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      Bernard Sawma

      I am new to DFFS and vlookup, i am trying to create Add New Item using vlookup, but the problem i am facing is that all the items created are showing up in the table, while i need that user can see only the items he added in this current form, for example i added item 1 and the quantity needed yesterday, when i need to add an item 2 today, item 1 is showing up in the table! how can i stop this?

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      Alexander Bautz

      You must pass an unique value from the “parent” to the “child” when creating the new item, and then use this value to filter the records to only show the items created from this “parent”.

      See this setup example: https://spjsblog.com/vlookup-for-sharepoint/vlookup-setup-example-for-sp-2010-and-2013/


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      Bernard Sawma

      Thank you dear! Will try it tomorrow

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