2 thoughts on “DFFS Package updated to v4.4.5.42”

  1. Hi Alex,
    I just updated to the newest version of DFFS and some rule stopped working a bit.
    I have a column “Title (internaName)” that is renamed to {Name and Surname} (displayName) and configured a rule like this:

    If this trigger: The form is ready
    Make read-only this field: {Name and Surname}
    Set field value:
    Field:{Name and Surname},
    Value: {currentUser}

    When the forms is initiated and ready the current user is filled in , but it is not “read-only”. It worked in version until now.

    I made a bypass – I changed the trigger from “form is ready” to “the form is initiated” and it works for now.

    Just wanted to report a “bug”.
    I also tried “debug this rule” and everything looked good.
    F12 in Google Chrome did not show anything.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm for this perfect tool,

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