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Large American company looking for experienced professional

One of my long time customers asked me if I had any possible suggestions on a person to fill a position. They are looking for an experienced professional, well versed in DFFS/SPJS located in the US for a full-time position.

The position has not yet been posted so I cannot give more details, but any qualified persons can email me contact information and a few lines about where they are located and what kind of experience they have.

I’ll then forward this info to the company, and they will contact you if they find you qualified.

You find my email in the About me section in my website.


Breaking change in SharePoint online – Error with webservice calls: Value does not fall within the expected range

January 22 10:30PM: I got feedback from Microsoft and have verified that the problems is fixed.

When using the /_vti_bin/lists.asmx webservice call to a list to retrieve multichoice people picker fields, multichoice lookup fields or multichoice managed metadata fields it fails with this error:

Value does not fall within the expected range.

The error goes away when changing the fields back to single choice.

This will affect queries where you use spjs.utility.queryItems and spjs.utility.getItemByID in your CustomJS.

The issue does not affect all tenants at this moment, but the support ticked with Microsoft has been escalated to the product engineering team. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

I’ll update this page as soon as I hear back from Microsoft.


How to create a modern site with support for DFFS in SPO

Create the site

Unfortunately Microsoft have removed the scripting capability from the default templates in SharePoint Online, and this makes using Dynamic Forms for SharePoint impossible in these sites.

To have a modern site which scripting capabilities you must pick this template:

Using the Modern Content Editor Web Part will unfortunately not let you use DFFS in the NO SCRIPT templates.

Connect an Office 365 group (optional)

If you like to connect an Office 365 group to this new site you can follow the instructions here.


Out of office

I’m going on a vacation and have limited access to email. I’ll go through emails and forum questions every night, but cannot reply to all.

I plan to be back on Monday 22, 2018.

Best regards,