DFFS package updated to v4.4.3.7

I have fixed a few issues with older IE versions, and addressed a few other issues in the AC and Casc plugins. You find the full change log here.

Please let me know if you find any issues in this new release.



3 thoughts on “DFFS package updated to v4.4.3.7”

  1. In the last two updates, the vLookup new form is also following the redirect to Edit form function set in the Misc tab. Previous versions seemed to ignore this setting when adding new items through the vLookup tab (I’m adding subitems into the same list as the parent item). Is this something you can fix or add a setting to not apply the redirect future on vLookup (or any other rule/condition)? Happy to share DFFS code if it helps.

    1. This wasn’t done deliberately – not sure exactly why it should have changed behavior. I have added a checkbox to disable the NewForm redirect button if your are adding an item from a vLookup parent. This is done by preventing the button from being shown if the option is checked.


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