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      Yvette Agyei

      Hi I am completely new to DFFS. I have a client that wanted me to make a change to a form. So I went into SharePoint designer to make a copy of the form. So I could have a new form to work with and the old form as back up. I didn’t know I was not supposed to do that. The form I am reviewing is the NewForm.aspx. When I clicked to preview the form in the browser it is not Dynamic form. It looks like a default SharePoint form even though I have not made any changes to the form at the time. Now that I have done my research about DFFS. I know that there is supposed to “enhanced by DFFS” at bottom of the form. But it is not on the newForm.aspx but it is on the edit and display forms. My questions how do I get the newForm to go back to its original dynamic form. I am assuming I can still change it back since the edit and display forms are still dynamic forms.

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      Alexander Bautz

      It depends how you have modified it, but I think you should be able to go into SPD and right click the NewForm.aspx and select “Reset to site definition”.

      You might need to go into the DFFS installer and reinstall DFFS to the NewForm after that.


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      Yvette Agyei

      I reset the form to the site definition and uninstalled then reinstalled dffs. But now it tries to load for a while before timing out.

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      Yvette Agyei

      I renamed one of the forms to NewForm.aspx but it was not the original newform is that why the “enhanced by DFFS” link is gone?
      Is there a way to completely remove DFFS and then reinstall it. Whenever I uninstall and reinstall DFFS on a list. It retains its old styles and it does not work on my newForm.

      I just want to start off on a completely new slate.

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