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Error in SPJS-vLookup_frontend.js in v4.4.4.2 (July 31, 2019) fixed

There were an error in the file SPJS-vLookup_frontend.js in the latest version dated July 31, 2019 that made text fields prefilled when adding a child item show two times like “Text value, Text value”.

Download the package again from here and update the file found in /DFFS/plugins/SPJS-vLookup_frontend.js and ensure it shows as v2.2.135.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Copy the list definition to a file when filing a DFFS support request

The code snippet linked below is used to dump all the list fields to a file to enable me to recreate the list when investigating a possible bug in DFFS.

How to use the snippet

Go to the DFFS enabled list you want to copy, and change the URL from …/Lists/ExampleListName/ExampleViewName.aspx to …/Lists/
ExampleListName /NewForm.aspx.

Hit F12 to bring up the developer console and paste the code directly in the console and hit Enter.

This will download the field definition as a file that you can email to me or attach in a forum post.

The file only contains the name and description of the fields, and choices in a choice field so there should not be any compromising information in the file.

Get the code snippet

Get the file her

DFFS Package updated to v4.4.3.64

I have fixed a bug with using multiple rules triggering on change / change from initial value on a multichoice field resulting in only the last rule on this trigger to actually run.

You find the change log here, and the updated files in the download section of the user manual.

Post comments below, but use the form if you have questions or you think you have found a bug.

Best regards,