vLookup now supports SharePoint 2013

Change log
June 19. 2013
Changes in v1.47

  • Added {currentSite} as option in “List base URL” to dynamically use the current sites base url. Use this if you plan to save the site as a template.

May 15. 2013
Changes in v1.45

  • Numbers are now aligned right.

May 14. 2013
Changes in v1.44

  • Added formatter for percentage in the viewfields: {“percentage”:true,”suffix”:”%”}
  • Applied “toLocaleString” to numbers that are not formatted as “percentage”.

May 13. 2013
Changes in v1.43

  • Fixed bug related to Dynamic Forms for SharePoint and reloading form when creating a child element.
  • Fixed a bug regarding prefix and suffix for currency and number columns. Suppresses the prefix / suffix if the field is empty.

Added event hooks:

To have something done before a child element is creates, add a function with this name: “vlookupAddChildPreCheck”
This function must return true to procede with the add child action.

To have something happen after a child had successfully been added, add a funcion with this name: “vlookupChildAddedCallback”
This function must return true to procede with the updating of the “vLookup child table” in the form.

To have somethng happen after the vLoolup solution has finished loading the “Add new item button”, add a function with this name: “vLookupIsLoadedCallback”

I have upgraded the vLookup solution to support SharePoint 2013. I have not dissected SP2013 fully, and therefore you might find some bugs regarding the SP2013 support. Please post any bugs or suggestions below, and I’ll address them as soon as I can manage.

Read this article for setup instructions and download instructions

Besides adding SP2013 support, his version also features some new features:

  • Added option to write your own CAML-query freehand
  • Added dateFormat option to specify the returnvalue for a date and tinme column using a string like this: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss


Post any comments below,

39 thoughts on “vLookup now supports SharePoint 2013”

  1. Alexander, awesome job! I’m not using SP2013, so I couldn’t test that portion, but the freehand CAML query box works awesome and is exactly what I was asking for in previous comments. Thank you!

  2. Hi Alexander,

    I have migrated two solutions from sp2010 to sp2013 using DynamicFormsForSharepoint v2.81 and vLookupForSharepoint v1.4. I tested the funktionality and it worked as I had expected. Good work, Thanks…

    Best regards
    Rudolf H.

  3. Hi, can you add formatting support for currency type columns? I tried using the prefix option to add the “$” symbol (which I haven’t gotten working yet), but it would be great if the comma was there and the decimals lined up in columns. Thanks for all you do!

    1. The prefix for currency type fields works, thanks! If its easy, next time you’re in the code, can you add the ability to set decimal place and align to the right? Then the currency values will line up like an Excel spreadsheet.

      The percentage one appends 00 to the value. So for example, 50% in the list column appears as 5000% in the form. If I remove the prefix arguments then it appears as 50.00


      1. Actually, another great feature would the ability to combine a “Show All Records” action and a “Sum” action in the same vLookup.

        One use case for that would be to display rows of currency values and a Sum of them at the bottom.

      2. Hi,
        The “percentage” feature is for SharePoint number columns where you have selected “Show as percentage (for example, 50%)”. In these circumstances, the value stored in the DB is 0,50 and not 50. This feature multiplies the number with 100.

        I’ll see what I can do about the aligning.


  4. Alex,
    Using V1.4.5 on a SharePoint Foundation 2013 site I get an error thrown on a column (lookup column – single value) that states “Value does not fall within the expected range.” It is just this lookup column that is failing other lookup columns work fine and it works fine on SharePoint 2010 with exact same configuration and data so its not a data issue.

    1. Hi,
      Is this error occurring in the query that pulls in the “children” when you include this lookup column in the “viewfields” or is it when saving NewForm after setting the lookup column using “in URL”?


      1. I am getting this error as well.

        In my scenario, I have a child list on one site, then multiple parent lists living on subsites. All of the lists contain a common site column (which is a lookup field).

        The vLookup configuration on both parent sites is line-for-line identical.

        On the first-created subsite, the vLookup configuration correctly passes the parent item’s site lookup column into the child item’s field for it (regardless of the value that happens to be selected in that field).

        On the second-created subsite, the same configuration results in the ‘vLookupPresetFromURL: value does not fall within the expected range’ error. If I remove the one site/lookup column from the preset from URL configuration, then everything works fine and the other fields I pass through populate correctly (including person, single-line-of-text, and number fields).

        The child list lives on a common parent site, so the base path should be the same. The child list obviously should be the same in both (and I have tried with both the list name and the list GUID with the same results). All of the other configuration settings should (in my use case) also be the same.

        Not really sure why this is working in one place and not the other.

  5. Hi,

    I am attempting to install this in a 2013 on-prem environment and I am having some troubles.

    When I add the HTML Forms web part to the page and modify the code as the setup instructions detail, I receive an error: ‘Cannot retrieve properties at this time’ followed by ‘Cannot save your progress’.

    I attempted using a Content Editor web part instead, but that errors as well, complaining that the CEWP cannot handle tags. It recommends using the Page Viewer web part instead, but that web part cannot be configured in a manner useful for my needs here.

    Is there some other setup method for 2013?

    1. Note: On further review, I can use the CEWP on the form pages to add the vLookup features to forms, but I cannot add the features to list/library view pages.

    2. I am having the same problem on O365 SP. Get two successive errors, “cannot retrieve properties at this time” and then “cannot save your changes”. HTML Form Web Part source then reverts back to original.

