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      Good afternoon Alexander,

      I have two questions that I could not figure out on my own:
      1) Is it possible to bypass the Check In document page when uploading from the EditForm using the vLookup plugin?

      I have the form working as I would like with a prefill values but it always requires me to Check In the document before bringing me back to the EditForm. (see attached images)

      2) Is it possible to hide the Upload files using Windows Explorer instead and sub sections?

      I have tried using custom CSS and jQuery but I cant seem to target the modal dialog. Essentially, I would like to just show the Choose a file box and OK/Cancel.

      Thank you in advance!

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      Alexander Bautz

      The required check-in is a setting in the document library and not something I can do with DFFS.

      Your second question is (partially) covered in this post: https://spjsblog.com/forums/topic/default-overwrite-existing-files-in-upload-image-unchecked/

      See if you can adapt this to hide the “Upload files using Windows Explorer”.


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      Thank you so much for pointing me in the directions for both questions!

      For the first issue, it was a required column in the Content Type that was forcing the check-in feature. Once I made that option, it went away and only brought up the properties dialog.

      For the second issue, I have successfully been able to hide the “Upload with Windows Explorer” from the display. Because I also have a required ID field to match the form to the Uploaded document, I also needed to hide this field so that ID does not get modified by the end user. Here is the modified code from the link you provided:

      	var uploadDlg = $(parent.document).find("iframe[src*='/Upload.aspx']");
      	var editDlg = $(parent.document).find("iframe[src*='/EditForm.aspx']");
      	if(uploadDlg.length > 0){
      	if(editDlg.length > 0){

      This even hides the fields when displaying or editing the Properties dialog through the vLookup plugin.

      Thanks again!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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