Convert a standard SharePoint lookup column to a full blown cross site lookup using javascript only

I have updated the tool described in this article with some new functionality.

The functionality i will describe here is the ability to convert a standard SharePoint lookup column to a cross site lookup column using javascript/jquery only!

Download the script from the above referred article. Create a Lookup column in your list and have it point to the actual list it is created from (it is in fact not relevant what list you point it towards). Load the script from the above described article and select your list:



Select the list

Modify the web and list association and hit “Save”:

NOTE: The web selector is only available for site collection administrators.

If you are a non site collection administrator, you may change the list association, but not the web association.

This method requires NO modification to the field schema and is fully compatible with Data sheet view etc.

I have not had the chance to test it in SharePoint 2010 yet, but i can see no reason why it should not work.


20 thoughts on “Convert a standard SharePoint lookup column to a full blown cross site lookup using javascript only”

  1. Hi Alexander,
    nice tool and working well.
    On my server it doesn’t recognize the System Account to be a Site Collection Administrator, which was a little disappointing at the beginning but easy to overcome.
    Another requirement is to change also lookup columns pointing to an external list (field type is ‘External’ in this case).
    Any plannings to implement this in future versions?
    Many thanks and best regards,

  2. Hi Alexander,

    I will need your advice on a problem:
    I need to filter a Lookup dropdown field based on an radio button, and another Multiple selection lookup field based on a multiple checked boxes.
    I saw a lot of scripts for cascading dropdowns, but not for something like this. even for filtering radio buttuns based on dropdown, but not otherwise around.

    Do you have any hint regarding this?


    1. This tool does not “interfere” with the values, it only points to which list to use.

      Removing duplicates is a bit tricky as SharePoint does not have any built-in support for this. You could take a look at this one, but it’s not a standard lookup.


      1. I was hoping this script could control which columns are included in the email that Sharepoint sends to users who set up alerts. The alert emails include every field, including fields that contain code (like html, or code from your vlookup solution). It would be great if there was a setting to exclude them from appreaing in that email alert. I can send a screen shot if that would help.

    1. Sorry, but this is used to point a lookup column to a list in another site. That’s all it does.

      I have no method of tapping into the alert messages sent by SharePoint.


  3. Hi,
    This great solution works for SharePoint 2010. However, when I try to use it for SharePoint 2013 no list is loaded… I am not as good javascript programmer as I need to be to change your code – will you make a version for SharePoint 2013? 🙂 Thanks for your time and invetion…

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