10 thoughts on “DFFS Package updated to v4.4.3.37”

    1. I totally agree, this is one of my most favourite features since a while, although there were many cool new features in the last month.

  1. It looks like the path to the ace files needs to be updated. They are deployed to /SPJS/DFFS/ace/src-min-noconflict but it appears that DFFS is looking for them in /SPJS/DFFS/ace.

    I manually copied the files up one level and the code editor functionality started working again.

  2. Hi,
    Did you also change the “DFFS_loader.html” file when you reinstalled? – the path to the files are specified in the loader so you should update it when updating the files.

    Also, this file includes a version number that is appended to the script src when loading to ensure a fresh version is cached in the browser when updating to a new version.


    1. Yes – I replaced all files in the DFFS folder with the copies downloaded. I can see it has the dffs_script_version set to “Jan-21-2018”

  3. This is strange – I looked at the source for the file DFFS_loader.html and the ace files are loaded from this path:

                s = document.createElement('script');
                s.src = spjs_path+"/ace/src-min-noconflict/ace.js?v="+dffs_scriptVersion;


  4. Yeah, I have the same. However, when I check the Network tab in the browser dev tools, Ace.js is getting loaded by dffs_jslink.js. Line 201 in this file is:

    script.src = path+”ace/ace.js”;

    Does it matter that I’m using an OEM licensed version of DFFS?

  5. Thanks Alexander, I’ve removed the DFFS Loader site column and used the DFFS installer to enable DFFS for my list.

    I also updated the dffs_loader.html with the license code I found in the site column.

    I wonder if some of my other issues relating to rules not firing could be linked to using JSLink instead of the local installer?


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