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      I would like to request a feature enhancement that creates a Save button on the Edit form that does not close/redirect the modal/page, this would allow users to save large forms without having to re-open them after every save.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I would love to get this in place, but I currently don’t have anything ready as I simply haven’t been able to figure out how to override the default redirect on SP2013 to let you save and refresh the same page again, This refresh in necessary to avoid a save conflict when you hit the “original” save button later in the edit process.

      You might be able to use the approach suggested by Keith Hudson here:

      If someone have additional information, please post it here.


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      Refreshing would be fine (and expected in most cases I think). The end goal would be for the user to end up back at the same spot. At the moment the form closes and the user has to click back into the item.

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