3 thoughts on “DFFS Package updated to v4.4.5.0”

  1. Hi.

    After installing the “DFFS Package updated to v4.4.5.0” a combobox stopped working.

    “manualMode”: true,
    “dataSource”: dataSourceArrayFilter,
    “lookupList”: “”,
    “lookupListBaseUrl”: “”,
    “lookupListFields”: [“Title”, “ID”],
    “thisListFields”: [“EntRemete”, “EntRemeteID”],
    “dropDownDefaultvalue”: “(Selecione uma Entidade)”,
    “filter”: “”,
    “hideEmptyDropdowns”: false,
    “autoselectSingleOption”: true,
    “clearInvalidSelection”: true,
    “addOwnValue”: false,
    “addOwnValueMouseover”: “”,
    “cancelOwnValueMouseover”: “”,
    “sideBySide”: false,
    “debug”: false

    If i set “debug”: true, does nothing.

    1. Hi,

      No errors in the console.
      I use Chrome.

      If I don’t use the dataSource with a query and start using the filter with the lookupList and lookupListBaseUrl, it works. It’s very weird.
      I don’t know if to use the dataSource I need something in particular that I’m missing.
      The truth is that the control is loading infinitely.

      Normally when debug is activated, information was seen in red, but with this control, this does not happen. Whether debug is enabled or not makes no difference.

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