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Know issue with DFFS v4.4.3.3

There is unfortunately one issue with the latest version related to loading of custom js files and the custom js textarea.

If you have a rule triggering onload that calls on a function loaded in custom js, this rule will fail with an error message telling that the function isn’t defined.

The reason for this is that the loading of the require.js script that’s used for loading all other dependencies will defer the loading of custom js for a few milliseconds – enough for the rules to trigger.

I have tried to fix it, and a new version of the DFFS_frontend_min.js file can be downloaded here.

Please let me know if this fixes the issue, and I’ll wrap up a full package of files with this patch.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


DFFS v4.4.3.3 published

I have fixed a few bugs and changed a few things based on feedback on the previous release – you find the change log here.

I have updated the DFFS user manual with the latest changes, but please let me know if I have forgotten something.

To all that has reported issues with the latest version: Please test to see if the issues have been fixed, and either reply to this post, or follow up on the forum post where the issue was first raised.

I want to thank all who has provided feedback on bugs and enhancement proposals, and I want to send a special big thanks to Rudolf Vehring for his help with testing this and previous version – and for providing valuable feedback and suggestions.


Status update / known issues on DFFS v4.4.3.0

I have gotten some feedback on the latest version, and are working on investigating and resolving these issues. See the log below for status:

Loading external JS files in Custom JS

There are some problems loading external files like jQuery UI in the “Load these files before executing the Custom JS” textarea in the Custom JS tab.

I have looked into it, and on SharePoint online it’s related to the require.js module loader being loaded with SharePoint. This makes for example jQuery UI detect the presence of require.js and therefore registers itself as a require.js module and not on the global jQuery object.

I’m still not done investigating, but you may try this approach:

You may also try jQuery UI v1.10.4 instead of v1.12.1 as the version is the last one without detection of require.js / AMD.

Operator select on rules fails to set options as “disabled”

Depending on the trigger type used in rules, some of the operators in the dropdows should be disabled. This doesn’t always work so you may end up with selecting a operator that isn’t actually valid for that trigger.

Using the option to load files from a custom DFFS folder

When using this option in the new DFFS installer, the overlay and loader was still referred from the default “DFFS” folder. This will be fixed to all files are loaded from the custom folder.

Missing “is not equal” operator on multichoice fields

This will be in place in the next release.

Set field value in rules: Only if the field is empty

The “Only if the field is empty” checkbox failed to save the checked state, and therefore this setting was not respected in the rule – overwriting a previously set value in case this rule was triggered.

Missing tooltip icon in some cases

I changed the default tooltip icon from the built in “/_layouts/images/hhelp.gif” to a unicode character. Unfortunately this unicode character wasn’t available in all platforms – effectively rendering the icon as a square. I have added a new default tooltip icon in the next release.

Due to the investigation of the custom js loading issues I have fallen a bit behind on replying to forum posts and other feedback on the latest release – and also haven’t been able to get the user manuals updated with the latest changes to DFFS and the plugins. I hope to get up to speed during the weekend.

Best regards,

DFFS New BETA version finally ready

I have uploaded a new BETA version of DFFS and plugins.

I’m sorry for the long delay from the previous BETA, and that I cannot give you a production ready release.

Based on feedback from the previous BETA I had to do some changes to how multichoice field triggers was handled, and this turned out to be a bit more complicated than I first anticipated.

When I was at it, I ended up doing quite a bit more work to enhance the DFFS backend experience – with for example better version control and backup and restore functionality.

Read the change log and get the DFFS-package here, and please post any feedback in the forum.

Best regards,

Status update on the latest DFFS BETA

I have spent a lot of time last week and in the weekend trying to sort out some problems with “on-change rules” that surfaced in the last BETA version. Due to the changes in the “debug output”, it became clear that there were some issues that needed attention. The problem is related to using multiple rules on the same trigger – for example a multi choice field.

This means I’ll have to do some changes to how the “on-change rules” are handled, and release a new BETA – hopefully later this week or next weekend.

Alexander is down

My ISP is haveing trouble with the server where I host It will hopefully be up within a few hours, but if it’s not I’ll have to look at other methods of making the source files available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Upcoming changes in license types and price for DFFS

The following changes to the Dynamic forms for SharePoint license types (and prices) will take effect on April 1, 2016.

New SITE license

The entry level license for DFFS will be scoped to a single SITE. This new license will be priced at $50.

You can buy as many as these as you like, but if you need more than 5 within the same site collection, you should go for a SITE COLLECTION license.

Changed price on the SITE COLLECTION license

The new price on the SITE COLLECTION license will be $250.

The reason for this relatively large increase in price on the SITE COLLECTION license is basically that I have priced this to low from the very beginning.

The current price simply doesn’t cover the time I spend supporting and developing the solution.

This change will NOT be applied retroactively, and will therefore not affect SITE COLLECTION licenses purchased prior to this date.

Partner program

From the same date these changes take effect, I’ll update the “reward program / partner program” to let individual consultants or other companies register as partners.

More information about the “application” for partners will be published soon.

The “Consultant license” will no longer be in use after this change takes effect.


Partner that conveys the sale of a SITE COLLECTION (or better) license will be eligible to receive a 10% payback. This payback requires the partner to be registered prior to the purchase, and requires a PayPal account (to receive the payback).