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      Hi Alex,

      I have a list I am trying to use the check out feature for and came across an issue. When the item is being checked out it is triggering workflows and causing save conflicts. Is there a way to disable the workflow trigger on check out? Or is there a way to delay the refresh of the item until workflows are finished?

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      Alexander Bautz

      There is unfortunately no way to prevent the WF from triggering from DFFS, but you could edit the WF and configure it to exit if the CheckedOut field is checked – effectively only triggering the WF when the item is checked in again.

      If you need to delay the load to wait for the WF you can use this trigger:

      Use it for example to call a custom function like this in your Custom JS:

      function customReloadPage(){
              "title": "Checking workflow status",
              "msg":"<div style='font-size:16px;padding:10px;'>The workflow hasn't finished yet. Hit OK to pause for 10 seconds and do a new check.</div>",
                      "title": "Checking workflow status",
                      "msg":"<div id='customReloadMsg' style='font-size:16px;padding:10px;'></div>",
              "cancel": function(){
                  location.href = location.href.split(/editform.aspx/i).join("DispForm.aspx");
      function runTicker(){
          var ticker = 10;
              jQuery("#customReloadMsg").html("Doing a new check in "+ticker+" seconds...");
              ticker -= 1;
              location.href = location.href; // looks strange, but reloads the form cleanly


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      Thanks I’ll give this a shot!

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