vLookup for SharePoint 2010-13 v2.100 BETA

I have published a BETA version of vLookup Frontend with these changes:

  • Fixed a bug where number columns could not use the “css” set in vLookup setup.
  • Changed how the list name is picked up from the URL as this would fail in some cases – as described here.
  • Added support for settings SPFieldLookupMulti fields when creating children – as requested here.
  • Changed the $ to spjs.$ as I did in the latest BETA of DFFS due to an error in SharePoint when using rich text fields and “Insert > Link > From SharePoint” as the file “assetpicker.js” will “kill” jQuery by overriding the global $ variable.

Get the latest BETA version here (ensure you pick the latest one).

This is released as a BETA due to the changes in how jQuery is referred. Please post any findings or questions in the forum.

Best regards,