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    Adam Maxam

    Hi Alexander,

    I tried using this in an Edit form with a fairly recent DFFS version to no avail. Would this still be the correct code to be entered in Custom JS? Does it need to be a part of a function?

    $(spjs.dffs.fields[“Negotiation_x0020_Prep”]).find(“h3”).html(“Test Field Rename”);

    My version:
    Dynamic Forms for SharePoint DFFS Backend v4.4.3.14|CSS version: 4.37 / 4.37|spjs-utility version: 1.309


    in reply to: Conditional Highlighting #18818
    Adam Maxam

    I’m struggling to adjust this for a drop-down field “Status”, that can have values “Not Started”, “In Process” and “Completed”. It sets the color based on the Status value when the form is opened, but does not change with a field value change while in the form. I attempted to use a rule to rerun the function upon field change, but I am getting an error. Also, is there a way to highlight the drop-down box as opposed to the full row?

    My attempt at adjusting the JS:

    (function colorMyField(){
    var val = getFieldValue(“Status”), color = “#ffffff”;
    if(val == “Not Started”){
    color = “#f7bbf7”;
    if(val == “In Process”){
    color = “#7030a0”;
    if(val == “Completed”){
    color = “#000000”;


    The error I get when I set a rule to run the function colorMyField when the Status field is changed:

    DFFS: Configuration error in “Run these functions / trigger these rules”. Ensure you use the correct function name or rule friendly name.

    The rule “UpdateFieldColor” tried to invoke the function:

    Error: TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘colorMyField’

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)