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DFFS Example: Limit access to form

This example show how you can use a set of rules to ensure only persons assigned in a people picker in the form, or members in an admin group can view or edit a list item.

Add these three rules:

This rule doesn’t have any actions.
This rule doesn’t have any actions.
This rule checks the two previous rules, and calls a function if both are false.

Then add this function to your Custom JS:

function noAccessToThisForm(){
"title":"No access",
"msg":"You don't have access to this list item.",

You can use this setup in both DispForm and EditForm, and it will show this message box if the user doesn’t have access:

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DFFS Package updated to v4.4.3.60

I have released a new version of the DFFS package (v4.4.3.60) with a few bugfixes and some new functionality.

You find the change log here and the files in the download section of the user manual.

Post comments below, but use the form if you have questions or you think you have found a bug.

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