Do you want to help me promote my solutions by giving me some feedback?

If you are happy with the functionality of the solutions and the support that I provide in these pages, I would be happy if you could write a few lines to help others to decide whether to start using them.

Write any feedback in the comments below. If you like, you can include the line of business and a bit about how it has helped to improve the SharePoint user experience in your company.

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6 thoughts on “Do you want to help me promote my solutions by giving me some feedback?”

  1. These solutions are a huge help if you want to implement any type of solutions in Sharepoint. They help with a lot of simplification and relations between lists and libraries, they can make a complicated and long form look easy and user friendly.
    I’ve used it with in different clients and objectives, if you want and know the capacities of Sharepoint by it self you’ll love what you can do with this extra help in organizing and grouping the information.
    I would recommend this solutions for any type of Sharepoint usage.

  2. Dynamic Forms For SharePoint (DFFS) by Alexander Bautz is a game-changer in doing SharePoint client-side development. It has allowed me to redevelop sites that took 100 hours to build using custom aspx pages in SharePoint 2007 in less than 10 hours in SharePoint 2010.

    For lists with many fields that require input from end users, creating a tabbed New Form with DFFS takes a fraction of the time it takes to build a tabbed form in Infopath.

    Savvy end users can be trained in a VERY short time to make changes to their own forms using DFFS, if desired, giving them a better SharePoint experience and reducing the load on SharePoint support and development personnel.

    Alex delivers an amazing level of support. He responds quickly to questions and bug reports, and I have had the experience of suggesting an enhancement to him that he included a day later in a new release.

    I highly recommend DFFS and Alex’s other solutions to anyone seeking to increase the effectiveness of their use of SharePoint.

  3. DFFS is now the tool I go to first for quickly turning basic SharePoint forms into custom forms containing advanced logic. There is no need for SharePoint Designer or other third party add-ons or custom coding.

    It has allowed us to use SharePoint lists (and libraries) the way we actually need to use them, free of the usually very limited built-in functionality.

    Due to the client side nature of DFFS we can quickly build solutions or mock ups without concern about affecting the underlying SharePoint infrastructure.

    In combination with the vLookup plugin we are able to extend the functionality even further, being able to create relationships between SharePoint lists.

    Projects to date include;
    Internal Resource Booking (DFFS prevents double bookings)
    Quality Management System (DFFS handles cascading lookups, autocomplete lookups, restricted and hidden fields, automatic file naming based on metadata)
    Supplier Feedback (DFFS used to provide access to/visibility of fields based on role of the logged in user)

  4. I used Alexander’s Charting solutions back in 2011 and 2012 on our Fortune 100 company’s internal SharePoint 2010 environment to much success because of its ease of use and Swiss Army knife usefulness. After this, I had the advantage of using all of Nintex’s and K2’s tooling (Forms and Workflow) in various development and admin roles working for subsequent large corporations as cost was not an issue. Since last year I have worked for a smaller company without the ability to buy either of those toolsets, because of our limited budget. This is when we gave SPJS’s DFFS and Charting solutions a try. I can tell you without a doubt, that for the cost, there is no other tooling on the market that offers such a rich set of functionality that provides feature comparable to both K2 and Nintex. On top of this, because Alexander is the creator and main source of support for his product, I can tell he take great pride in answering promptly with useful information. Most of the questions I have posted he has answered in a one response thread, which is amazing.

    I have no reservations about recommending his products to anyone.

  5. Alexander, thank you for all YOUR assistance (with licenses) and the posts here. SUPER helpful and able to get a solution. THANK YOU

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