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Timothy Taylor

thanks for your responses

My main purpose is to have the users use one form. The users do not want a second step of going into the task form to approve
below is an example I saw from a user name “Rich Rockwell”
it looks like this could work for me

I am attaching a couple of screen shots

First Stage
I have one main form. This is where the user updates all of their training info, this form does a lookup from traininglookup list(also attached) and another lookup list Program(that stores all the managers) Once the main form is saved and status is changed to submitted I then send an email and assign a task to the manager. The lookups get auto populated based on a selection of the conference that was chosen and the Program that was chosen.

Second Stage
If the manager approves the task that they were sent by the sharepoint 2013 workflow the item gets routed to Finance. they are sent an email and are assigned a task.

Third Stage
If Finance approves then Original Requestor, Manager and Finance will receive another notification and then workflow goes to fully approved status.

Four Stage
I calculate a date within the workflow that send a task to the requestor 14 days after the close of their training date.

Other things I do:
I have another workflow that I call to always save comments(that are appended) on the main user form
I also add the data populated from the fields inside the emails to the users

Let me know if you need any other info