will fail with an error message telling that the function isn’t defined.

The reason for this is that the loading of the require.js script that’s used for loading all other dependencies will defer the loading of custom js for a few milliseconds – enough for the rules to trigger.

I have tried to fix it, and a new version of the DFFS_frontend_min.js file can be downloaded here.

Please let me know if this fixes the issue, and I’ll wrap up a full package of files with this patch.

Sorry for the inconvenience,