      Using jquery 1.10.2.min.js. Site is OOB.

      1. This ended up being a script execution issue with Internet Explorer for me. I had to manually enter the setup page once, then it worked on list views every time. If I brought it up in any other browser, it would correctly prompt me to create the config list and enter the setup page.

  6. Alex,
    Using 1.47 and thanks for the {currentSite} it makes our template production so much easier. We have deployed multiple customers on Office/365 with full 2013 look and feel without any issues.
    However we have a new customer with on premise SharePoint 2013 that we have deployed our Help desk template and they are getting a strange error situation.
    When they login in to the site in a fresh browser instance and open a item that has vLookups they get the message the vLookup configuration list is missing (which it is not). Responding with either Ok or Cancel and the form with all the vLookups renders without any problems — and that particular message never appears again in that browser session — it happens only once on the first item accessing having vLookups. Very strange. All the vLookups are working correctly and I can not reproduce this issue on other SharePoint 2013 sites.

    1. Since all our templates ship with the vLookup configuration list I have patched the code to prevent this error message with the following change in doCurrentColum I replaced if (res.Count===-`) with var tempNum=5;
      if (tempNum===-1)
      a real hack but it gets the job done with the least effort…

      Why res.Count is returning a -1 when the list exists an only the first time remains a mystery I suspect some sort of timing issue. if I run with IE debug it will not fail.

    2. Hi,
      I have not tested on premises installed SP2013, but I agree that it must be a timing issue. I’ll try to defer the list creation to when the configuration is saved in the next release.


  7. Hi Alexander,

    Please add a {“numberFormat”:”N.M”} to show the value 1 or 1.00 if needed.

  8. Dear Alexander,

    many thanks for sharing this wonderfull vLookup tool with us.
    I’m using it up to now without problems (only the ones which are caused by my wrong settings)… and the new {currentField} option is really great.

    But now I am facing a problem:

    I have a Parent List which contains items and folders with items (create folder is enabled for the Parent list)

    OK Behavior: Create a child for Items which are not within a folder
    When open via vLookup the NewForm for the Child List everything is ok and the ParentReference Field is prefilled within the NewForm.

    NOK Behavior: Create an child for Items which are within a folder
    When open via vLookup the NewForm for the Child List the ParentReference Field is not prefilled within the NewForm.

    URL for call NewForm is the same (beside ID of cause) for both situations

    Using IE debugger shows:

    It Brakes within vLookup in the function “function do_vLookupPresetFromURL(){”
    at line 993: val = (currentItem.get_item(fin)!==null)?currentItem.get_item(fin):”

    for the get_item function Error Code: script5007 unable to get value of the property ‘length’ object is null or undefined

    Within IE Debugger I can see that in
    Line 991 var currentItem = collListItem.itemAt(0);
    the variable currentItem has value “undefined”

    But due to my Zero knowledge about Javascript I can’t investigate deeper.

    We are using vLookup Version 1.47, spjs.utility Version 1.15 and jquery-1.10.1.min

    Please inform if this is again something wrong in my settings or something that could (hopefully) be fixed.
    Support folder structure within parent list is unfortunately required for our intended use.

    Many thanks in advance (the beer will come…)

    Best regards Volker

    1. Hi,
      I will fix this in the next release, but in the meantime, change this line in the function “do_vLookupPresetFromURL”:


      Like this:

      qb.push("<View Scope='Recursive'><Query>");


      1. Dear Alexander,

        That fixes my Problem!
        Thanks a lot!

        Best regards

  9. Hi Alexander
    When opening a dynamic form that is using vLookup, I am getting a pop message saying “Unknown error” for one of my vLookup fields. I have not seen this before and not sure what would cause this. Any ideas would help.

    1. It’s impossible to say. Try changing the columns you pull back, our review the setup of any special formatting. If you can pinpoint the origin of the error, I might be able to help fixing it.

      1. OK thank you i will take a deeper look and see what i can find. I might just remake the vLookup configuration for that field.

  10. Hi Alexander,
    First of all, love the solutions! Keep up the awesome work!

    Is there any support\formatting for “Hyperlink or Picture fields”? The field in Child list is formatted as Picture, but it always just shows the URL for the picture location?


  11. Alexander,

    Currently using vLookup in a SharePoint 2013 on-premises environment with Dynamic forms. Receiving the following error:

    [vLookup for SP2010 and SP2013]

    Field: vLookup

    SyntzxError: Invalid Character

    We receive this error on some list items and not others, but the list items we receive it on are consistent on a specific term. Would you have any insight as to the root cause of this error? All our current attempts have proven fruitless.

      1. We found the root cause in the parent field (choice column type). Apparently the business user who created the column copied a list of terms that included a tab in the middle of some values and not others (ex. “Word 3 1234567”). In the column properties, these values all appeared as “Word 3 1234567” whether the tab was present or not.

        We discovered this when attempting to copy values from the choice field into a placeholder column in datasheet view and receiving another error about an unrecognized format. We then copied the values out of the column properties into a Word document. Sure enough, all the values with the tab were the items giving the syntax error.

        Thanks again for this great solution and taking the time to look at our issue!

  12. Hello Alexander

    First Thanks for the wonderful tools you have built.

    Second I am facing an issue with vLookup Plugin , the Look up list has exceeded the threshold limit.
    I have indexed the columns (except which are not allowed like RichText), still I am getting the threshold error in the forms.
    I have specified the row limit too but no help, its throwing same error.

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