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      Ana Quevedo


      I recently upgraded to the newest version of DFFS (V4.200). I’m having some difficulty activating the vLookup Plug in. My dffs works perfectly, except when I go to vLookup, Cascading Dropdowns or Resource Management – all tell me the plug in is not loaded. I’ve attached a copy of my front end and back end files. I checked each url that I’m referencing – all are pointed to the right location.

      Any assistance would be a great help. I downgraded versions and upgraded versions, deleted and rebuilt – I’m still experiencing the same issue.

      (I took my license # out of the coding in the attachment).

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      Alexander Bautz

      It looks like the scripts are wrapped in

      <!-- a comment tag -->

      The comment tag is there in the example code, but you must move the vLookup script out of this comment tag to “activate” it when you have fixed the src.


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      Ana Quevedo

      Hi, just wanted to let you know that I did remove the comment tags and it still didn’t work. I then removed the “SPJSRM” reference in the front end file and it worked! Just wantedt to share..

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