DFFS: New BETA version

I have made some changes to how jQuery loads using the “noConflict” loading option to ensure the correct version of jQuery is loaded, and that it’s not killed by other third party code loading jQuery again in the same page.

I need some feedback on how this performs before I can move it out of BETA. Please post any findings in the forum.

If it for some reason fails to load, please open the developer console by hitting F12 > Console and post any error messages you find there.

I have also added a new functionality to DFFS that lets “Linked rules and functions” (previously “And these rules or functions are true / false”) work “on change” to trigger the parent rule when the parent rule and all linked rules are validated to “true”. This setting must be turned on for each rule by checking the “Let linked rules trigger the parent rule on change” checkbox.

This functionality should make it easier to set up more complex rules.

You find the full changelog here.

Best regards,