Dynamic forms for SharePoint v4.350 is out!

Production release is out!

I have finally finished the production release of DFFS v4.350 and vLookup v2.250 after a long BETA test period. I have not had all that much feedback on the latest BETA, and this can either mean there were no bugs, or that not so many have tested it.

I hope it is the first!

What is new?

The change log will be updated as soon as I can manage, but here is a few vital changes.

The installation process for all but the JSLink version for SP2013 has changed since the last production release. You find information in the updated installation manual. The user manual has also been updated with most of the new features, but I still have some parts left.

If you find a feature you cannot figure out, please look in the forum to see if the question has already been answered. If you cannot find it there, please post a new topic in the forum.

If you don’t have a user account, you find information in the top of each forum.

New license handling

All existing license codes (except the JSLink version) must be updated to a new format to support this new release.

This means you must send me an email to request an updated license.

Site collection scoped licenses

All site collection scoped licenses requires a “Challenge-Response” routine to generate the license key.

Please note that a site collection scoped license can only be used with one site collection. If you need more, you must upgrade your license. Read more here.

JSLink setup option

You find the “Challenge code” generation in the “Setup” page you created in the SPJS library.

CEWP setup option

You find a “License” tab in the backend or DFFS. The license added here will affect all DFFS instances in the current site.

Important information

I try to maintain backwards compatibility with older versions, but I cannot guarantee that all old configurations will upgrade without issues.

Back up you configuration before upgrading

Please BACK UP your configuration first by going to the Misc tab and Export the configuration to a text file.

This way you can restore your previous version if something did not perform as expected.


All the plugins used with DFFS is included in this package


Get the package here


See installation manual and user manual.

Best regards,