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      Hi Sir Alexander,

      I noticed that if the page has already a chart/s and if I add new chart the Chart ID got rearranged autmatically.

      Example: I already have 4 charts (Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_0, Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_1, Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_2, Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_3) in a page and I added new chart above the already available Chart ID got rearranged by itself.

      So the newly added chart got the Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_0 and used the already configured chart configuration with Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_0 and the previous Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_0 got the configuration of Chart ID: Pages_Default0_aspx_1 and so on.

      Due to this issue I have to reconfigure the whole charts.

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      Alexander Bautz
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