DFFS now with built in check-out for list-items

I have previously show how you can use DFFS rules to require check out of list items before editing.

This worked reasonably well in most cases, but if you had a large form with lots of rules, the loading would take twice the time because all the DFFS rules would have to run before the check-out action could take place – and then the form was reloaded.

To overcome this, and also make the setup easier, I have now built support for requiring check-out of list items into DFFS. You find the settings in the Misc tab when editing the EditForm of a list item.

Please note that this is in BETA (v4.3.68), and I need your feedback to ensure it works as expected before releasing it in the production version.

You find the DFFS package in the DFFS_BETA folder in the download section.

Please post any findings in the forum


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