DFFS package updated

I have made some further enhancements to the require.js loading method for “Custom JS files” in the Custom JS tab. Based on the feedback,  I’m fairly confident it will work as it did before Microsoft decided to include require.js in SharePoint online.

Read the change log to see all changes.

Please post any feedback on this version in the comments below, or in the forum.

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8 thoughts on “DFFS package updated”

  1. I’ve updated our dev site from the previously released version to this one. While every form seems to render correctly, going into the backend configuration shows nothing. No tabs, no rules, no license. It’s like a brand new form in the configuration page, but the same on the forms.

    1. Do you have an estimate on when this will be fixed for IE with IE8 compatibility mode? Our company has some users that can only use IE which is preventing them from upgrading.

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