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      Jon Whisman


      I am using the vLookup document library functionality in my DFFS forms. In either the new form or the edit form, when the user clicks the button to actually create the folder, any way that I can force set the name of the folder for them?

      We have custom JS that sets a unique vLookup ID and I’d like to set the folder name to that and then, READ ONLY the folder name so that the user can’t edit it.

      We offload files from the library periodically and I want a controlled method for the folder name as opposed to using a workflow to rename the folder after the fact.


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      Alexander Bautz

      You can try using Custom JS like this:

      var input = jQuery("#vLookupNewFolderName_vLookupDocuments");
          if(input.length > 0 && input.val() === ""){
              input.attr("disabled", true);

      You must change “vLookupDocuments” to match your actual vLookup field name and the “_DFFSID” with the field your custom id is stored in.


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