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CommentBox for SharePoint v3.x

I have brushed up my CommentBox solution to use REST queries instead of the old web-service queries. I have rewritten the entire solution and brushed up most of the functionality.

What is this solution

You can add a CommentBox to any page in your SharePoint site to enable the users to post comments and discuss topics. You can have rich text or plain text comments with attachments, and multi level replies. It has paging and subscription to comments by email.

Please note that the new version only supports SP 2013 and above. If you use SP 2010 or SP 2007 you must stick with the old version.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.


CommentBox for SharePoint – small update

I have updated CommentBox for SharePoint to add support for auto-subscribe to replies on your new comments.

See change log for a bit more details.

Please post any feedback in the forum.


I also want to say thanks for my award as one of the “Top 50 Sharepoint Blogs and Websites for SharePoint Administrators, Architects, Developers and Business users” by linking back to


CommentBox for SharePoint – now with e-mail alerts on SharePoint 2013

By request I have updated CommentBox for SharePoint with an option to subscribe to comments.

Please note that this is a BETA version, and I will need some feedback on this new feature.

You can turn on two levels of subscription. One is a subscription to all new comments:cbox_subscribe_1

And one to subscribe to all replies to a root comment:


The email will look something like this, but you can customize it in the “argument object”:


This new feature is ONLY available in SharePoint 2013 – it is not visible in SP 2010 and because it uses the SP 2013 exclusive REST-Email feature, it WILL NOT work in SP 2010.

Please note that you must update the ” argument object” in your CEWP / setup with a few new variables – all are marked with “New in v2.6” and can be found in the file “spjs-cBox_CEWP.js.txt” in  the download package.

You must update all the files from the download package. See this page to get the files and for setup instructions (not updated with all features from this BETA – look at the file “spjs-cBox_CEWP.js.txt” in the download package for all new variables).

Remember this is a BETA version, and post any comments in the forum.


New version of CommentBox for SharePoint

I have updated CommentBox for SharePoint with the following changes:

  • Tidied up the code and added support for adding attachments to comments. You can add as many attachments as you like, and they will be listed below the comment.
  • You can also upload imaged directly from the “insert” menu to have them appear inline in the comment.
  • With some restrictions (browser related) you can also paste images from the clipboard directly in the comment textarea.
  • These images are stored as a base64 encoded string inline in the comment, so don’t add very large images this way.
  • Hover over image attachments to show a preview, click, to open in a dialog.

If you have an existing license code, you can request an updated code for this version at no extra cost.

Use the forum for comments and questions


Comment box with blog: Show comment count

I have updated the solution to be able to count the number of comments on a blog post. This modification is tested in SP2013 only. Parts of it may work for SP2010 as well, but this can not be guaranteed.

Follow the instructions in this post for the basic setup, and then follow these instructions to add the comment count.

Make the SPJS-CommentBox list visible

You must make the list “SPJS-CommentBox” visible to be able to add a lookup column from “Posts” to this list. Either use SharePoint designer (right click the list, select “Properties”, and uncheck “Hide from browser”), or use this tool:

Add lookup field in the SPJS-CommentBox list

Add a lookup column named “ParentPostTitle” from “SPJS-CommentBox” to “Posts” like this:

Add lookup field in the Posts list

Add a lookup back to “SPJS-CommentBox” called “cBoxCount” like this – note the field “ParentPostTitle (Count Related):

Update the file “spjs-cBox_min.js” to v2.2.2 or later

Download the latest version here

Then update your function call like this:

var argObj = {

Note the setting “blogMode”:true”.

In the “Post” page you add the cBox code like this


In the Posts list you will see the count of comments like this


Please post any questions or comments in the forum: