nSPTiles: Windows style tiles for SharePoint by Anchal Nigam

Some time ago Anchal Nigam asked if it was OK to make a spin-off based on my SharePoint 2013 style tiles solution.

This was no problem to say yes to as my tiles solution has fallen a bit behind on the updates due to other projects – mostly DFFS.

I have now finally fond the time to try out his solution, and it is great!

There is a lot more configuration options than in my original version, and best of all: it has a GUI to create or edit the tiles directly in a grid on the page.

Check it out here: http://nsptiles.js.org/

nSPTilesImage borrowed from the Wikipedia article on Bart Simpson

Please note

This is not a sponsored review. I have written this as a courtesy to Anchal.  I have nothing to do with this solution, and therefore all related questions must be posted in the page linked above.