Hi all,
I’m glad to have so many active reader!

I do however have some trouble keeping up with all the comments and questions – both in the articles posted here, and to my email address.

I intend to answer all comments, requests and emails, but please keep in mind that this is a one man blog, and there are just 24 hours in each day…

Stay tuned and you will eventually find the answer to your question.


4 thoughts on “Status”

  1. Hey Alexander!

    I just stumbled upon your fantastic blog while searching for a javascript to change the view of listview webpart. Your blog didn’t help me find the answer, however i got some nice ideas.

    (I wanted to insert a link with some javascript in a CEWP that could fasttoggle between two views of a listview webpart with a single click)

    Once again nice blog!

  2. Hey Alex,

    I am creating my own custom forms from aspx pages, hiding the menus, then opening them within a SP dialog box.

    These forms have to populate multiple lists. I’ve been using WCF services and web services to query and insert.

    I’ve had great success entering data into basic fields, but I’m having trouble inserting items of Managed Meta Data fields and Lookup Fields. I’ve looked at some of your stuff to try and gleam some insight into what is possible with this platform, but I continue to run into obstacles.

    I can only use SP Designer and javascript with jquery.
    I’m using SP 2010.

    Do you have any experience in dealing with similar situations or maybe advice for a better implementation?

    I am using multiple lists do to a handful of many to many and 1 to many relationships between items. I’m using lookup columns to make the connection between tables.

    1. Hi,
      I have no experience with managed metedata fields, but i believe they work in much the same way as a lookup column. I guess if you use a webservice call to set the value, setting the ID of the list item should be sufficient.

      I’m afraid I do not have any other “general” info.


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