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    Hi Alexander,

    that works so far. The only issue I found is when there is only one item in the lookup. This returns no value in the totals field and therefore the test123 field stays empty.

    Is there a work around so also one item returns a totals value?


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    I got it fixed. It had to do with the retention policy you can set. If a retention policy is active you cannot delete apps or sites (depending on the settings).


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    HI Alexander,

    we are on sharepoint online, not on premises.

    yes, i tried already to find anything in this regards on google but mainly solutions for on premises and nothing for sharepoint online.

    I am happy for any advice :).

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    I am now running into the issue that I cannot delete the APP anymore. I get an error “Sorry, we couldn’t remove the app. Click to retry.”

    any help on this?


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    Hi Alexander,

    i checked the version of the CSS uploaded and it was the newest. Nevertheless I uploaded all files again, cleared cache and it did work.

    Maybe my fault with the cache or a typical IT issue 🙂


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    I do not know if there is a connection to this but when checking the code i see this error in the console:

    jquery.js:4 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
    send @ jquery.js:4

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    Hi Alexander,

    this works now perfectly. I have seen you also did some other updates as well. What I found not working anymore for me is the switch between the three forms (display, new and edit). I have the button but when clicking it it does not change.

    Other buttons seem also not working properly. Formerly i was asked if i want to save the form and exit the setup etc. this does not happen anymore on any button. is this on purpose? The save button seems to work but there is no feedback anymore if it was or not.


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    Hi Alexander,

    thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I explained myself properly.

    Each employee record (list item) get several lookups into different document libraries. I have the option activated if I upload a document it will upload this into a subfolder (as specified in the dffs backend) into the document library.

    when the employee record is saved a sharepoint 2013 workflow is running and creating folder within the employee subfolder including the proper _vLookupParentID.

    now following issue. when I get into the employee record where the lookup onto the documents is I can see all the created folders BUT I cannot add document to these folders using the little icon as always. there is an error “the page you are looking for cannot be found”. I think I found the issue with this.

    When i manually add a folder using the DFFS functions the folder gets created in the root of the document library and gets the _vLookupID with it. even if I create a subfolder this will work and I can also add documents to it using the icon. in this case DFFS is using the upload.aspx file from the root forms folder. If i try to upload a document into a automatically (by the workflow) created folder in the subfolder of the employee it is trying to open the upload.aspx file within the subfolder. Unfortunately the file is not there.

    So the issue is the change in referencing the upload.aspx file.

    Does your code initiate the use always the upload.aspx file in the root folder?

    sorry for my bad description…. I hope I described it somehow well.


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    Hi Alexander,

    when i add a document i found out how to put them automaticallyin a seperate folder but how can i do this when i add a folder? the folder is still added to the root of the library?


    this matter is quite urgent. I appreciate any help.

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    thanks for the update. I will try this way.

    if I setup DFFS to point to the SPJS library in the root of the site collection, do I not need to install the app?.

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    many thanks Alexander. This works now perfectly.


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    Hi Keith,

    I got the link now in my column but I cannot get it to be a hyperlink. can you give any advice? I have set the data type to number,…


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    with this i still get the Content Type and the Version

    in reply to: Delete Item Information #17685

    thanks, that helped.

    the only compromise is to accept the Buttons (Save, Edit, Cancel,…) which are also located in the .ms-descriptiontext are gone as well but can still be accessed through the ribbon bar.

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