DFFS v4.4.5.0 BETA with Mobile support

I have finally gotten around to address the missing Mobile support in DFFS. This new release adds support for mobile devices for all forms configured with DFFS on SharePoint 2013+.

Example form in emulated mobile browser in Chrome.

Because there are quite a few changes in this version I’m releasing it as a BETA and you should NOT use it in a production environment until it is released in a final production version.

Please post any comments or bugfixes in the comments below or in the forum.

Change log

Changed files in this release:

/DFFS/js/DFFS_frontend.min.js v4.4.5.0 BETA
/DFFS/js/DFFS_backend.min.js v4.4.5.0 BETA
/DFFS/plugins/SPJS-casc.js v3.7.40
/DFFS/plugins/SPJS-vLookup_frontend.js v2.2.153
/DFFS/plugins/SPJS-vLookup_backend.js v2.2.153
/DFFS/plugins/SPJS-utility.js v1.346
/DFFS/installer/DFFS_Installer_v2.html v2.0.0.13

DFFS v4.4.5.0

  • Added support for mobile devices by zooming in and focusing on the form when you use a mobile browser (or emulate a mobile device in Chrome).
  • On every tab you can now select target: both, desktop or mobile to only show the tab in the selected mode. All existing forms will work in a mobile browser without modifications, but these changes are made when opening any DFFS enabled form in a mobile device:
    • All fields are show in one column with field label above field body.
    • Side-by-side settings are bypassed / skipped.
    • The Enhanced with DFFS link is not shown.
    • If you have only one tab in a mobile form, the tab row is automatically hidden.
  • Added a new setting in the Misc tab to let you hide the form menu banner when opening a form in a mobile browser. Please note that if you use multiline rich text fields you must not hide it because you will loose the RTE controls.
  • Changed the style of radio buttons and checkboxes to match the style of the boolean slider.
  • Changed the icon to the left of the Attachment field used to add an attachment when the field is included in a tab from a + to a paperclip. Also made the label “Attachment” clickable so you don’t need to click the icon directly.
  • Added a new setting in the Misc tab to force attachments to open in a new tab.
  • Added a missing translation for LCID 2070 (Portuguese) in an internal function to support getting the value of a boolean field in DispForm as a boolean value.
  • Fixed a problem with getting the value from a boolean field in DispForm (for use with custom code or rules). This bug was introduced when the slider for boolean fields was introduced in DFFS v4.4.4.26.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug in a people picker field set as readonly on form load that caused the readonly label to show as empty even if the field was set. This happened because the field wasn’t always fully rendered when the rule triggered.
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic undo of the checkout of a form using the DFFS checkout functionality when a user opens EditForm, but hits cancel when the form was opened in a dialog. This is done by hiding the close dialog button to force the user to use cancel button to back out and cancel checkout. This cancel button has also been modified to ensure it checks the item back in before closing the dialog. Please note that if the user uses the navigation buttons in the outer / top web-page it will not automatically cancel the checkout of the item.
  • Added help text in the Cascading dropdown tab:
    If you are setting up multiple cascading dropdowns with the same datasource / list, you must include the “Comma separated list of fields in the lookup list” fields from ALL your cascading dropdowns in the first one you configure. This is because the first one will be the “master” and it needs to pull in the values for all fields in the datatable for use with the different instances.
  • Moved the Password up to the top of the Misc tab for better visibility.
  • Fixed an intermittent problem with getting the “Edit item” button text localized in DispForm.
  • Fixed an alignment problem with the tooltip and required star placeholder if the label is hidden in the sbs-settings.

vLookup v2.2.153

  • Fixed wrong tooltip in Edit item link visible in section in vLookup configuration.

Casc v3.7.40

  • Added back the warning if you had multiple instances of cascading dropdowns and not all fields were added to the first instance “Comma separated list of fields in the lookup list” section because this went missing a few revisions ago.
  • Fixed an alignment problem with the tooltip and required star placeholder if the first tab in your DFFS form used side-by-side settings with the cascading dropdowns.
  • Added automatic stripping of illegal linefeed characters from the source data that are added by an integration writing multiline data to a single line of text field.

SPJS-utility v1.346

  • Fixed an issue with getFieldValue on a boolean field in DispForm related to the boolean slider introduced in DFFS v4.4.4.26.


  • Added missing file DFFS_i18n.js to the DFFS_Loader_v2.html file created by the DFFS installer v2. This file is used for translations for spjs.dffs.formatDate. This file was by mistake left out of DFFS installer v2 form the beginning.

Download the BETA

Get the BETA here.

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