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      Wendi Watson

      Hello Andrew,

      All of the sudden I am getting the below error when trying to use DFFS forms on a list and all views on the list have errors. It happens on any site I have and with both version 27 and 30. I have never experienced this error before now and have been using DFFS forms for quite a while and this just occurred. My lists that have exisitng DFFS on them that I have customized before today are fine, it just seems to be any new list i try to customize. Once I remove DFFS from the app catalog everything in the list comes back and all errors resolve.

      Expected double-quoted property name in JSON at position 60496 (line 605 column 13165)

      Could this be an enterprise issue or do you have any ideas what may be wrong?

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      Alexander Bautz

      This is a know issue that I have raised a request with Microsoft about. It affects all solutions of this type – not only DFFS when you update / install a new version.

      From my testing it only affects Google Chrome.

      It can be fixed by waiting 10-15 minutes, or by clearing the browser data as described here:


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