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By request I have “ripped” the DFFS tooltip from DFFS. This code can use to create a custom tooltip with the same style and function as in DFFS. This means that you can have a hover-over tooltip that sticks if you click the hover-image.

Take a look at it, and familiarize with the code before asking questions.

The tooltip text or HTML is added to the variable “SPJS_SimpleTooltipContents”, and the “key” is used in the image “onmouseover” to pull in the correct tooltip.

The code
<style type="text/css">
div.SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder img{
	border:1px #9F9E9C solid;
	height: 16px;
	border-bottom:1px silver solid;
	width: 16px;
	height: 16px;
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-image: url();

<script type="text/javascript">
var SPJS_SimpleTooltipContents = {
	"helpText1":"<div style='width:200px;'>This is a custom tooltip for field 1<div style='color:red'>You can use HTML</div></div>",
	"helpText2":"<div style='width:200px;'>This is a custom tooltip for field 2<div style='color:red'>You can use HTML</div></div>"

var SPJS_SimpleTooltip = {
		"isSP13":typeof _spPageContextInfo !== "undefined" && _spPageContextInfo.webUIVersion === 15 ? true : false
		var p = $(elm).position(), l = {};
		if($("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").length === 0){
			$("body").append("<div id='SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder'></div>");
		$("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").html("<div style='padding:3px;'>"+(SPJS_SimpleTooltipContents[key] !== undefined ? SPJS_SimpleTooltipContents[key] : "The tooltip for key \""+key+"\" was not found.")+"</div>").attr("pin","0").css({"position":"absolute","left":p.left+15});
		// Check left pos
		l.l = p.left+30;
		l.tw = $("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").width();
		l.ww = $(window).width();
		if(l.l + l.tw > l.ww){
			$("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").css("left",(p.left - (l.l + l.tw - l.ww)));
		if($("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").find("div.SPJS_SimpleTooltipHolderClose").length === 0){
			$("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").attr("pin","1").prepend("<div class='SPJS_SimpleTooltipHolderHead'><div class='SPJS_SimpleTooltipHolderClose' onclick='SPJS_SimpleTooltip.hide(true);'></div></div>");
		if($("#SPJS_SimpleTooltipPlaceholder").attr("pin") !== "1" || c){

This HTML code shows you how to use the tooltip
<!-- Example HTML -->
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
		<td valign="top">Field 1: </td>
		<td valign="top"><input style="width:300px;" type="text">
			<img onmouseover="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.show(this,'helpText1')" onmouseout="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.hide()" onclick="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.click(this)" src="/_layouts/images/hhelp.gif" border="0">
		<td valign="top">Field 2: </td>
		<td valign="top"><input style="width:300px;" type="text">
			<img onmouseover="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.show(this,'helpText2')" onmouseout="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.hide()" onclick="SPJS_SimpleTooltip.click(this)" src="/_layouts/images/hhelp.gif" border="0">
<!-- Example HTML -->

PS: It’s the <img> tags that calls the tooltip, the other HTML is for demonstration only.

I hope you can make use of this code.


2 thoughts on “SPJS Simple tooltip”

  1. Hi Alexander,
    Good Morning!

    I have one doubt in jquery functionlity.

    i have a calender list in sharepoint .In my code button click i have to open the event as .ics file format.so i have used below url for opening the .ics file.
    item.EventURL = “/sites/test/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=109&Cmd=Display&List={0E9CA1D0-EF42-40C8-A198-3741B8B0893B}&CacheControl=1&Using=event.ics&ID=” + tempid;

    and i have an global array var eventDets = []; to insert the start date and end date location ,description options to load here.
    var adate = parseInt(item.ModStartDate);
    item.FormatDate = new Date(adate);
    item.ServerAttachURL =””;
    item.hasAttach = false;
    if (item.EventDescription !== null) {
    item.EventDescription = item.EventDescription.replace(/[^A-Za-z ]/g, ”);

    Last im pushing it into one array eventDets.push(item);
    but my doubt is how to change the Event.Description file as Enhanced rich text format.because eventdescription im getting only plain text.
    can you help on this?

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