DFFS – new BETA version need some testing

I have finally wrapped up all loose ends and have published a new DFFS version. It must be considered a BETA version until I have gotten some feedback on the fixes and the new features.

You find the package and the change log in the BETA folder here.

Please post any feedback below, or use the forum.

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3 thoughts on “DFFS – new BETA version need some testing”

  1. Hi Alexander,
    I installed the Beta on SP2013.
    1: After installing and saving the dffs list config, I then go in to Edit Properties of a document and receive a dialog error box:

    Toggle selected tab – ERROR

    You are trying to select a tab with friendlyname (or index) 0, but there is no tab matching this id.

    Please review your functions to ensure you use the correct name.

    Tip: You can search for 0 in the top of the Rules tab in DFFS backend.

    *I haven’t configured any tabs.
    1: The installer only allows install on DispForm and Edit Form only, NewForm does not display.

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