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      I’m using your check in/out functionality in addition to a rule that checks if the workflow is running. If the workflow is running we prompt a message that redirects them to the display form. The issue is the checkout sets the CheckedOut field value to Yes which triggers the workflow. Is there a function I can loop through to keep checking the workflow status and load the form when its complete? Basically I’d like to use your alert to prompt them a workflow is running and keep checking the status and close the modal once the workflow is complete.

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      Alexander Bautz

      It’s impossible to not trigger the workflow when the checkedOut field is changed so if you have a workflow on “change” in this list it might be incompatible with the check-out functionality. The reason for this is that when the checkout functionality is triggered, the item is saved and refreshed – triggering the workflow now will result in a save conflict when the user tries to save the changes.

      It might work if your workflow does not change the item itself though.

      If the workflow is running already when you enter EditForm it might work if you could do the “waiting” in the DispForm and not the EditForm to ensure the check-out functionality is not triggered before the original workflow has finished.


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