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    Jad Hajali

    hey man , i got it working everything is perfect now.

    i kinda googled this and then it directed me to your other post, before i read this post, i need to stop asking you questions 😛

    but really tho thank you so much anyways,

    and again great work on DFFS .
    problem is i ddnt receive an email that told me that you replied to my comment… so i did not know. ill check that issue now to see notifications and stuff.


    in reply to: vLookup listview #12710
    Jad Hajali

    hey Alexander,

    i figured out the problem, the listview.html file was taking the base url of the site itself, not where the configuration existed, example :
    this what the file was taking

    although the correct path is ….sharepoint.com/app/dubai/spjs/dffs

    all we needed was to correct the paths inside the file and it worked out, on my other site he took them correctly, i dont know what happened on this site, the file just refused to take the path properly of the “current site” when i do the configuration.

    anyways going to leave this post, in case someone came across this problem or something.

    thank you for everything.

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    Jad Hajali

    Hey Alex,

    apparently if you remove the tick from ” add to all content type” when you are creating a vlookup column or adding the dffs loader site column to any list, it will not work.

    this tick must be on if anything related to dffs is to work.

    figured that out by trial and error i suppose.

    thank you anyways my friend.


    in reply to: dffs license #12684
    Jad Hajali

    Hey Alexander,

    there seems to be an error in the dffs loading things,

    it’s just refusing to load any plugins, and giving me the error message of ” failed to load plugins etc etc , make sure that they are in the dffs library etc ”

    although they are in the library, i dont understand why they would refuse to load,

    1- the license is over ( 14 days are over, and its giving me the message : if you want to keep using dffs please buy the license ”
    2- the internet is slow
    3- im using internet explorer
    4- i tried it on incognito google chrome window
    5- i use ctrl+f5 to refresh the page and reset cash, and then it gives me this error of not loading, either plugins and sometimes Jquery ..

    can you please help ? if you have any idea, i mean its working properly on another site, where the license isnt over, same internet speed, google chrome.

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