Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v4

Finally version 4 of my most popular solution is ready to be released!

This version adds new, as well as streamline existing functionality. You find the new version here.

I have also added a forum for discussions relate to the various solutions in this blog. I will close the comments section on the articles shortly, and route all discussions to the forum.

This will make it easier to find answers to questions already answered, and will make my support job easier.

Unfortunately you will have to register for a user account to add new topics, and to comment on existing. Due to problems with SPAM you will have to request a user account by email to me. You find the link as a sticky post in the top of all forums.

Please note:

The forums was added on September 3, 2014. At the moment, they are more or less empty.

You will however find a lot of comments on the different articles, and you might want to look trough those first.

I hope you enjoy the new version of DFFS, and that you participate in the discussions in the forum!

Best regards,